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Dark times over Zekistan


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Zekistan is a nation in the south of Italgria ruled by an evil dictatorship. Although the dictator of Zekistan isolated his country from the rest of the world, it has a GDP of 2.4% and its economy is facing an expansion. From unconfirmed sources the government of Italgria may assume that Zekistan is in control of several nuclear aswell as bio-chemical mass destruction weapons although its technology is from the late 1950's. There have been no dimplomatic talks with Zekistan since 15 years and the borders of Italgria had to be reinforced with Apache Helicopters, Panzers and Rangers due to various attempts in the past to invade Italgria or to kill refugees which were trying to escape from Zekistan even after passing our borders. Several refugees from Zekistan have informed the government of Italgria that there are many mass-graves in Zekistan and the army does not hesitate to use biochemical weapons against its own population. As we have been informed just 3 weeks ago nearly an entire town had been exterminated by the dictator because of the assumption that rebels would hide there. 6 Million people died 100.000 could escape and are refugees at Orizonte Negro, a refugee town in Italgria 5km away from the borders to Zekistan.




George: "Tom! Tom! The caravan is coming!"

Tom: "Good how many soldiers?"

George: "I would say around 1.000 there are also some light armoured jeeps with them"

Tom: "Get the bazookas we acquired from the Bezikstan black market ready and call the troops together."


Tom was the leader of the rebel forces in Zekistan. His wife and four children had been exterminated by the dictator of Zekistan. Since that day he had sworn to himself not to stop killing until the dictator would have fallen. His group had gained more and more support, reaching 500.000 supporters fighting for them and even more people not willing to fight but aiding the troops in housing and financially in every way they could.


Tom: ?Attack!?


Soldiers jumped out of bushes and behind trees. Missiles were shot from the bazookas and a hell full of fire shells and screaming man had started. After ten interminable minutes of fight, the Zekistian soldiers surrendered. 691 had fallen the rest had given up. On the other hand 700 rebels were killed by the Zekistian soldiers, including Tom?s Brother George. The caravan they had captured was full of medical supplies which were heavily needed by the rebels, as well as ammunition and some new weapons.




Two days later?


?Sir! This just came as a VIM from the Minister of Defense!?


TO: Secret-Intelligence Base of Italgria

FROM: Minister of Defense.


You have direct orders from Bellaria to infiltrate a Delta group of two people into Zekistan immediately to find out the current status of this country. Our national security is at risk if we don?t get a situation plan as soon as possible. Our satellites are being disturbed by the Zekistian secret service and sending a spy plane would be too dangerous due to the high amount of SAM batteries in the area. We are awaiting a report from you in at least 24 hours.


?Call Max and John together! We have a very important mission to accomplish in 24 hours behind enemy lines! They must be deployed immediately!?




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  • 2 weeks later...

A week later...


Bill and Jonathan were in Zekistan for one week now. Thanks to the currency status they still had enough money to live from what the government had given them. Everything was clear in Zekistan like if somebody had informed the government that two Italgrian spies where infiltrating Zekistan soon. It was dark when both went to the outsides of a confirmed rebel town to monitor the happenings. Suddenly a group of panzers and armed troops from the Zekistian army came closer to the town. A short battle had begun and the mainly unarmed and unequiped rebels lost pretty fastly. The entire town was shot. There was no merci for Women neither children. Everyone had been executed by the army. Immediately Bill and John went to thir hotel to pass over the message to the secret-service




TO: Secret-Service of Italgria

FROM: Delta group 21-Alpha


Zekistian military just invaded unarmed rebel town. Rebels decapitated and rest of town executed.





"Sir, we just received this from Zekistan!"


"God, Call a reunion now immediately"




TO: Ministry of External Affairs in Italgria

FROM: United Rebel Forces of Zekistan


We have heared that you have spies in our country and are informed about what happened just some moments ago. We know that you are also perfectly informed about what the situation in our country is at the moment. Therefore we herebly ask you for support in the battle against this dictator.





FROM: Italgria


We will inactively be helping the Zekistian rebels with weapons and sanitation for their fight against the evil dictator.

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A couple of days later...


"Sir! We lost contact to the delta group which was in one of the main rebel towns! We requested satellite pictures from the town. Here they are..."


"God be with us."


"What is it Sir?"


"A big crater... from the nothing... Eveybody is death..."


"Sir shall I contact the Minister of Defense?"


"Do so and fast!"




After the minister of Defense was informed and after talking to some high rank military officers the order to send out 1000 Delta troops was given...

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