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Crikey! In memory of S. Irwin

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Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin has been killed by a string ray while filming a documentary. Like him or loath him, he did a lot for environmental causes and his informal and humerous approach to life (which he used to great effect when teaching people about animals) will, at least in my case, be sadly missed. He leaves a wife and 2 young children (8 and 3).


A fitting tribute came today in my favourite webcomic:



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In Memorium of Steve Irwin,

He was an amazing man who had the good fortune of doing what he enjoyed for a living, providing a good living for his family, mentoring the next generation of environmental workers, and simply being a good role model. He stood his ground when confronted (i.e. the hatchet job that Matt Louer (?) tried on him when the issue of his child in the show took place), was always willing to learn and had the modesty to admit when didn't know something (having experts on his show explaining aspects of their specialty to him), and a crazy, guy-intimidating bravado ("He is the xxyy snake, one of the deadliest in the entire continent of Australia! It looks like its ready to strike! Let's get in for a closer look!").

The world is a poorer place with his loss.

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Can't say I heared about him before, but he seemed quite the adventurer. As was his wife, apparantely. When the news got around, they were still searching for her on some mountain she was climbing.


He died way too soon, with such young children.



Irregular webcomics your favorite, Ak? Because of the Haken fellow, ey?

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