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Miirosi Elections v. 2.0


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OOC: This election will be important for the Free City. The amount of foreign support certain parties receive will affect how much support they can muster in the Free City and if certain parties that would normally be overlooked gain enough attention, events will be triggered that may shape Miiros in the future. Be careful what your nation wishes for though because supporting certain parties may have unforseen consequences. =P



The Players

The Libertarians

The party of Executor deVries. With greater control of the nation, they will lower taxes, repeal laws restricting liberty, and continue their goal at building a free market state in the east.


The Technocrats

This party is gaining much support with students and the large academic community in Miiros. They will fight for more investment in education, scientific freedom and research, and keeping Miiros on the cutting edge.


The Citizens' Rights Coalition

Struggling to stay above the water in the increasingly Libertarian political scene, this party needs help if its message of a mixed economy is to survive in Miiros. They want an economy with regulation to keep the workers from being abused by corporations, while increases in taxes will help fund welfare and health programs for the poor.


The United Workers of Miiros

Crippled by its constant defeats in the Senate, this party is losing credibility where it once reigned king, giving the radical Red Alliance the ability to form. They want to make Miiros a socialist state with government ownership of business and large welfare programs.


The Red Alliance

Feeding off of the failures of the UWM, the Red Alliance formed. This radical party urges Miirosi to rise up and speak out against the corrupt capitalist ways of the nation instead of waiting for the decadent senate to see things their way. Their message is limited, however, due to a lack of funds.


The Order of the New Dawn

The OND is gaining strength these days with the news flowing into Miiros from Adaptus, Tamurin, Nan GorGwaith, and Mongol-Swedes. Europa is a dangerous place and Miiros needs to strengthen itself if it is to survive attacks within and without. The politics of fear seem to give them strength, but the peaceful attitude inside Miiros weakens their cause as the status quo remains intact.



Mayor: Leader of a sector or a sub-city's executive branch. Miirosi equivalent of an American governor.

Sub-city Councilor: A member of a sub-city's legislative branch, a mini-senate. They are the equivalent of a state's legislative assembly

Senator: They are the lawmakers of the entire Free City, a very important position.



FCMN Headline News


Elections Around the Corner

With the elections for Senate and Mayor around the corner, Miirosi can be expected to come under a barrage by the various campaign programs underway. This election should finally clear out the Senate, which is still dominated by the now defunct People's Peace Alliance, causing some excitement in the Executor's office. Eary polls show the Libertarian Party carrying many of the core subcities on the Cityscape Plains, with only minor opposition from the traditionally socialist Industrial Sectors. This election could be the thing that guarentees Libertarian dominace of Miiros.


New parties do seem to be forming, however, replacing some of the minor parties of Miiros, and some other minor parties seem to be seeing increased membership. The Technocrats seem to be gaining quite a foothold with the youth in Miiros as a greater demand for scientific advancement spreads with the growth of the Information Technology industry. Two radical parties also seem to be gaining strength in Miiros. The Order of the New Dawn, led by nationalist zealot, Denise Gratiot, seems to be picking up many followers on the Inverna Peninsula and in Old Volantis. They are pointing to increasingly unstable conditions in Europa and warn that we must strengthen the security inside Miiros and outside Miiros by increasing Miirosi holdings around the Rosario Sea. The Red Alliance is a new group, stating that the traditional socialist parties in Miiros have failed to stand up for the working class by being too meek in the Senate and the Industrial Sectors need to rise up and demand change instead of letting the Senate and corporations bully them into submission. Their cries seem to be falling upon deaf ears however, as they have failed to appear in the polls. Time can only tell how these new groups will do and there is a long way to go on the road towards election day.

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To: The red alliance

From: Suverina


We are willing to fund your campaign in the upcoming election. Ofcourse we expect nothing back besides your loyalty.


As long capitalism will rule Miiros the workers will be ruled by companies, a man is not 'free' under a capitalist rule. Companies and rich people decides what he is to eat, where he is to live etc. it is important that socialism will be used to ensure the freedom of the people of miiros. For too long have the miirosian people been slaves under the rich owners of industries and capitalist only wanting to increase their richness at any expenses.


Workers of Miiros! Arise today and tomorrow thou shalt be free!


We offer 5,000,000,000$. This is a LARGE sum that we hope will ensure victory. A new time shall arise in the great nation of Miiros!

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"They gave us HOW MUCH?!" screamed Brian Aldwynn, defacto leader of the Red Alliance, as an aide rushed over to clean up the coffee that had abruptly dropped out of Aldwynn's hand.


"Five BILLION, sir," replied a young woman enthusiastically. She clutched the communiqu? from Suverina in her shaking hands, overjoyed.


Brain jumped up from his chair, a rickety old thing with torn upholstery that wobbled as it swiveled about its axis, and hugged the woman. They both started jumping up and down, cheering, near tears. Their cause had been saved. They now had the means to speak to every soul in Miiros. They would not only talk with them about their cause, but they could show them now. They could build soup kitchens, fund orphanages, combat drugs and crime! They could do everything the ever dreamed of because of Suverina.


The two broke their embrace and by this time everyone in the office were staring at this leader, confused. Brian quickly jumped atop his desk, the old thing groaning under his weight, and addressed his followers. "Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else in the room!" he said, holding up the slip of fax paper as he spoke. He spoke to a motley crew of Miirosi, most being young, probably in their twenties. They were a rough bunch, attractive, but hardened by life in the Industrial Wastes. They lived in stark contrast to the opulence and glory of the sub-cities. Most everything they had came second, third, forth, even fifth hand. Their homes did not sparkle and awe visitors, but they were run down and ugly things of steel and concrete. They were the ones on the bottom of society and they were tired and angry. Angry because of the raw deal they had been dealt by fate, but fate would be in their hands from now on; they aimed to make a real difference.


"I hold here, in my hands, our salvation. The great people of Suverina, more commonly known in the Free City as, 'those backwards socialists,' have delivered to us the promise of five billion dollars! This equates to the entire budget for a ministry," spoke Brian to a stunned and silent room. "With this money, we can bring about the changes this city is in dire need of! With this money, we can make a HUGE difference!"


The room stayed silent for a moment, stunned beyond stunned. Most people from the Wastes could only dream of this much money, it could do so much to make a difference. The weight of what they were doing finally seemed to come down on these people, but soon it passed and an glass-breaking cheer resounded throughout the room. Change would be coming to the Free City, they were sure of it.


There would be much to do. Commercials needed to be made, radio stations booked, interviews and debates to be done and humanitarian work to accomplish, but Brian was certain now everything he and his band of volunteers had dreamed could be done. They just needed to start now.



To: Suverina

From: Brian Aldwynn. Party Leader of the Red Alliance


You are an answer to all of our prayers. You can trust that this money will help change Miiros forever. We now have the weapon of our oppressors on our side and we CAN and WILL use it to make a difference!

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"Your higness!"

"Yes, petrov?"

"Our gift was well recived in Miiros, soon the masses will march together in our cause!"

"Yes, we must do everything we can to spread socialism. I know the money could have been used elsewhere. But they would probably become tanks in the end anyway. Those damn generals thinking of nothing besides conquest!"

Excuse me my queen, but you aren't ver peacefull, remember our plans..."

"YES! Enough, I know. But I'm not like them, and I never will be"


"LET IT BE KNOWN TO THE WORLD THAT MIIROS, STRONGHOLD OF CAPITALISTS IS ABOUT TO FALL! For no longer will workers be opressed by the rich and greedy, no longer will a miirosi woman be forced to sll herself to feed her children! The future has come"


To: The red alliance

From: Her royal higness queen Eva I


I myself have started to plan a trip to miiros, to meet and speak with the people. They shall know they aren't alone against the might of the rich. They have a whole people backing them up. The mighty people of Suverina. With our finance the workers of Miiros can finally rise against oppression. Together my comrades, we can never fail.

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To The Citizens' Rights Coalition

From The Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia


Friends, we offer to provide funds for your forthcoming electoral campaign. We believe that the nations of Europa are best served at this time by parties who offer moderate politics, who have the best interest of the people at heart. In Miiros, you are the party we believe to most enscapulate this ideal.


As you know, we are recovering from a costly and brutal civil war, and thus we cannot offer you as much as we would like. However, we hope this 3.5 million$ will be used wisely, in your evantual victory.

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TO: The United Workers of Miiros

FROM: Political Wing, The Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes



Your continued determination and patience in your nonviolent quest to provide for the people of your 'Free City' is admirable and honorable. In this time of great distress, we cannot offer as much as we would desire. Please accept a donation of 2,000,000 Euros for your cause. If you would be willing to sponsor any refugees of our people who are currently fleeing towards Akiiryu, they would greatly appreciate your efforts and would gladly contribute manpower towards your political campaign.


With Best Regards For a More Peaceful Europa,


Fortin Lobonsky


The Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

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To: the United Workers of Miiros

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Elections


We are interested in supporting your attempts at power in the Free City?s up coming for Senate, Mayor and Sub-City Councillors. Whilst we appreciate that large amounts of conspicuous foreign support would have the opposite effect on your election chances, we do wish to provide some form of support for your mission to bring Miiros within the realm of Socialism and provide equality and above all support for the working man that is sadly devoid from the current system in the Free City.


Therefore, the Imperial Government is willing to give yourselves a cash sum which can then be used by yourselves to boost your public campaigns. We?ll make the necessary arrangements so that it will not be traceable towards us. The Imperial Government has experience in this sort of matter, so you will not have to worry about being discovered by Miirosi authorities.

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FCMN Headline News


Political Parties Furious

Every major political party within the Free City is fuming today after the recent acceptance of a total of five billion Suverinan rubles (3,663,000,000 denarii) from the western communist stronghold of Suverina. While the current laws in the Free City do not cap the amount of donations a political party can receive, leaders around Miiros are urging the High Court to change the law due to this previously unheard of precedent. It would seem that all of the parties are against this action taken by the fledgling Red Alliance and the Senate and Executor's Office are pressuring the High Court to act.


Miirosi across the city seem to be very suspicious of Suverina upon hearing this news and the general consensus is that Miiros needs to send a clear message that her internal affairs are no other nation's business.


OND Denounces Red Alliance and Suverina

Denise Gratiot, party leader of the Order of the New Dawn, delivered a rousing speech yesterday afternoon to a crowd of party supporters and others in the Violet Gardens of Old Volantis North. The speech addressed the recent issue of foreign donations to political organizations in Miiros and Ms. Gratiot had some strong words for the Red Alliance and the monarch of Suverina, Queen Eva I. Here is a clip now:


"...must make a strong message to the Red Alliance and their communist masters across the great Europan continent: we are a free people, a noble people and we shall shape our own destiny!" The crowd cheers wildly amidst the blooming flowers and ivy draped statues of Old Volantis' Violet Gardens. The Straits of Volantis and towering skyscrapers of the Free City across them dominated the horizon.


"Mark my words, beloved peoples of Volantis, the Red Alliance shall bring nothing but decay and anarchy to out wondrous city! They will enslave us for Suverina, a failing state that would rather dump huge amounts of money into the corruption of democracy than on her own people! SUCH IS THE WAY OF COMMUNISM! They speak of the people, but their actions show a vastly different picture! Children could have new textbooks, museums could be opened, libraries revolutionized, and the environment nourished with that money, but the communist throws it away on weapons or destroying a freer people out of intolerance! Show Eva that Miiros will now have her legions here! Join me in denouncing the Red Alliance and petition the High Court to ban this dangerous organization and Eva's tainted money! For if we do not act now, mark my words, they WILL bring destruction to Miiros."


Red Alliance Begins Massive Campaigns

Despite the continuing backlash against his communist party, Brian Aldwynn and his Red Alliance have begun massive campaign initiatives throughout the Industrial Wastes. His party seems to be targeting the youth of the sectors, with speakers traveling to college campuses and schools, due to Miirosi voting age being sixteen.


Also, the Red Alliance is speaking around factories, urging the workers to "strike and say no more to the fat cats in Orthen." Such actions have started a number of isolated conflicts between police and Red Alliance operatives, due to speaking without permit and disrupting factory activities. Such strikes in Miiros have occurred before, although with little effect in the past as employers quickly hired replacements for the striking workers.


Finally, the Red Alliance has begun a massive initiative to clean the Sectors of drugs such as ecstasy, heroin, cocaine and GHB, which have plagued the sectors and the rest of Miiros for decades. Aldwynn has been quoted as saying, "these drugs are here to keep the working men and women of Miiros in a stupified and complacent state. I am confident that once these disgusting substances have been purged from our society, the working people of Miiros will rise up against injustice."


Aldwynn had some comments to say over the recent controversies regarding Suverina's donation, but did remark that "this even the playing field. The other parties have corporate donations that give them an unfair advantage and I'm just from the slums like many other Miirosi. Without Suverina's money, we wouldn't have a chance to do anything and just because we took their money does not mean we are bound to Queen Eva's will. We are grateful, however, and we share a lot of common ground with the Suverinians.




To: Political Wing, The Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

From: The United Workers of Miiros

RE: Funds


We are very grateful for your generous offer of money for our cause, but due to the recent controversies surrounding foreign donations and the pending High Court case against the Red Alliance, we must refuse. We will, however, be glad to accept some refugees into Miiros. We can not give them much and the Industrial Wastes of Miiros are grim indeed, but they will be safe from harm here.


- Marcus Green, UWM Party Leader


To: The Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia

From: The Citizens? Rights Coalition

RE: Funds


We thank you for your support in our campaign, however, we must decline your wonderful offer due to the recent scandal involving Suverina and the Red Alliance. We hope you understand and are glad to know we have Karthenia?s moral support in this endeavor.


- Mari Viscercon, CRC Party Leader


To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The United Workers of Miiros

RE: RE: Election


We thank you for your offer of support and your willingness to use discretion with your donations. We gladly accept, so long as your donations will not get our party wrapped up in the current scandal involving Suverina?s donations to the Red Alliance. With your help, we are closer to a more equal Miiros.


- Marcus Green, UWM Party Leader




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To: Marcus Green, UWM Partly Leader

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Elections


We will try our hardest to keep our donations secret. We have had long experience of making sure that donations of money are kept discreet, and will put all of our expertise into preventing the Miirosi authorities from discovering our activities. We want neither the Greater Holy Empire nor your party to be involved in the scandal which Suverina and the Red Alliance had immersed themselves in almost so willingly with such a large donation of money, and the way the Red Alliance has waved around their new found wealth to such a point whereby it has become obvious to the Miirosi authorities.


John Fullofaudes,


Minister of Political Aid to Foreign Parties

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FCMN Headline News


Mass Strikes in the Manufacturing Sector: Red Alliance Takes Credit

Across the Industrial Wastes, millions of steel and textile workers went on strike today. Brain Aldwynn, party leader for the Suverinian-backed Red Alliance, takes responsibility for the strikes saying, ?the Red Alliance?s speakers have at long last roused the working men and women of Miiros from their lethargy! Today, we all speak out against injustice by striking.?


These strikes have left United Steel Inc., and Iness Textiles scrambling to replace huge portions of workers, turning to the unemployed to answer the call for work. So far, the two corporations have refused to ?be strong armed by their workers,? who ?receive very fair wages for their services.? What long-term effect this strike will have on the Miirosi economy, has yet to be seen, but stocks in steel and textiles are rapidly depreciating in value.


Citizens? Rights Threatens Libertarian Dominance

The economically moderate party, the Citizen?s Rights Coalition, grabs the lead away from the Libertarians in a number of key sub-cities today. Political analysts state that this party?s appeals for fairer minimum wage laws, health and dental insurance for more fields, and more government regulation protecting the worker resonates deeply with the large lower middle class and middle class, while staying away from the increasingly stigmatized ideas of state ownership common in socialist nations. In fact, the are beginning to threaten the United Workers Party in the industrial sectors, as anti-socialist sentiments grow stronger within Miiros.


OND Protests Outside Suverinian Embassy and High Court?s Chambers

Denise Gratiot and a large number of New Dawn supporters protested all day outside of Suverina?s embassy in Orthen today and say the protest will continue until the Red Alliance is brought before the High Court and the Suverinian ambassador is ejected from the Free City.


?We need to show these corrupt communists that they need to stick to the western lands. We don?t want them here and we certainly don?t want them butting into our political processes,? spoke one of the OND supporters in a brief interview. Other signs of anti-socialist sentiment are also becoming visible throughout the city in the form of bumper stickers, pins, and the occasional intense coffeehouse debate.


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08:00 hours, outside the Sector VII United Steel Mill


?What the hell is that?? shouted one of the strikers angrily. A small commuter bus, packed with ragged looking workers was making its way up the wide thoroughfare towards the main gate, the only route into the factory besides a number of small service drives. These workers were familiar to the people of the Sector, until now they had been the beggars and the homeless, the impoverished and destitute, but now they had jobs: the strikers? jobs.


Murmurs of anger and protest began to circulate through the crowd. Surely the factory could not replace them all? Surely they would give in to the voice of the workers: more busses appeared, the tell-tale sign that this strike would end in failure like all the others. A tall, wiry woman made her way to the head of the group and climbed up on top of a dumpster. She shouted, drawing the increasingly disheartened crowd?s attention.


?Hey! Looks like management found a lot of nice, big, ugly scabs to replace us with!? she shouted, the crowd beginning to show visible signs of frustration. They had been out here for three days and now everything they had done would be pointless. ?We just going to let those folks take our jobs?? Some mutterings spread through the crowd, the group seemed unsure of what to do. ?We busted our asses for years so some fat-cats in Orthen could live in penthouses, sip vintage Orioni wine and now that we?re asking for basic healthcare and a livable wage, they want to piss on us, sweep us aside, and give our jobs away. SO I ASK AGAIN: we just going to let those folks take our jobs??


?HELL NO!? shouted a giant of a man, his demeanor hard and cold from a career of work in the mill. ?She?s right! We?re not going to give up this time!?


The crowd all began taking up the chants of ?hell no we won?t,? and ?we?re standing our ground now.? The mob of strikers began to stalk towards the convoy of mini-busses, shaking their signs angrily and shouting, ?down with scabs.? The busses slowed down to a crawl as the entered to crowd; they were barely moving now. The people within looked shaken up as the crowd hurled abuse at them, shouting and cussing and banging on the windows. The woman from earlier began to speak up again.


?They?re going to make it at this rate! They?re going to take our work and put us all on the streets! Can your children survive a winter in the Wastes?? she was practically screaming to be heard over the increasingly belligerent mob. ?Stop them now!?


Things turned ugly.


The protesters began to smash the busses with their signs and some found other objects off on the sides of the road to pummel the vehicles with. Things didn?t get really bad until one of the largest men produced a crowbar from seemingly no where and began smashing the busses windshield. The driver panicked and hit the gas and the people in front screamed as the mini-bus plowed through them. The rest of the mob went insane after this, tearing open the bus doors and attacking the occupants. The anger and violence quickly spread through the streets? chaos had come to Sector VII.


FCMN Headline News



user posted image


Chaos is the only word to describe the situation in Sector VII. What started as a labor strike, quickly escalated into a full scale riot early this morning when United Steel apparently attempted to bring in replacement workers. The riot allegedly began when a bus carrying workers was assaulted by protestors and the driver panicked and began to run over the group. Currently the police are unable to restore order and S.W.A.T. teams are being deployed as the entire sector seems to have gone mad: assaulting factories and burning corporate offices and vehicles and storefronts. More information as reports come in?


user posted image

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Riots Finally Over

After thirteen days of brutal rioting, Sector VII has finally had order restored only after the military became involved. While the Executor's office did not want to have to resort to using military forces, the domestic police forces of the sector were ill equipped for such a large scale riot. This has brought the UWM administration of this region under fire at a very bad time with elections only two weeks away. This is compounded by a huge anti-socialist movement setting in across the Free City in response to Suverina and the Red Alliance. It would seem the relatively moderate UWM are not immune to the stigma socialism has been receiving recently.


Brian Aldwynn Under Investigation?

Rumors are abound that the MBI is conducting an investigation of Brian Aldwynn and his Red Alliance party for connections to the recently ended Labor Riots in Sector VII. Sources also suggest he is suspected of treason for his well-publicized connection to the Rogue State of Suverina. Be assured that FCMN will keep you informed as more reports become available.


OOC: Elections Nov. 2nd with results on the 3rd.

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TO: The Citizens' Rights Coalition

FROM: Italgria


Dear leaders of the Citizens' Rights Coalition


As believers of a mixed economy we would like to give you a generous amount of funding, of about 12 million Euros.


As soon as we receive an answer and a bank account number the money will be send towards you.


Good luck in the upcoming elections!

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Political Re-alignment?

With daily polls being conducted, it certainly seems that the winds of change are blowing in Miiros. Political analysts are changing initial predictions of a strong socialist block in the Industrial Wastes as voters everywhere turn against the Red Alliance and United Workers parties. Polls show that the economically moderate Citizen?s Rights Coalition is almost universally absorbing their supporters. Could it be that the long time socialist block in Miiros will fizzle out along with the People?s Peace Alliance? If so, then the political landscape in Miiros will change significantly with the moderate CRC and the laissez-faire Libertarians becoming the two major parties with the others being left to pick sides. However, both parties along with the Free City seem to agree on one thing: socialism is dead.


OND Picking up strength in the Peninsula/Volantis

Using increasingly frightful rhetoric that a socialist domination of Europa is rapidly approaching, Denise Gratiot seems to be scaring up support for her OND party on the affluent Iverna Peninsula and on Volantis where they lead in the polls. She?s calling for active support of struggling capitalist nations across Europa in order to ?keep the balance? in the region.


To: Italgria

From: The CRC


We thank you for your generous donation to our cause. Things go very favorably for us in the polls currently, so rest assured that the CRC will definitely not be a wasted investment.

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To: The Citizens' Rights Coalition

From: The Dominion of Rekamgil




While we would normally stay out of our neighbours' affairs, we cannot help but notice the turmoil that has erupted in your nation owing largely to Suverina's ridiculous level of support to your nation's Communist party. The Dominion of Rekamgil is sickened by Suverina's blatant attempt to purchase allies while at the same time, the poor people of Dacvi struggle to rebuild right on Suverina's doorstep without a hint of aid. The Dominion of Rekamgil and the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu have donated millions in aid and equipment (not to mention the rebuilding and retraining that we have conducted to help shore up the mess made in Suverina) and this government is disheartened that Suverina would funnel funds so recklessly and in such a partisan (indeed ideological) manner to nations on the other side of the world!


We hope to see this Suverinese money wasted, or at the very least appropriated for the good of all Miirosi; socialist, student, capitalist alike. Although we cannot presume to match their ridiculous donation (since we spend a good chunk from our treasury rebuilding in their former province) we do hope that our contribution of 16,000,000 euros will help in some small way. If your party wins the election, it can consider Rekamgil a friend in preventing future outside interference in Miirosi internal affairs.



Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Nayr Aquilini

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Brian Aldwynn Arrested!

user posted image

In the early hours of the morning, the leader of the Red Alliance, Brian Aldwynn, along with two of his secretaries were apprehended by police as they attempted to board a plane traveling to Salvinoria, the Suverinian puppet state. The Miirosi Buero of Investigation revealed today that Aldwynn had been suspected of embezzling funds from his party's treasury and using the money to make deals in surrounding petty states and purchasing light to heavy firearms. Brian had a duffle bag filled with a total of D$5 million along with plane tickets from Salvinoria to Suverina and a number of other socialist petty states. Was Brian Aldwynn garnering support for a socialist uprising? More news as it becomes available...



To: The Dominion of Rekamgil

From: The Citizens' Rights Coalition

RE: Support


We thank you for your generous contrbution. With recent news, it would seem our party stands to take a large portion of the former socialist block, giving us much needed leverage over the Libertarians in the core of the city. We will remember your friendship in the future.

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Polls are open!

user posted image

Miirosi pour out to the polls today to finally vote in the 2006 Senatorial, Mayorial, and City Council elections! It should be very interesting to see how the balance of power tips in Miiros, with the latest polls showing a slugfest between the Libertarians and Citizens' Rights Coalition with the Technocrats and Order of the New Dawn with isolated support. The biggest shocker of this election is the complete disappearance of the two leftist parties, the communist Red Alliance and socialist UWM, from the polls. Analysts say this is mainly due to the involvement of Suverina's huge fiscal donations to the Red Alliance, which has prompted an investigation into the party that resulted with the arrest of party leader and founder Brian Aldwynn last week on charges of corruption and light to medium treason. Also factoring into this were the Sector VII Riots, the sinking of the T.G.S. Sterling, and the economic boom brought into Miiros through the free market policies of Executor Andrea deVries and her Libertarian administration.


Brian Aldwynn Released

Party leader Brian Aldwynn was released on bond early this morning, but has been warned not to leave the nation. After the election, the MBI, plans to launch an even greater investigation into the Red Alliance in an effort to track down a lot of that Suverinian money which seems to have disappeared mysteriously after the Riots.


Denise Gratiot Praises Polls

In a speech to voters today, party leader of the OND praise polls showing complete evaporation of "red support" in Miiros. "This is a wonderful victory for freedom," remarked the some-what controversial orator. "With Miiros safe from the evils of the leftist taint, I promise my party will do everything within their power to keep liberty safe from communism! Now we must work to re-establish ties with the 2nd Empire and secure the rights of ethnic Miirosi everywhere, not just on the Grand Isle!"


user posted image


Gratiot was referring to the states of Adrasteia, Metis, Eros Amor, and Kratos (now known as New Volantis). These four states were once key provinces in the Second Empire of Miiros and have since ceased relations with Miiros for various reasons. Many ethnic Miirosi still populate these states and there is still a common heritage and culture despite the Second Empire's fall many centuries ago. The Imperial family still holds power in Adrasteia, in fact, and it had once been a great fear in the Free City that the Emperor would one day try to conquer the Executor and Senate once again.

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Polls Closed

The polls closed today with an average voter turnout. The official and final results will not be released until tomorrow but the latest FCMN predictions show the Libertarian Party with a firm majority in the Senate, with the CRC trailing behind and minor blocks of OND and Technocratic senators. Reports show an ominous absence of the United Workers of Miiros, however, they may have picked up a district or two in races that were in dead heat.


What does this mean for the future? Well, for starters the CRC may find it exceedingly difficult to get their legislature enacted, especially with Andrea deVries holding veto power, but they might have a better shot than the socialist UWM ever did at bringing more economic equality to the nation. It is unclear how the presence of the Technocrats and Order of the New Dawn will influence the Senate at this time, but analystis suggest they will hold a valuable swing vote that could help the CRC overpower the mighty Libertarian majority.

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Results In: Libertarians Gain Control of the Senate


user posted image


With all districts reporting, the mid-term election for the Senate is at long last over and candidates and citizens alike can finally get some sound sleep with all the campaigning over. Of the one-hundred-thirty-five seats in the Senate, the Libertarians walk away with an impressive sixty-two seats, giving them control of 42% of the Free City's legislature. The CRC forms the main opposition party having won forty-one seats, granting them 30% control. The Technocrats and OND form a strong swing-vote with the Technocratic Party gaining thirteen seats and 10% control and the OND securing a shocking fifteen seats and 11% control. The UMW has been stripped of virtually all influence in the nation's principal lawmaking body and only retained a paltry four seats, which gives them only 3% of the Senate. The Red Alliance places dead last gaining no seats.


These results make for a balanced Senate with the two swing blocks giving the CRC an effective tool for overturning Libertarian measures. Of course, the Libertarians do have the Executor's veto power, giving them another significant advantage. Analysts all agree that Miiros has entered a decidedly Libertarian era.


OOC: Note I am re-doing the map of Miiros. Spur of the moment kind of thing, so this is likely to change slightly, but the balance of power will remain the same.

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