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Dark times over Zekistan OOC

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Ok as Aki asked...


Firstly 6 million? where did I write that? I cant see it maybe I havent slept enough please tell me where must be a typo.


Secondly wow you are a fast reader.


Ok as to the nature of my RP. It has to do with my third plot I claimed... Other nations may get involved if they want to aslong as the outcome stays how I want it to end.

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6 Million people died 100.000 could escape and are refugees at Orizonte Negro, a refugee town in Italgria 5km away from the borders to Zekistan.


Can you please outline how you want this go...is there not another way you might claim your next plot other than invasion of and "evil" nation? This is not just aimed at you, as it seems that this is what everybody does!

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