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Trials and Tribulations OOC

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Given the various IC responses I've been getting with this scenario, I wanted to take a minute to explain the "framer's intent" a little.


I plan to guide this scenario, from my end, anyway, based off the experience I have had with tribal warfare in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (formerly known as Operation Iraqi Liberation, LOL, go White House speechwriters!).


The very nature of tribal warfare, especially in the 21st century, is very complex, and I still have alot of things to learn about the whole affair. But for everyone's sake I'm going to simplify the overview by establishing a few factions to help guide all y'alls responses.


First, there is the Tribal Tribunal itself, along with a considerable portion of the Tribeland Defense League. Of this portion, each individual fighter has forgotten one of the oldest concepts in tribal society; Loyalty to your tribe before loyalty to your country. The Tribal Tribunal has manipulated these individuals into forgetting this concept and creating a very unhealthy sense of nationalism, which is part of the reason why this whole affair is taking place, IC-wise.


Secondly, there is the original Mongol-Swedes tribal confederation, who view that the Tribal Tribunal has taken on a very dangerous course by openly pursuiing a course of meddling in the affairs of other nations, rather than the traditional methods of stoic observation and covert support through very discreet and subtle means. Fortin Lobonsky, the Champion of the Tribeland Defense League, is a member of this confederation, and controls the loyalty of several elements of the Tribeland Defense League, particularly those in Mongol-Swede territories within the Union.


The commando cells themselves are a wildcard. They were intended to operate independently. They are given orders and they determine how to achieve the desired endstate, albiet they do have a fairly strict code of conduct similar to the American rules of engagement, and are educated throughout their lives to adhere to this. If you've heard of the game 'Emperor: Battle For Dune', think of the Sardaukar; elite soldiers with no clear leader, many of which are scattered across Europa, particularly wherever the Union has embassies and allies, and on the high seas via the MMRTA.


Also, there is a confederation of tribes, localized in and around what was formerly 'Area 51', hereto referred to as the 'Coalition for the Old Century'. Politically speaking, they are generally leaning towards a regime dedicated to fascism. They see their annexation by the Union as a threat but desired peace, for the time-being. With the breakdown of the Union, however, they see their opportunity to exact revenge on those tribes they consider 'inferior', now that any sense of unity has been weakened, and establish an occupation. Wealthy but largely unequipped.


Seeing as this is my first 'civil war' roleplay, where I am guiding the situation, rather than simply reacting to the aspirations of others, I'm opening myself up to criticism from my fellow Europans, many of whom have had plenty of experience in roleplaying internal strife.

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I may or may not get involved.


MS's nation, while formerly allied with mine, wasn't really trusted by my government, due to the cell army tactics and that sort of stuff. And since the Tribelands are so far away from me, there's no real security risk to my nation.


But I might get involved.



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Very complex and modern. Impressive concept.


I'll try to get involved in a way that fits to Tamurin and the current state it is in. But since Tamurin owes Mongol-Swedes for the aid in the Civil War, Tamurin will try to do what it can to help. The government will just have to figure out who to support. Therefor von Steinburg will try to get in contact with the embassy in Alaghon and get some info from there.

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I was planning on offering a small amount of military aid...but i haven't thought enough yet on who Karthenia would support...most likely the original tribal confederation, the one that opposes the Tribunal.


The help would only be our new flagship, the carrier Karthenia. The question really is, would the confederation want our help?

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Tagmatium is sending military aid, a group of "military advisors" to the Tribual Tribunal. This is really a token support, as the small group (about thirty) really won't be much use - the officer in charge has spent his military service behind a desk. They hopefully won't be put into any dangerous sitautions, but if they are it definately could backfire on the Imperial Government.

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Sorry guys, I too am really busy at the moment.


Basically Akiiryu is going to take this one quietly. Frankly, it does want the violence to spread over into its territory, especially with the possibility of war in the north. It will try its best to help the opposing sides find a peaceful way to end the bloodshed, or, at the very least, help the country return to stability as quickly as possible.


If things get really bad, the SPA may move some units into and beyond the demilitarilised zone, but ONLY if they are invitied to by the tribes in the region. In otherwords, if the tribes in the north ask for SPA protection, the SPA will consider the matter.

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I am considering whether or not I should try to wrap this issue up in a week's time, considering I'm going to be gone for a month on an FTX and I don't wanna leave this issue just hanging. Obviously I'd much rather play this one out as a tribute to everyone's true abilities, but I hate leaving things unresolved.


@Aki: Question: What are your forces doing with the flow of refugees that has presesntly swamped the demilitarized zone?

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Well, I think the answer to that question lies in the understanding of the present constitutional monarchy. The way I see it is that it's a strong case of how a nation can be divided on reaching for the stars of the future while still fiercly clinging to the soil beneath your shoes, yet still remain united on...whatever reason. Usually nationalism (such an ugly word, at times...).

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@Mars: If your nation is so anti-Communist/Socialist, what does it feel about Tagmatium, which is definately a Socialist nation, although run on absolute monarchy lines (argh, don't ask tongue.gif)?

Well, consider the relationship during the Cold War between America and Europe. Socialism itself is and was somewhat anathema to the US, but it was accepted in Europe as a "European" trend. Progressive liberal and socialist nations were accepted as long as they didn't fall in line with Moscow.


Gabriel Byrne's personal philosophy is more right-wing conservative nationalist, sort of fascistic in the same sense as Franco and Salazar. He applauds private enterprise, so long as it assists and serves the State, but he is not above nationalizing or transferring ownership of industries which he feel are not serving the national good. Everything in Byrne's mind revolves around the supremacy of the State and the national character.


An ally is an ally. Tagmatium is socialist, true. But they are also monarchists, and as I understand it religion is Orthodox, traditionalist and a strong part of Tagmantine society. This serves to "redeem" your country in Byrne's eyes. He likely regards your people as basically good if not a little misguided. As long as Tagmatium remains fairly moderate and willing to support Marsitranian initiatives, Byrne won't jeopordize that relationship. You've got to remember too that Tag is the only "Great Power" which Marsitrania has any real standing or good relations with, and the country itself is suffering from a kind of inferiority complex regarding their current and historical position in the world. Half a billion people is small compared to the rest of the Europan giants. wink.gif


I'm cool with whatever anyone decides to do here. I'll be intriguing a bit, but the CSA guys will be less transparent and bombastic than Byrne is. They're going into this with open minds and religiously motivated convictions which are likely stronger than the Chancellor's, although definitely quieter. All I want is to cause as much damage as possible and potentially build some back channels contacts for after this RP is over. I can also handle a scandal or blowback if it comes down to it, all in the name of fun of course. smile.gif

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It's sort of a monarchy... Except that the Holy Emperor is voted into office by general election - it's probably better to say that it's more of a President-for-Life than an actual monarchy, but absolute monarchy does fit the bill much better than President-for-Life.


Tagmatium would be willing to support Marsitranian initatives, keeping that area of the region calm by giving Mars a bit of a free rein. However, Tagmatium itself may not be too happy with its attempts to weaken the Mongol-Swedes, especially because the two nations are now working to destroy the Stalinism in Adaptus. But then Mongol-Swedes' previous broadcasting of their ideology and their readiness to support most uprisings or to act as the region's police force was increasingly getting up the Imperial Government's nose. If (or more likely when) Marsitrania's actions become public, we'll have to wait and see what the situation is with the Imperial Government supports or condemns its actions.


And, of course, all in the name of fun!


Your Chancellor's ideas are similar to my Holy Emperor's, except that Commodus thinks Socialism is the ideology which is best for Tagmatium and the Tagmatine people. Sort of the flipside of the same coin.

Valimar calling to the faraway towns,

now war is declared, and battle come down.

Made me laugh. biggrin.gif

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I figured it would, Tag. I literally pulled that record out of the scrap heap yesterday (coincidentally, I had heard about somebody getting arrested in a taxi enroute to an airport for singing that tune).


MOVING ON...international interference in the Revolution...well, it's your call. I like to think of the metaphor where there is a guy who is trying to weave his way through the puppets of a great puppet master, and ends up getting himself very tangled...I'll leave the interpretation up to you.


Good clean fun? Are you serious? You're not having fun if you haven't got mud on your face.


drillsergeant.gif LOW CRAWL, MOVE!

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OOC: To make it real simple, the capture and conviction of key members of the ECOC Directorate, reunification of the Tribelands, and a strong message to the rest of the region that this new government will make it a point to pursue multilateral solutions in regional affairs and use the Adaptus campaign as a backdrop for this declaration...and a strong warning to anyone who is unhappy with the outcome of the Revolution.

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Many nations (IC, of course) were originally becoming unhappy with the way the old Tribunal meddled in the internal affairs of other nations and if it returns to this old stance, well, then you'll have vocal Tagmatine opposition, current cooperation or no. Tagmatium interests come first in Tagmatium's eyes, no matter what.

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Tagmatium Rules Posted on Nov 9 2006, 08:26 AM

? Many nations (IC, of course) were originally becoming unhappy with the way the old Tribunal meddled in the internal affairs of other nations and if it returns to this old stance, well, then you'll have vocal Tagmatine opposition, current cooperation or no. Tagmatium interests come first in Tagmatium's eyes, no matter what.


Wait, what?



...and a strong message to the rest of the region that this new government will make it a point to pursue multilateral solutions in regional affairs and use the Adaptus campaign as a backdrop for this declaration...


Multilateral. Not 'Team Mongol-Swedia'.


...and a strong warning to anyone who is unhappy with the outcome of the Revolution.


For those who disagree with the ousting of the Tribal Tribunal, not a provocation for more 'Team Mongol-Swedia'.

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I wouldn't doubt it, Tag. That's why the citizenry rebelled; they didn't want the Tribunal to burn their lands to the ground with their belligerance (although some of it did end up getting slimed). And a few right-wing elements of the citizenry saw a potential opening to really shake things up, hence the ECOC.

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Quick update for all you folks:


ECOC forces are completely broken, with the Directorate on the run; the mercenaries have little or no chance for profit and have surrendered. They'll likely face deportation and have their identities provided to police forces throughout Europa (I haven't quite decided how to deal with that, as there is very little real-life examples of governments persecuting private military companies...HMM... dry.gif)


Query: How did they capitulate so fast? Answer: They did not expect to fight a combined forces of M-S nationals and their tribal allies AND Tamurinian regulars. And I personally did not expect any players here to even consider meddling, precisely because of what the Tribal Tribunal was doing; nobody likes looking like a hypocrite (if they care, that is...but that's another story).


Anywho, the Tribunal loyalists are done for as well; most defected after the biochemical attack on Scandinavipolis, after a few hardcore loyalist groups made the mistake of firing on the capitol whilst the Voice of the Northern Alliance had widescale international broadcast power with the capture of an MSNBC International media station; it totally undermined the MSNBC's credibility on their previous statements and spelled the end for the Tribunal, most of whom were captured alive and convicted of their crimes.


In short: All combat operations have ceased. SERIOUSLY. This is entirely a criminal hunt of men and women with money and not much else.


So, as far as 'major fighting at home' excuses go for limiting numbers elsewhere... the only real concern is establishing local security, which is primarily a job of local militias under guidance from their tribe leaders anyway...and of the several thousand tribes in the former USTE (and newly expanded territory), there are a total of 16 confederations, each of which are represented on the General Council which is preparing to step down following the formation of the next government.


My idea for such a government will divide administrative districts along tribal lines. They really won't be all the strict of a boundary, which will likely be a little confusing for those of you in the Western concept of strictly defined territories.


These tribal districts will function like county seats in the U.S., basically, and they will be organized under their respective confederations, which will function like states, though, again, without such strict boundaries of jurisdiction, and each confederation will have a representative for seperate councils that will function like federal departments.


There will be a body for handling national resource management, i.e. environmental regulation, business regulation, infrastructure, etc., a body for national defense, and a body for foreign relations, trade, and such. The survival of this government will depend strongly on their willingness to cooperate; struggle has binded these tribes together in a very deep way, and an M-S never forgets the struggles at home, especially when there aren't that many.

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