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The Democratic States of Argenland

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Ladies and gentlements... I'm Alberto Dirigliano, the Minister of International Affairs of The Democratic States of Argenland. I'm making the presentation of this great nation.


The people of Argenland is very gentle, patriotic and enjoy great social equality; they view the capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt.


The Head of States is the Premier Minister Gabriel Costa, elected in October. We had a great democracy in our country. Our nation never had a Coup d'State and we want don't have it in the future.


The Capital city is New Buenos Aires. There is the most important city of the nation and the principal port. Others importants cities are Saint Gabriel, New Neuquen, Saint Cross and Hallpas Incas. Other importants ports are New C?rdoba and Rosario Port's.


Our nation is protected with a great army for the security of the nation and his democracy. There are the A.N.A. (Armada Nacional Argeniana, or -A.N.N.- Argenian National Navy), the F.A.A. (Fuerza A?rea Argeniana, or -A.A.F.- Argenian Air Force) and the G.N.A. (Guardia Nacional Argeniana, or -A.N.G.- Argenian National Guard).


The official language is the Spanish (castille dialect), the native language is the quechua, and other languages are portuguese, english, etc...


This is all.

Greetings and God bless the Democratic States of Argenland.

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