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EOS Space Program


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In our charter we outlined the establishment of an EOS space program to be built off of existing facilities in Tamurin. Well, with the recent ABM program being discussed and the ideas of space based ABM systems, Miiros feels we had best start organizing the space program.


With recent internal affairs in Tamurin as they are, we do express concern over the safety of basing the EOS Space Program within Tamurin, as it could be looked at as a target. Miiros will still endorse the program in Tamurin, if Tamurin thinks it wise to place it there, but we would still like alternative sites explored.


Now here is what needs to be discussed. Please add anything Miiros may have overlooked.

  1. Where shall we base the EOS Space Program? Should we expand upon existing facilities in Tamurin and just increase security or explore building new facilities elsewhere?
  2. What sorts of missions would the EOS hope to undertake with this program?
  3. How should this program be financed?
  4. Should existing shuttlecraft from member nations be used or should we all contribute in crafting newer technologies for the EOS program to use?
  5. Should all members be required to take part in the program or shall we allow nations to opt out?
Any other questions are welcome and I hope we can all get a nice space program up and running! Edited by orioni (see edit history)
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The current tamurinian space program is progressing well. The security around the Arrabar Spaceport is very high since it is very close to the Arrabar AFB which is Luftwaffe central command.


The space program is a symbol of patriotism in Tamurin and therefor we cannot imagine a terrorist strike of tamurinian terrorists against it (since they also claim to be 'patriots'). But we are always open for improvements and wouldn't object against new security measures or even foreign security forces.


We still believe that it would be best for EOS to join the tamurinian space program. It's already running and the people involved have a lot of experience.


To answer Miiros' questions:

  1. Already answered. But we're open for alternate space ports in other EOS countries.
  2. The short-term goals of Tamurin are the improvement of our satellite system, the deployment of probes to explorer the nearest planets and our moon and the establishment of a space tourism industry.

    The long-term goals are the establishment of a permanently manned space station, a landing on the moon with the establishment of a permanent moon base, the landing on Mars, the exploration of the outer planets and an easier way to enter orbit.

  3. The Tamurinian Space Agency (TSA) is financed by the state of Tamurin right now. The TSA could be transformed into an international space agency funded by a fond of many nations.
  4. We propose to use the spacecrafts currently used by Tamurin. Any new spacecrafts can be developed by all members together.
  5. Tamurin only wishes those countries involved in an EOS space program that are committing itself to it without bounderies. So we would like to establish a system in which member nations could opt out.
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TO: All EOS members

FROM: Orioni

SUBJECT: EOS Space Program

  1. We feel that it would be best to expand upon existing facilities in Tamurin. Without forgetting the recent acts of terrorism in Tamurin, we do believe that it would still be more profitable to launch from Arrabar Spaceport. Building an entirely new spaceport would probably prove to be too costly.
  2. We believe that both military (espionage) and non-military missions (GPS network, communications, weather, etc.) are possible.
  3. All (participating) members should pitch in. Perhaps the money can be taken from the annual EOS contribution?
  4. Although the Tamurin national space program is very advanced, other nations have also been working on other technology for space. Some of you may remember the joint mission to Jupiter in which Orioni took part.
  5. The Charter states that all members can take part in the space program. Nothing is said about commpulsory participation.

Regarding #4:

+ Kliper

+ Buran

+ Orion

+ X33

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