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Junk Food !

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Good or Bad ??? Like it or Love it!!?!? Let's hear your view...


Obesity experts call for ban on advertising junk food to children


Experts have called for a global statutory ban on the advertising of non-nutritious and junk food to children in order to tackle the world epidemic of obesity.


Members of the International Association for the Study of Obesity used the International Congress on Obesity, which is being held in Sydney, Australia's largest city, to urge all nations to introduce laws which ban or limit junk food marketing to children.


A draft set of principles to halt the obesity epidemic were released Tuesday at the congress, Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio reported.


President of the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity Boyd Swinburn says research now proves there is a link between advertising and childhood obesity.


"This brings it right back to what I think is the nub of the issue, which is the protection of children," he was quoted as saying.


"These regulations need to be statutory in nature, guarantee commercial-free childhood settings so this is schools, child care centers, childhood settings," he said.


"It should include cross-border media, things like the Internet, cable TV, satellite etcetera," he said.


The six-day congress opened Sunday with the attendance of more than 300 delegates from around the world.

Source: Xinhua



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Last I heard there was something called 'freedom of choice'.


Obesity isn't a disease, is just what happens when people don't think ahead enough to realize that 'hey, I'm getting pretty fat, I should lay off the snacks'. But it's their choice to stay that way, if they want, no one should have to pony up and be responsible for them.


But that is the kind of world we live in, we're too 'Carebear', and figure that if something is being taken away from us 'for our own good', we'll accept it and just let the trend of limiting personal freedom continue.

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I love potato chips like all dressed, jalapeno and cheddar, and ketchup. I'm addicted to coca cola like drugs.


I can't stand beer. I just don't know how people can drink like 10 in a night. I took a couple of swigs once and the stuff literally tasted like stale water with salt. I was drinking Budwieser though that probably explains it.


Junk food is not all bad. It's just the stupid idiots who treat it like a fifth food group. Canada and the United States has set the standards of fat intake. We got the food guide and the exercise guides.


I think instead of banning junk food in schools they need to find some way to make a larger profit off it. The money can go to school functions, materials, and activities.


You don't have to entirely get rid of junk food in your diet throw in some exercise too with a good diet of fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and breads, and some junk food then mabye go for a jog or play a nightime sport to burn it all off.

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Today they ban junk food, tomorrow they ban the INTERNET! *gasp* It shall happen one day, mark my words!


Seriously though, whatever happened to PARENTS? Shouldn't they be like, "Hey Little Timmy, YOU'RE BIGGER THAN A FAT MONSTER! Put the damn cupcake down, switch off the TV, and get the hell on a treadmill or you'll get a lashing!"?

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I can't stand beer. I just don't know how people can drink like 10 in a night. I took a couple of swigs once and the stuff literally tasted like stale water with salt. I was drinking Budwieser though that probably explains it.

That's true with things like tea, coffee and most alcholic drinks. I used to not like tea, but it's one of the things I drink now. I also used to not like beer, but pubs have cured me of that. tongue.gif


Junk food is ok, in moderation. Sometimes I'll be hungry and buy a McDonald's, but by and large I regret it soon after, as for the next couple of hours I feel like I've just eaten a handful of salt, which is probably what I have done. I had one of their breakfast thingies once, and it was possibly the most salty thing I have ever eaten. But then I hardly ever have salt anyway, I never add it to food (in the form of table salt or when cooking), so I can generally taste salt a lot more when it is in something.

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I stopped eating after mcdonalds after I didn't get hired at our local one and hten i find out a few days later that they hired a bunch mentally challenged people literally. I'm not making fun of them hey they need to make a living too but now whenever I go to mcdonalds the last five times I went there they got 4 of those five orders wrong and not little things like way off stuff like asking for 10 nuggets and getting a cheeseburger and an apple pie instead. A word to the wise don't eat there at 4 in the morning i did that with a bunch of friends once and one of my friends ordered 8 cheeseburgers and they were gross and it took like 30 minutes. He went to take a bite and literally a slob of grease bursted out of the burger and on his pants


Now I go to A&W and Burger King, they got consistency and good quality burgers not like McDics where you get a flattened burger.


Question am I the only one who thinks Domino's pizza is the best. I really love their pizza plus they got good deals but almost everyone I asks rate's it at the bottom of their list. Well if you don't have fun paying 20 bucks for a large pizza while i'm not even paying 10 bucks for a large.

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All depends on the restaraunt that you order from.


The Burger King here is remarkably clean and the food is always fresh. It's repeatedly been called the best Burger King in this area of my state, not just by customers, but by inspectors and company people.


And its also a damn easy and fun place to work at.

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Exactly what I was trying to say, dude. Chains get bad reputations from a few poorly managed joints, but good people make for a good organization.


Now, granted the fact that fast food is generally bad for you; that was proven by Morgan Spurlock in his movie Super Size Me. The guy ate nothing but fast food three times a day for 30 days, and nearly killed himself as a result. That stuff, if the sole source of nuitrition, SUCKS.

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Exactly what I was trying to say, dude. Chains get bad reputations from a few poorly managed joints, but good people make for a good organization.


Now, granted the fact that fast food is generally bad for you; that was proven by Morgan Spurlock in his movie Super Size Me. The guy ate nothing but fast food three times a day for 30 days, and nearly killed himself as a result. That stuff, if the sole source of nuitrition, SUCKS.

No really. Basically the guy who did that on the movie made himself look more like an idiot. If your gonna live off fast food everyday of course your gonna get sick duh it's common sense.


The last post about the guy getting plastic bits in his burger. I have no idea what burger king your going to but the one I go to has better quality and suprisingly mcdonalds still get's more customers across the street from it.


I'm also addicted to chinese food. It's soooo good yet soooo unhealthy depending on what you eat must be the msg they add to the food. Chinese food and coca cola are like drugs to me and combined they are my ultimate downfall.

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...the point the guy was trying to make was that this food is bad for you. If people ate nothing but healthy foods, they would be far less likely to get sick off of it than from fast food. You fail to recognize that the debacherous American society (I am American myself) requires a huge reality check for the masses at large to realize the danger in their own midst. The guy was doing what he knew works; the film has certainly put fast-food chains on their toes. Hell, McDonalds offered a series of workout DVDs recently, and they have modified their menus with salads and bottled water nowadays, nevermind the obvious fact that McDonalds was already anticipating the release of the movie and dropped the Super Size option from their chain policy before the film even debuted.


Idiot or no, it made an impact. And in regards to the plastic bits in the burger deal, I never insinuated that all Burger Kings were as poorly managed as that particular Burger King joint was; not every Burger King is like your 'model' Burger King! This happens with every chain! There are easily good McDonalds as well as the poorly ran one you have witnessed.


Again, I did not make the generalization that all Burger Kings are bad (despite the fact I am more of a Popeye's fan myself).

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The mcdonalds I used to go to was never poorly ran until this year.


I'm just saying that any person with common sense could say that if you eat fast food everyday like he did then your gonna do serious damage to yourself even brink of death. He ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner of course he's gonna hurt himself. McDonalds could have countered saying that he ate for every meal course everyday so of course he got really really messed up.


The plastic in your burger could be right you live in the states right so I can believe some of that cause a canadian I know said he had mcdonalds at the states and he said everything tasted like it had more of the stuff that makes the foods unhealthy. However others like to spread stupid rumors. A classic I heard was that the original milkshakes were made from chicken feathers, and that the burgers had bits of dry wall in them. If this was true the health inspectors would notice it unless they aren't doing their job cause of bribery.

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Consumerism is spreading!!! wink.gif


NYC proposes ban on trans fats in restaurant food


New York City restaurants and street vendors may be facing this edict: Change your cooking oil ? or pay a stiff fine.


The city's public health officials proposed a regulation Tuesday that would require all restaurants to virtually eliminate artery-clogging trans fats in their cooking oils and margarines over six months. If the rule is enacted, it would mean posh eateries, small outdoor vendors and chain restaurants, including McDonald's, that are using trans fats would have to switch to healthier oils or risk being fined $200 to $2,000.


The second proposal would require some major chains such as Starbucks, Subway and McDonald's to list calories for items on their menus or menu boards.


This would apply only to restaurants that have made calorie information for menu items available either online or in brochures by March 1, 2007.


The move comes at a time when consumer concerns over trans fats are finally resulting in major industry change. This month, Wendy's eliminated trans fats from its french fries. The New York City proposal, which is viewed as a bellwether, is being applauded by consumer groups and obesity experts but is expected to face fierce resistance from the $511-billion-a-year restaurant industry, which has 925,000 restaurants nationally.


Trans fats, which are used in many fried and processed foods, increase bad (LDL) cholesterol and decrease good (HDL) cholesterol. New York City health commissioner Thomas Frieden calls trans fat "a dangerous artificial chemical that increases heart attacks and strokes, and no one will miss it when it's gone. We're confident that what we proposed will sustain legal challenge."




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FACTBOX-What are trans fats? ohmy.gif


Sept 27 (Reuters) - New York City's Health Department has proposed a near ban on the use of artificial trans fats at restaurants after the failure of a year-long city campaign to educate restaurants on the effects of such fats and encourage them to stop their use.


Here are some facts about trans fats:


- Trans fat is a type of fat which is found in some margarines, fast foods, biscuits, cakes and pastry. It increases the shelf life of foods.


- But it also raises low density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol, in the blood and cuts the amount of high density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease.


- Unlike other fats, the majority of trans fat is produced when liquid oils are made into solid fats such as shortening and hard margarine in a process called hydrogenation or hydrogenization.


- Although some trans fatty acids occur naturally in dairy and meat products, about 80 percent of dietary trans fat in the American diet comes from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.


- In 2003, Denmark became the first country in the world to strictly regulate the use of trans fats, banning all but tiny amounts in food products.


- Starting Jan. 1, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made it mandatory that all food products list the amount of trans fat content. It estimates that by 2009 labeling will have prevented 600 to 1,200 cases of coronary heart disease and 250 to 500 deaths per year.


Sources: Reuters; FDA (www.fda.gov)

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I definately think Trans Fats should be banned in Canada but the overweight politicians voted against it probably because they didn't want to make little lifestyle changes. Almost every single politician in Canada is fat it's embarrasing. I look at our politicians with other world politicians and you can immediately tell who's Canadian from the bunch.


Look at Denmark they banned it and heart attacks have dropped big time there.

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I think the problem is that companies don't like to change their worldwide specification, and procedures... But...It's 'business' must go on... cool.gif If the 'noise' about "Healthy eating" become louder..those 'marketers' will quickly make a u-turn...menu will sure be changed... Fast food operators have been adapting their recipe/ingredients/taste according to locals... wink.gif

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