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I'm planning on starting an RP soon, where the Ide Jiman military annexes an area of land on the northern side of the river that runs along the northern border of the nation.


Basically, it relates to the terrorist attack described in the IJBC news thread. the secret service compares CCTV footage of the car bomb against border patrol footage, and discovers that the car passed into Ide Jima across the northern border.


Convinced that the Red Army Faction terrorist group have been up to no good in the area, the Ide Jiman military advances, taking the land for Ide Jima (Not an entire plot, just a small strip of land on the northern bank of the said river that has yet to be named). This probably seems like the government is overdoing it a bit, although it also serves to show that the new regime is a very paranoid one.


If anyone wants to take part, then feel free, although until the guns start firing there may not be an awful lot for foreign interventionists to do. Also just checking that such an RP would be ok with the roleplay mods.


edit: proposed area:


user posted image

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Whether or not it's temporary depends on what the cartography team think. If involves too much messing with the maps then it would temporary to avoid anything being put on the map, but if cartography were ok with it then it would be permanent.

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Well Ide, I see no problem with you playing this RP that should take part in some of your neighbouring plots.


I just don't think it would be a good idea to keep that area. The neighbouring plots are already rather small if you ask me. Also, #103 would lose it's access to that river, which makes the plots even more unattractive.


I wouldn't make the claim permanent.

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Don't you mean Ide Jimen?


@ Ide Jima: I've thought about it. I guys creating a special zone for you during a few mapupdates is possible, but after a while your soldiers should leave the area again. So, go right ahead. yes.gif

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