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Trials and Tribulations

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A staggering explosion of violent upheaval has rocked the Tribelands today. With the growing militancy of the Tribal Tribunal, many of the unified tribes have stated their great disgust with the growing trend of war and aggression. Tribal warfare has erupted in virtually ever major settlement and across the countryside, with an increasingly high rate of casualties mounting. Analysts for the network suggest 'there is little hope for a peaceful resolution soon, given the predominantly centralized governance of the Union'.


This is MSNBC News, we will continue to report on the growing chaos for as long as we can.


The aftermath of a large explosion in a multi-tribal neighborhood in Scandinaviopolis.


user posted image



Violence erupts in a village in the shared demilitarized zone with the Akiiryan nation.

user posted image



Various tribes begin to cordon off entire villages, claiming them as territory.


user posted image


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The newspaper arrived on his desk while he was drinking his morning tea. The headline was one that was important, but not unexpected. They had already seen the signs from Tarragat, and from the demands of Solidarity from the world. Ah, it was to be expected.


And luckily there was at least some bit of a plan. Depending on how it would go, Deltannia was scrounging up its military forces around Europa. Those troops and ships from Tarragat were now returning home, and he had hoped that the Union would settle things themselves, but it seemed now to require more than that. No doub tevery nation would work on some form of containment of the militancy now growing.....

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OOC: Again, the Varian people see an opportunity for business. The weapons actually come from the my government. They sold it on the Damak Var black market to get rid of it. Since if they openly sold it, feared it would lower their standing in Europa.


Secure Transmission

TO: Coalition for the Old Century

FROM: Emerald Market Syndicate


We are an unofficial business entity that deals in the trafficking of contraband materials. The EMS has been able to aquire numerous Varian Military small arms caches that date back to the time of the Emperor and the Old Order. Mostly G36's and ammunition. Made by Vickers Weapon System, second hand but good quality. Since the Varian people have no use for it anymore, we would like begin providing small arms to you if you are interested. Payments must be made in cash. You may also pay us in an amount of diamonds and/or drugs with the same value. Remember, there cannot be a war without weapons. Please keep be discrete about this or you may not experience the opportunity for cheap quality small arms to aid in you in this armed conflict.

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"Damn it!"


Von Steinburg threw the newspaper away and kept swearing.


"Our own country is going to hell. Our allies are going to hell. I hate it. I hate it! What did I fight for my entire life?! And now we are in no position to help! I'm so sick up this crap! PRIVATE!!!"


The adjutant of the Field Marshall nervously looked into the office. "Sir?"


"Don't gimme that 'Sir?'-crap! Call the Mongol-Swedes embassy and ask them what they need to stabilize the situation...no, wait, call that officer, Fashid al Rassad, and ask him about the situation and his personal opinion. Maybe we can do something to help these people."


The private looked even more nervous. "Sir, the President himself has issued that as long as we have internal problems we can't interfere in other countries' affairs and..."


Von Steinburg looked straight into the eyes of the young man. "Soldier, I can't deploy the Army in our country and enforce security. The army is not a police force and I can't drop bombs on every house where terrorists from the INELF might hide.

But this - this is a war. We can help here. Maybe just by evacuating people or protecting vital installations or lending a hand with our Luftwaffe. The Tribelands are an old allie and some of my best friends and war-comrades are from there. I am NOT gonna sit and watch while this great country is destroyed.

Now, write that letter..."


Minutes later a letter from Field Marshall von Steinburg, personally addressed to Fashid al Rassad, arrived at the Mongol-Swedes embassy...

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Today's copy of the Times sat in the middle of the table, its pages open to the story detailing events in the Tribelands. The Prime Minister's Council was in session, and the topic had just moved to the plight of the Tribes.


"That open letter business, the one about the union? Could all this just be involved in some kind of ploy? I mean, the Mongol-Swedes put out feelers about this union thing, they got burned. Now they're trying to play it off as unrest?" Leonell Alan, the Finance Minister, was well-known for such bizarre ideas.


Minister of Defence O'Bannon rolled his eyes. "Leo, you've seen the pictures. There really is something bad going on there. If the Tribunal is attacking its own citizens..."


Minister of the Interior Jameson Howe shook his head. "I know what your thinking, Wes, and I think you're crazy. We have no right to get involved unless they ask us to. Anything else, and we'd just be doing what we have been criticising the Tribunal for all this time.

"Besides, its not like we're in any position to help, anyway" he added.


O'Bannon waved a hand. "We launched the Karthenia yesterday. We don't really need an aircraft carrier to defend us at the moment. We could put Admiral Hussein and his crew at the disposal of the tribes, or their allies."


Howe snorted. "The President would never..."


Prime Minister Dunsidian, who had been silent all this time, cut in. "The President suggested it. He wants us to issue at statement, that our forces are available should they be needed. He feels that Karthenia should take a more active role in the region...as long as we avoid backsliding."


"Wesley, inform Admiral Hussein that he may soon be on call. Jakob, send messages to our ambassadors in the Tribelands...and Tamurin. Tell them to put out the word, that we are willing to help."

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TO: Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes

FROM: Italgria


To the social Alliance,


We have heared about what his going on today in your country through our newsservice and would like to pay back the favour you once did us in San Agostino.


If you may accept our offer to you we may send the following to you:


- A mobility hospital

- medicaments

- As we dont want to take forces away from you we would send 30 soldiers which only task is to protect the hospital.

- Supplies of any kind you need.


Whatever your nation needs we will be there helping you. Just tell us what you need.

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To: the Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Uprising


It saddens us to see the noble Union coming apart at the seams. Although our nations have been at loggerheads recently, we definitely don?t want to see the Union imploding or the various tribes coming to blows over something that could be resolved peacefully.


Therefore, the Imperial Government will, with the Union?s blessing of course, will dispatch a small team of military advisors, headed by a Colonel Quodvultdeus Hvar, an experienced officer of the People?s Guard and accompanied by a section of veteran soldiers of the People?s Guard.


Honorius Kontarian,


Minister of War

?That?s a bit of a snub, isn?t it?? asked the Minister for Overseas Geological Oddities, a good friend of the Minster of War, who shrugged at the man?s comment.


?It?s the thought that counts, Paul,? replied Kontarian. ?Anyway, it?s not me who made the decision. I think his majesty is still a bit irritated with them for numerous reasons. It?s just me who has to rubber-stamp it.?


The Minister for Overseas Geological Oddities puffed on his pipe for a short while, filling the immediate space with strong pipe-tobacco smoke. ?Who is this Colonel, anyway? He?s also got an odd set of names.?


?A pen-pusher from the Administrative wing of the People?s Guard,? answered the Minister for War. ?I didn?t lie when I said he was experienced, he?s been doing it since the Storming, although seems to be a fairly decent officer by anyone?s imagination. And as for the name, I think his family is a very devout bunch, originally Vocian.?


?May I ask about the section he?s supposed to be leading? I expect it won?t be what it seems, either.?


?Basically the dregs of the People?s Guard. I don?t think they?ll be put into any hotspots, so it won?t be a problem.?

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In light of the growing instability of the Akiiryan-Mongol Swede border region, 3rd Mechanised Infantry Division and its supporting elements have be moved to just outside the demilitarized zone Akiiryu shares with the Mongol-Swede nation. This move is simple precautionary, designed to make sure that the violence in the Tribelands does not spread into southern Akiiryu.


The Baronic Council wishes at this time to offer the people of the Tribelands the services of the Baron T'Rothric in an effort to help facilitate discussions between the opposing parties within the Mongol-Swede nation with the aim of finding a peaceful resolution to the current crisis.


The SPA will also provide medical aid and emergency shelters for people injuried and/or displaced by the current violence.




user posted image

Seal of the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Division


OOC: Please see OOC thread

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This Tribunal has voted unanimously to declare those affiliated with the Coalition for the Old Century, as well as Fortin Lobonsky, his family, his clan, and anyone who proclaims loyalty to his insurgency as traitors who intend to hinder the progress of the 'Global Revolution of the Workers'. Their failure to obey the lawful and legitimate decrees of this Tribunal demonstrates a severe lack of dedication to the ideals of Socialism and this Tribunal's aspirations for a free life for all workers of the world. Any attempts by foreign governments and agencies to aid and abbet these terrorists will be recognized as a declaration of war and will be responded to most harshly. Mongol-Swede justice will prevail in this growing fascist environment.


Until this grave threat to the security of the Tribelands is resolved, all international agreements will be suspended. The demilitarized zone with Akiiryu will be dissolved to facilitate the dispatch of internal security forces to aid in the capture of Fortin Lobonsky and his associates. Military action will not be directed against Akiiryan forces, provided that they comply with this change in policy. Foreign citizens of Akiiryan nationality will also be detained and transported...humanely...to the Akiiryan border, and will be handed over to the Akiiryan security forces for immediate deportation.


All nations of Europa where Mongol-Swede embassies exist may experience a moderate delay in operations, as we will be conducting personnel replacements for those suspected of being affiliated with dissenting factions within the Union. Offers of medical aid will be denied to prevent foreign powers, whether they be respectable governments or seedy organizations, from being encouraged by insurgent factions to aid and abbet their traitorous agenda.




*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Emerald Market Syndicate

FROM: Headquarters, The Coalition for the Old Century

SUBJECT: Arms Deal


We are prepared to organize and covertly dispatch an 'ambassador' to personally act as a liason between our respective leaders, and will also take charge of delivery of payment and goods for the duration of this conflict. Send details of a meeting place and time for opening negotiations.




*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Von Steinburg, United Republic of Tamurin

FROM: Fashid al Rassad, Guard of the East, Alaghon, Tamurin

SUBJECT: Proposal for Mutual Security


At this time, I have ordered my comrades here to do everything they can to support Fortin Lobonsky's allies in the Tribeland Defense League. The Tribal Tribunal has clearly become senile and reckless, with little regard for the welfare of their own citizens, by placing them in danger of retaliation for the Tribunal's 'Global Liberation of the Workers'. Our old allies in the Soviet Union who helped us to achieve our independence over 50 years ago fell because they held the same attitude, and eventually brought their own nation to fragment and collapse. I do not want that to happen to my own tribe, and I also wish the best for the other tribes who share the same banner.


As I have promised, I will aid your own security forces in tracking down the INELF and bringing their hate-mongering to light. However, fighting for the good of your nation and my Tribelands will stretch our resources very thin. That is why I am asking you to do what you can to neutralize the virulent message of disaster the Tribunal is foolishly proclaiming by any means you can.


In the future, however, I ask that you do not use the embassy as a line of communication; the Tribunal has begun replacing personnel there, including many who have been loyal to myself and my brethren, thus the security of my comrades would be effectively compromised if you continue to deliver messages there. Attached to this message is the location of a diner downtown, where a good friend of mine, and an insider in the Tribunal, is hiding out at, and will act as liason between us.




*Open Transmission*

TO: The Imperial Government of the Holy Empire

FROM: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

SUBJECT: Proposed Military Advisors


The Tribunal takes this offer as a grave insult of the capabilities of this government to effectively neutralize an ill-equipped insurgency of one of the most freedom-loving regimes in Europa. All Tagmatium commercial operations in and around the Tribelands, and any Tagmatium citizens in-country, will be expelled immediately. Clearly you lack respect for true Socialism, and further insults will be considered a provocation for open combat.




*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Headquarters, 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division

FROM: Fortin Lobonsky, NORTHCOM, Tribeland Defense League

SUBJECT: Current Situation


Your Baron's push for peace is admirable, but is simply impossible. The Tribunal has lost all sense; they seek to turn the Union into a police state overnight, now that their ill-thought dream world is threatened.


I have been informed by close associates who have recently been to the south that I am going to be hunted down as a terrorist. They know I am an honorable man, and a smart man. They will not waste their time on hunting me down; they would lose too many fighters, and will likely need every fighter they can delude into protecting them from the will of the Tribes. For the sake of preserving their power, they will sink to the level of luring me out of hiding by hunting down my clan, especially those who cannot defend themselves, and will use this to discredit my allies in the League.


I am requesting the assistance of your government to provide a safe haven for those of my clan who are too old, too ill, or otherwise incapable of defending themselves. I have enough fighters who recognize the danger the Tribunal presents to the Tribelands, and indeed Europa, to make a stand. Regardless, I fear for the safety of those who cannot defend themselves.


If you are willing to help, send word as soon as possible; it will only be a matter of time before normal means of communication will become impossible.


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The Sublime Principate will not tolerate the occupation of the demilitarised zone that exists between the Tribelands and Akiiryu by Mongol-Swede military assets. As of this moment units from the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Division, supported by the 1st Guards Division and a number of other undisclosed assets (OOC: read special forces teams and RAAC planes) are moving to secure the Akiiryan side of the zone. Further mobilisations are being considered (OOC: read are already underway). Any attempt to move military assets into the DMZ by the Tribal Tribunal will be considered an openly provocative and belligerent act against the Sublime Principate and will be responded to accordingly.


All requests for asylum by Mongol-Swede citizens currently residing in the Sublime Principate or within the DMZ will be given the Akiiryan Interior Ministry?s immediate and full attention. Until such time their requests are denied or granted they will be welcome to reside within Akiiryu as guests of the Akiiryan people (OOC: they will have a number of restrictions on them to ensure that they are not Union operatives, the SPA has shared a border with and the studied the MS long enough to know how its military works). Medical aid and supplies will continue to be provided to Mongol-Swede citizens within the DMZ by Akiiryan aid workers operating along the Akiiryan side of the border. Any attempts to hinder these acts will not be tolerated.


user posted image

3rd Mechanised Infantry Division


user posted image

A "Warg" Class IFV of the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Division


user posted image

1st Guards Division (Armoured)


user posted image

A HT-97A "Rhino" MBT of the 1st Guards Division near the Akiiryan-Tribelands DMZ earlier today.




*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Lobonsky, NORTHCOM, Tribeland Defense League

FROM: Headquarters, 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division

SUBJECT: Current Situation


Our government has stated that all Mongol-Swede citizens requesting asylum will be welcomed to reside in the Sublime Principate until their cases are decided.


(OOC: This might seem unnecessarily cold, but it is designed to get Lobonsky and his people into Akiiryu without providing any direct evidence, should the communication be compromised, that Akiiryu is actively encouraging the resistance. Deniability is the key here. All those involved would know that a communication providing such an observation is, in all reality, an affirmative answer to Lobonsky?s request, but if pushed on the matter Akiiryan officials ? both civilian and military ? can say, without lying, that the message is simply stating Akiiryan policy.)

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"Fashid al Rassad,


I hope this letter will end up in the right hands and I also hope that my envoy correctly described the means to decipher it.


Due to the current developments in your country I cannot ask your men to help us fight a terrorist group here. This would be most unfair. The current government is still disabled, however I can do this for you:


- Colonel Schaffner has several platoons of special forces that perform special operations. They can work without any sign or any trace to follow, similar to your commando cells. I have them in place to assist you if the Tribunal tries to "purge" the embassy. One message is enough and they'll move in.


- We can provide you with ammunition and supplies in the event you're cut off from home.


- We can arrange secret transportation to your country. A long-range cargo aircraft could air drop you over your country. One word is enough for me to arrange this.


- We can get information through our embassy in your country; however this will be difficult and the info won't be anything more than general information or information about the families of your people.


The best of luck!


Von Steinburg"




Official statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Due to the growing unrest and potential civil war in the nation of Mongol-Swedes we call upon all tamurinian citizens currently within this country to leave and return to Tamurin or another safe nation.


If you cannot contact the tamurinian embassy, try an embassy of a friend or allie of Tamurin or head for the demilitarized zone with Akiiryu. We request from the akiiryan government to help all tamurinian citizens encountered by akiiryan forces.

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To: the Union of the Socialist Tribes of Europa

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Burning one?s bridges?


If the Tribal Tribunal so wishes to read our offer as an insult, then so be it.


The offer of a small group of military advisors was not meant to cast aspersions upon the Union?s abilities to tackle the growing problems within its borders, but a sign of friendship, an olive branch of peace. The unit of military advisors was never supposed to tell Mongol-Swedes how to act or fight, rather observe the situation from the inside and allow the Imperial Government to judge whether our fellow Socialists did need help, rather than depending on unreliable foreign reports on the conditions.


The Greater Holy Empire also takes offence at the seizure of Tagmatine assets and the expulsion of Tagmatine citizens. However, as Tagmatium isn?t an unreasonable nation, we shall not mirror such acts against Mongol-Swede citizens inside the Greater Holy Empire. We will also allow our embassy to remain in place, so that we may converse with the Tribal Tribunal on civilised terms, rather than resorting to economic attacks. However, if you wish to withdraw your embassy or your citizens living in Tagmatium wish to leave, then the Imperial Government will not hinder their movement. Indeed, if any of your citizens wish to find a temporary asylum from the conflict within your borders, we will happily provide them with the same service as we gave to the refugees of the AdSoc regime.


We hope that the Union will be able to resolve its internal issues quickly and painlessly, and once again our nations can be shining beacons of Socialism and of our two religions in the region, that we can spread the light of God and Socialism to the corners of the region which have not yet been illuminated by it yet.


Philip Commenus,






The Imperial Government of



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All Tamurinian citizens who present themselves to Akiiryan military or aid personal working on the Akiiryan side of the Akiiryan-Tribelands DMZ and request evacuation from the Tribelands will be granted it forthwith.

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OOC: The Tribunal is going to start using a lot of rhetoric by referring to those commando cells that are still loyal to them as 'security forces'. I wanted to make this note so that nobody gets confused if they should happen to engage these so-called 'security forces'.


MSNBC News Flash!


Civil War is upon us! A massive outburst of combat began in the northern regions of the Union today, with the loyal Tribeland Defense League and security forces opening fire on villages and other settlements known to be providing safe haven for the terrorist Fortin Lobonsky. Artillery and AC-130 air support assets loyal to the Tribal Tribunal's righteous rule began the bombardment of these villages. The Tribunal, after undergoing an internal purification process, unanimously voted 'to condemn each and every citizen of these northern villages guilty of harboring the terrorist and his minions by not providing the Tribunal's security inspectors with prompt information on their whereabouts; clearly each citizen has vowed to support the fascist dreams of this...demagogue, Fortin Lobonsky, a fighter without honor'.


The terrorist has been gathering support and has launched terrorist attacks, utilizing stolen military equipment of the Union against security forces and the Tribeland Defense League, as well as corrupting the former commando cells which were offically disbanded earlier yesterday. The Tribunal's expert analysts, however, have concluded that ''the threat of this 'Lobonsky' and his terrorist organization will soon be crushed by the Tribeland Defense League, who have a far more intimate knowledge of the land than this Mongol-Swede halfbreed."


Meanwhile, many tribes from the eastern regions have refused to send fighters to aid in the war against the terrorist in the north. The Tribal Tribunal has vowed to ''deliver the Mongol-Swede justice to any citizen of the Union who refuses the will of this Tribunal, as well as any who would seek to compromise the 'Global Revolution of the Workers'."


The detention of many foreign citizens, whose nationality has not been confirmed due to 'the necessity of national security', was reported today by a representative of the newly stood-up Tribeland Security Detachment in central and southwestern sectors of the Union. Authorities have stated they 'will contact the appropriate officials of foreign governments to ensure a mutual security interest is preserved for the good of the Union, and the welfare of these respected foreign citizens'.




Honorable Von Steinburg!


The Tribunal has made their move. We suspect that, in regards to your citizens in-country, they may not be receiving the usual hospitality of the Tribes. I have sent as many personnel as I could spare to ascertain the status of your embassy, and to do what they can for the embassies and consulates of other respectable nations who graciously accepted the Old Union as a host. We will try to get as much information as possible as to the whereabouts of your citizens; to our knowledge, the Tribunal has not recently started building any prisons since they were all shut down and converted into social welfare centers by the last Tribunal. In accordance with your last letter, we will require any additional supplies you can spare, as well as transportation.


This will leave the embassy here exposed, however, so I am requesting the assistance of your Colonel Schaffner and his forces to aid in securing the embassy from the assasination squads that are soon to be arriving in Alaghon to neutralize any supporters we have left there. I had the Colonel 'initmately investigated' recently, and I trust him. Forgive me for not trusting you, but there are plenty of disturbing indications of the growing INELF threat; a detailed analysis of their operations thus far in Alaghon is attached to this message. I hope this information will aid in the liberation of your own nation from the royalists.


I cannot ignore the plight of your people while I am engrossed in mine; I will continue to provide you with as much information on the INELF as I can. This is the true honor of the Tribes.


Fashid al Rassad, Guard of the East


The message was encrypted in the old codes used between Tamurin forces and the Mongol-Swede commandos in Alaghon during the more recent civil war, and passed on, via the gentleman at the downtown diner, to Von Steinburg's "representative".

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~Internal Message: Foreign Minister Jakob Bonns to Prime Minister John Dunsidian~


John, the Tribal Tribunal has started arresting foreigners. Only unattached ones at the moment, but I can see the shutting down of embassies soon. I've told Ambassador Reynolds to evacuate all non-essential staff...hopefully, enough will be able to leave. What do you want to do?



~Internal Message: John Dunsidian to Jakob Bonns~


Jake, the President has already prepared a plan. Send the following message by special dispactches to Field Marshall von Steinburg in Alaghon.




To Field Marshall von Steinburg

From Alexei Andrews, President, Democratic Republic of Karthenia


Field Marshall, I know our nations have never totally seen eye-to-eye, and I know that for the most part, this was a failing on Karthenia's behalf. But that was the past; this is the future, and it is a future in which, i hope, Karthenia can have a place as a progressive and positive influence on our region.


We have watched the events in the Tribelands with great dismay, for they mirror the origins of our civil war a year ago. We emerged, battered but at peace; however, not without much suffering. The Tribal Tribunal has become a government as corrupt as our own former Sovereign Military Council. We wish to help the free peoples of the Tribelands, but obviously, Europa is not yet ready for a Karthenian army on foreign soil. Therefore, I would like to suggest something.


We would like to put a number of units into the field, as observors in your army. Ostensibly, they will be there to learn how the Tamurinian army and navy function; in reality, they will be under our joint command, in order to deal with the situation in the Tribelands as it comes.


What do you think?

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OOC: MS, do the North regions included the DMZ? If so I'll need to add to this post.




As of this moment Akiiryu has closed ii embassy and all other government institutions operating in the Tribelands. The few Akiiryan civilians still in the Tribelands capital will be evacuated in diplomatic transports within the next 24 hours. Those still in the DMZ have been advised to return to Akiiryu.




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OOC: The Tribunal has not thrown fighters into the dmz, yet. There is a large number of civilians unfit for battle heading towards your way, Akiiryu, as well as armed escorts loyal to Fortin Lobonsky; they will only accompany the noncombatants to the DMZ, and will trust your military to help them get out of the country. I also plan to bring the Red Crescent into this to help you out.



Forces loyal to the Tribunal had begun establishing positions in a large cordon, effectively isolating the area under Lobonsky's NORTHCOM jurisdiction from the rest of the Union. Primary defense measures included an array of anti-aircraft guns modified for anti-personnel use, artillery positions, and motor and armored patrols, as well as the insertion of 'security forces' into the north to begin searching for Fortin Lobonsky, his clan, and other key leadership in NORTHCOM.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Meanwhile, a considerable influx of refugees was making its way towards the demilitarized zone in the north, the only clear escape route for many who could not fight the growing crisis in the Union. The Red Crescent humanitarian organization had brokered an agreement with Fortin Lobonsky's NORTHCOM, who were beginning to refer to themselves as the 'Northern Alliance', to provide aid for these displaced citizens, until others means to provide for them could be arranged with other parties.


user posted image


The 'Northern Alliance' rallying along the newly formed 'border' with the rest of the Union.


user posted image

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To: The Coalition for the Old Century

From: Emerald Market Syndicate


Perhaps if it is possible, we will send an envoy to begin negotiations. In your main well protected territories of this conflict of course. We have our ways of navigating through a warzone. Or you may send your own envoy to Vonrichkover, Damak Var. Have your envoy walk into the Redenton Hotel lobby.

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In the eastern port city of Hegaton, where the Coalition claimed to hold power, the men and women tasked to open a deal with the Emerald Market Syndicate prepared to board a small fishing boat, which would take them to Damak Var. They were each disguised as simple fishers, concealing only a light smattering of SMGs and pistols to defend themselves in the event of being blockaded by the only 'official' fleet of the Union, which they expected to be loyal to the Tribunal, as the only way by sea was out through Eebay; they did not want to have to try and change boats in Koku.


user posted image


TO: Emerald Market Syndicate

FROM: Liason, The Coalition for the Old Century

SUBJECT: Envoy Enroute


A small delegation was dispatch earlier today, and will take three days to arrive. We do not expect any trouble from the Tribunal as they will be engrossed in heavy fighting with Fortin Lobonsky's rebellious rabble, and will likely take much of the focus off of ourselves.

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"Dear Fashid al Rassad,


Thank you for your efforts. Your honour is growing as we speak. Despite the desperate status of your country you are still helping others. I salute you.


I understand your initial concerns about Colonel Schaffner. The latest events in Tamurin don't allow unlimited trust. Schaffner will move in with his people under the cover of "tightened security due to INELF activities". That way we should also be able to provide you with a steady flow of supplies and equipment.


Thanks for your intelligence. It should help us get rid of some INELF-groups here in the center.


Good luck to both of us!


Von Steinburg"


The message was sent back the usual way







TO: Alexei Andrews, President, Democratic Republic of Karthenia

FROM: Field Marshall von Steinburg


Dear Mister President,


the United Republic of Tamurin is always open to cooperation and friendship with other nations. This includes exchange of military observers during peace time.


However, we don't have any forces deployed in the Tribelands and we are not entering the war in the Tribelands with our Army. Therefor we cannot cooperate with you in this matter. If you want to cover up your participation in this war, you should contact a nation which is openly involved.


Best regards,

von Steinburg

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Managing to sidestep the Tribunal's omnipresence (or so it appeared), the fishing boat slipped quietly out of Eebay, and set its course for the Greater Holy Empire's guarded canal. They were financed enough to pass through, should the usual toll be levied against them.


Meanwhile, elements of the Northern Alliance were beginning to infiltrate the Tribunal's cordons, whose senility was becoming apparant through their tactics; relying solely on unmanned placed sensors to detect Northern Alliance fighters and refusing to emplace effective OP's (observation posts). A number of Tribunal patrols were facing well-placed sabotage, particularly those that ventured out into rural areas, where the Northern Alliance better understood the ebbs and flows of the environment and the people in it. Even further south, the Tribunal's forces were having to deal with insurgencies and insurrections, primarily from commandos that had been scattered all across Europa, many of whom had no mission and were just now coming back and hearing of the catastrophe that had rocked their homes.


Honorable Von Steinburg!


I am excited to hear of the successful capture of key INELF leaders and other supporters here in Alaghon; I will continue to delve into the underground to sniff out the rest of this most sinister organization. I have begun developing contacts throughout the outlying areas of Alaghon, and I plan to extend my operations to other areas of Tamurin, one neighborhood at a time.


This probably sounds like I am recruiting your own citizens for my own means, but I can assure you they remain faithful to the memory of Hartman.


To a Brighter Future,


Fashid al Rassad


Guard of the East

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~Internal Message: Alexei Andrews to John Dunsidian~


Received reply from von Steinburg...Tamurin have no intention of deploying troops into Tribelands...they will recieve RNV Karthenia as a peacetime observor...




~Internal Message: John Dunsidian to Alexei Andrews~


I personally don't believe that Tamurin has sent no forces at all...but regardless, nothing more we can do on that front. What do you want to do now?




~Internal Message: Alexei Andrews to John Dunsidian~


We've already decided that we oppose the Tribunal's stance...we must try and contact Fortin Lobonsky...but carefully, he could still lose, and we can't afford to lose face now...tell Jakob to keep watching the Voice of the Northern Alliance, and get some pro-Lobonsky stuff in the papers...

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The following is a public announcement from the Tribal Tribunal:


The northern sectors of the Union have been declared a quarantine zone today, following a foiled attempt by the Northern Alliance terrorist group to implement illegal biological weapons against security forces in the process of searching for their tyrant leader Fortin Lobonsky. Foreign nations are warned to keep their distance from the northern side of the bay, as the biological agents have created a total breakdown of civil structure in this terrorist haven.


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Good evening. The Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Collective, now the state propaganda service of the Tribal Tribunal, declared the territorites of the Northern Alliance a 'quarantine' zone, in a clear attempt to justify the images of destroyed villages, blaming them on a breakdown of 'civil structure'. The true source of this destruction, as documented by elements of the armed wing of the Nortern Alliance, confirm that the destruction of many villages and settlements was as a result of artillery barrages from their Supergun batteries on the southeastern shores of Eebay. Similar destruction was witnessed on Tarragat Island, when Superguns were utilized against Renndian troops who attempted to sabotage the island's crude oil refinery network.


In a rare opportunity, we have managed to acquire footage of mass rioting in the once pristine inner city district of Scandinavipolis, disrupting the Tribunal's internal security crackdown efforts, the least of which includes making false broadcasts slandering their enemies. Even in their supposed places of power, the Tribunal lives in fear of its own populace, who are slowly waking up to the reality.


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The Voice of the Northern Alliance will continue to provide an alternative source of news in the Union, based on facts and firsthand witnessing of the important events in our world.

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Controverse information from the Tribelands


News agencies contradicting each other are creating a blurry picture of what is happening in the Tribelands.


The consistencies are slim: Obviously there has been a breakout of chaos in the northern areas of the Tribelands. This breakdown may have spread even further throughout the country. More information is not available right now.


All 362 tamurinian citizens that were in the Tribelands when the riots began have safely returned to Tamurin, 141 through regular flights, 83 through special flights from the embassy, 26 were rescued by other embassies and 112 were rescued by akiiryan troops.


The tamurinian government remains neutral in this conflict. Officially the government denies any involvement in this conflict, however - "Voice of the Republic" has found out that many in the government don't favor the Tribal Tribunal on this.


Polls on the street indicated a very complex picture. 82 % of the tamurinians feel that Tamurin owes the Tribelands and should help the people there. However, 41 % feel that the Northern Alliance should be supported, 40 % are in favor of the Tribunal and 19 % are unsure.

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