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The Konstantinos Space Center

Byzantium Nova

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Following the retreat of Huntsburgians from the island Byzantines decided to take control of the abandoned St. Mary Space Station because they still needed it for cheaper launches to the Byzantine Space Station. Day after Huntsburgians left the facility four copters and one huge D-2 Atlas transportplane arrived from the byzantine mainland. They brought troops to ensure the security and personnel to keep the Space Center running. D-2 had also brought a huge stockpile of supplies and other things. Later five S-5 Erinyes -fighters landed to the airfield of the Space Center.


To the public Kosmodrome (Byzantine Space Agency) released a paper that stated that the Konstantinos Space Center as they now called it was used strictly for civilian purposes and other nations would be welcome to rent hangars, rockets or ready satellites from the Kosmodrome. Also one of the new shuttles would be operating from the KSC and for right prices it would carry satellites and such to the space.


(OOC: for those who do not know Huntsburg: He was an earlier member of Europa who ceased to exist only couple of days ago. I had a pact with him that Byzantines may use some of the launch capacity of the St. Mary Space Center to supply their Space Station.Read "Byzantine Space Ambitions" for further details.)

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I remember to Byzantium Nova that the island is now in power of Argenland, but the St. Mary Space Station is in power of the Byzantines. We isn't going to give you more than this territory. The two nations might sign a treaty about this and stablish the borderlines of ours countrys.

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OOC: Cannot say immediately. The old map had no scaling but try to estimate by thinking that the southern sea is about the size of mediterranean.

OOC: That would be something between the sizes of Sicily and Sardine. I myself believe the Orioni Naval Island to be about the size of Corsice. This would be most realistic.

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OOC:Not demilitarized, but there is only minimal garrison(250 soldiers + other personnel), just to keep order and maintain the functions of the facility. This is for the reason that Police and guards used by government are always soldiers in Byzantine Empire.

And what comes to Belisarius. It just picked some scientists abroad.

(No I am not picking a fight here wink.gif)

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Military Terms:

- No military navalships (only transports of supplies or perssonal)

- No military flightships (only transports of supplies or perssonal)

- Only 250 soldiers on foot (no artillery like tanks) [All policeman or guard in the facility is a soldier]

- A military navalship or flightship can't stop in Konstantinos Spaces Center for refuel. If you want this, Argenlandian Government must accept this.

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