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Europa Workers' Solidarity Union

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(Carried by MSNBC)

TO: The Nations of Europa

FROM: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

SUBJECT: Alliance Proposal


There is an apparant rise of chaos in Europa. Fascism, imperialism, belligerent expansionist militarism, and authoritarianism are wreaking havoc against the good, hard-working people of Europa, who constantly find themselves at the mercy of irresponsible regimes who exploit the loyalty of their fellow countrymen to garner a wasteful and debacherous lifestyle without regard to their own nation's welfare. The Tribunal has already made it clear that it will not ignore the suffering of the people of Europa, and has already taken action to bring them deliverance, that they may be free to determine their own destiny, free from oppresssion and tyranny.


That is why we have voted unanimously to launch a new initiative in this region, one that will unite other nations who have successfully challenged autocratic power in their own nations; nations where the working class have risen to the top and brought justice and equality to their own lands.


There are other nations where the people need the help of the liberated. The Mongol-Swedes cannot do this alone. Interested parties should make their intentions known with Solidarity. Rise again for the disenfranchised!

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To: the Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

CC: other interested nations

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Alliance Proposal


Sadly, Tagmatium will have to decline.


We are surprised at the numerous veiled threats in your statement to a variety of nations in Europa.


If there are any accusations of imperialism, the Imperial Government is beginning to feel that this could in fact be laid at the door of the Tribal Tribunal. Mongol-Swedes have been indulging in many conflicts up and down the region, toppling governments it feels opposed to, or whose ideals don?t match the rather extreme views of the Tribal Tribunal.


It is starting to look to the Imperial Government that the Mongol-Swedes are intent on toppling every government in the region and moulding Europa in its own image, meddling with the internal affairs of every other nation in the process, dictating how they should run themselves.


Today, it is the admittedly rather vile regimes of Hosagovinia and the usurpers in Adaptus, but tomorrow it may be Suverina and Tagmatium. The values of these nations don?t quite match that of the Mongol-Swedes, so can we expect to be the next recipients of the much-vaunted Commando Cells?


We wonder whether these people will be allowed to determine their own destiny, or will it be determined by the Tribal Tribunal instead? Wars are not to be undertaken lightly, and wars are commenced in order to gain territory or fiscal advantage. Undoubtedly, when the Mongol-Swedes free a nation from an oppressive regime, the people of that nation will then feel gratitude which will then bind them to the Mongol-Swedes, giving the Union a very big benefit from their actions. The Imperial Government doesn?t think that the Union sends soldiers to every part of the globe purely to spread ?peace and love?.


Therefore, whilst the Imperial Government agrees in principal with the ideals behind the setting up of a new alliance, another in a region already criss-crossed by such things, it will politely decline the offer of embarking on a moralistic war to re-forge Europa in an image that is more pleasing to the eyes of the Tribal Tribunal than the current multi-cultural state it is now in.

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To: the Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

CC: other interested nations

From: The Great Queendom of Suverina

Re: Workers' Solidarity Union


We applaud the statement made by out dear allies and close friends, Tagmatium. We are very interested in the idea of the workers solidarity union. Although have to decline the invitation until the union stops its own belligerent action against regimes that isn't fitting by the union. we have before worked together with the Union of Socialist Tribes in the name of solidarity and we intend to do so in the future, although we will not join this union until certain demands have been met.

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To the Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

CC: any to whom it is of interest

From: the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia

RE: Europa Worker's Solidarity Union


This issue was greatly discussed within the Assembly of Representatives, and many have applauded the great Mongol-Swedes for this move, as it has the potential to do great things for the peoples of Europa.


That said, the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia must respectfully decline involvement. Our nation has just pulled itself from a terrible and costly civil war, and we do not want to become involved in any alliance or group, or allow any alliance or group into our country, that has the potential for involving us in conflict in the future.


This union, while a noble idea, like most organisations of its kind, can be left open to corruption, and it is the opinion of this government that the restoration, economic and political, of Karthenia, should be handled by Karthenians, for Karthenians.


We thank you once again for bringing this to our attention.


John Dunsidian, Prime Minister.

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FROM: The Glorious Dominion of Deltannia

TO: The Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

CC: All interested nations


Deltannia has had a long history in the fight against tyranny. During the era of city-states, much of Deltannia was covered by despots taking control for themselves, warring with others. Even during the time of the Solarian Empire the same prevailed. Our own revolution helped to remove this corrupt tyranny with its firm hold on our lands, and now we stand strong in the fight against the evils of our world.


While we will not rise in solidarity as you so proclaim, Deltannia will agree with the Union should you hold yourself to your own values. However, any corruption in your ideals will most likely push us away from a neutral stance. Deltannia would like to back other nations when it strongly suggests that the Union not forcibly bring about its desired changes in the nations of the world. It's hypocritical nature in recent events makes Deltannia wonder as to the intentions of the Union and its Tribunal.

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Posted by Mongol-Swedes: who constantly find themselves at the mercy of irresponsible regimes who exploit the loyalty of their fellow countrymen to garner a wasteful and debacherous lifestyle without regard to their own nation's welfare


Must I assume that this sentence is a threat to my country since what you wrote there pretty much sums up why the riots in Bellaria are happening..

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TO: The Nations of Europa

FROM: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa



It is clear to us that the rising trend in this 21st century is one of fear-mongering politics. When rapid and dynamic change takes place, those who have enjoyed the pleasures of the status quo will be the first to shun the good intentions of men and women who feel they have something to give back to the world who first helped them rise from brutal and apathetic dominance, yet we find our good name slandered and drug through the mud by the very nations whom we have aided in the past.


The intention of the most recent events of which the Union has involved itself in should be apparantly clear. Regimes like Adsoc of Adaptus and the Reichland of Hosagovina are a clear and present display of psychotic tyranny. We do not seek their occupation or destruction; the former Confederation of the Mongol-Swedes, prior to our independence, suffered enough to know and understand the occupation and destruction in other lands. We do not see the infrastructure or the wealth of other lands; the Union has these things and has developed into a strong state without resorting to violence since our independence to achieve these measures of prosperity.


The idea that we are attempting to shape the world into our 'own view' is preposterous; the recent history of this region clearly demonstrates our intention.


Now, look at Tarragat Island. It hardly resembles the Union in any way, shape, or form, apart from the fact that it is of the same planet. Its people, its culture, its ideals, all of these do not resemble the Union, and that was not our intention! We simply wished for peace to endure; The Deltannians and the Renndians eventually came to a peaceful agreement, and our mission was complete. Whether or not the people of Renndian Tarragat want to have anything further to do with us is entirely up to them, as we place good faith in the leadership of Rennd, who came to understand the error of their ways, and we feel that they will govern righteously in the future, with greater consideration of the consequences of their actions on the environment and the people whom they are responsible for.


However, with the nature of tyrannical rule, a state of instability is more likely to emerge than in a democratic one. This is clearly demonstrated with the case of Hosagovina and others. In this particular case, we are certain that a simple multilaterally-enforced ceasefire will not bring about lasting change, only a temporary solution.


If our intention of bringing the opportunity of self-determination to those clearly disenfranchised AND clearly distraught with their nation's course, in a clear and easily recognizable majority, then this Tribunal feels that we owe it to the downtrodden to give them the opportunity to determine their own fate.


This does not necessarily mean overthrowing governments, either. The Union has always been open to immigration from other lands, and it was the intentions of this Tribunal to create an international alliance that would not only support each other in times of armed conflict, but would also facilitate a great international community for the people of Europa to enjoy a broad and safe environment.


However, when a nation's government is clearing holding its people hostage, and is even willing to slaughter innocent civilians fleeing oppression in their homeland, as this region clearly witnessed in Adaptus...the time for a multilateral solution is nigh...and for the rest of the region to ignore such injustice is an apparant mark of approval for such brutality.


As for the tactics of our armed forces, the Union has always proclaimed itself open to investigation, ever since the 2nd Tamurin Civil War, where unconventional fighters sabotaged military infrastructure in Niederoestereich to prevent them adding to the bloodshed.


Speaking of the 2nd Tamurin Civil War, it seems apparant to this Tribunal that the nations of Europa see fit to pick and choose which tyrants they will have run amok. Clearly Imperial Tamurin was not the case, and the Union has not forgotten the honor of those nations who stood behind the rightful leadership of the people of Tamurin.


But where is that honor now? Why do the nations of Europa find it acceptable to allow injustice to reign in our lands? Since when does inaction become the righteous path, and a willingness to stand up become belligerence and terrorism?


user posted image

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To The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

CC: All nations of Europa

From: The Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Karthenia


We had thought that our previous statement was enough to politely state our intentions with minimal fuss. However, the last comments of a rather accusatory statement by the Tribunal require answering.


But where is that honor now? Why do the nations of Europa find it acceptable to allow injustice to reign in our lands? Since when does inaction become the righteous path, and a willingness to stand up become belligerence and terrorism?


Who is being inactive? Who is allowing injustice to reign? You are speaking to a government that has spent the last year toppling an oppressive, aggressive military regime that had many times in the past threatened the security of Europa. We did not ask for help, and none was offered. Many hundreds of thousands of Karthenes died in this civil war, standing up to belligerence and terrorism. Today Karthenia, although scarred by the war, exists in peaceful democracy.


No, we are not guilty of allowing inaction to become the righteous path. The only thing Karthenia, and the other nations of Europa are guilty of, is not following the Mongol-Swede worldview.


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OOC: Culminating nicely...will this blow your mind? Probably not, I'm no political thriller writer.


*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: The Nations of Europa

FROM: Fortin Lobonsky, Champion (OOC: Similar rank to 2nd in Command), Tribeland Defense League

SUBJECT: Dire Situation


I'm sure everyone of you have heard the increasingly disturbing rhetoric spewing from the lips of the Tribal Tribunal. I am convinced that there is something terribly wrong with this entire affair; Until recently, I would never have expected them to have grown so violent and eager for military action against the world. I suspect it may be that they are growing old and fearful of the world beyond our borders and are abusing the trust and loyalty of the Tribes to pursue some crazy goal.


This is not the true nature of the Tribes; we would never presume to police the world. I can understand how it would be hard to believe me, given the garbage that the MSNBC, the Tribunal, and others have been spewing of late, but the truth is that we've all been betrayed.


I am imploring the nations of Europa, anyone who can bear to spare fighters, to send help. The Union is on the verge of a civil war.


After sending the message, the relatively young Fighter turned to a small gathering of his longtime friends and nodded. "We need to get something organized before the ORACLE catches on."

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TO: Members of the Tribeland Defense League

FROM: Graham Valiosi, Radical Party of Marsitrania


Citizens, brothers, comrades! Your plight causes us great distress as we have always looked to the Union to be the leader of the international socialist movement. Rest assured that our Party is prepared to give whatever material and moral support your nation requires in this trying time. However we urge you to consider that there may be wisdom in what your Tribal Tribunal has said.


We are certainly witnessing a period of disorder and change. Such is a transitional period which Marxist scholars have hoped for since the beginning! As great Lenin himself learned in 1917-18, revolution does not occur on its own. It requires a catalyst and indeed a will to sacrifice and use force. There is evil in our world and we must confront it head on. Heed the advice of your elders when you can, they are more experienced and understand the dangers of complacency.


Surely they will understand your well-founded concerns. Petition your leaders and request a more detailed explanation, and they will likely oblige. It would be a great misfortune for all of us should the great Union fall victim to its own internal disputes. If the situation deteriorates further, we will be prepared to do whatever necessary to help. You can count on the workers of Marsitrania!



Graham Valiosi

Comrade Chairman, Radical Party of Marsitrania

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OOC: Potential civil war. Idea came to me about four days ago but, only until about 36 hours ago did I seriously consider it. I'll admit I'm losing steam on other scenarios, as the OOC discussions have clearly shown. Lots of training and stuff going on lately in real-life, decided earlier today I need to limit what I'm roleplaying, so this will kinda nullify other scenarios, in a sense.


Yeah, I know, it's a really crappy way of going about it, I'm usually better than this. I'm pretty much cutting and running from other rp scenarios I've already committed to, but in a way it makes sense.


My nation's been getting alot more militaristic lately, and that's always going to make somebody nervous, so bear with me if this sudden change throws you off. Besides, I kinda need to do this; the Tribelands hasn't seen conflict on its own soil for awhile, and I'm sure plenty of other nations are eager to captialize on such an opportunity for payback.


In short, I'm getting alot of things flung at me in my own life, and, not to be an ass, but I'm placing my service before all y'all. Again, I apologize if I've seriously pissed anyone off in the past few days. I admit my roleplaying has been fairly sloppy lately, even with Tarragat.

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To: the Nations of Europa

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium



It isn?t clear to Tagmatium that there is a policy of ?fear-mongering? within the region of Europa itself. There have been few rapid and dynamic changes in the region; events usually tend to ?snow-ball?. For example, the recent AdSoc crisis did not come about over night, but through a slow process of the Adapton Prime Minister, Winston O?Brian-Smith, becoming more and more extreme.


No-one has dragged the good name of the Mongol-Swedes through the mud, but it has appeared to many nations? governments, independently of each other, that the Union is rapidly becoming something of a ?loose cannon? when reacting to the happenings in other Europan nations, sending thousands of soldiers at a moment?s notice in order to fight for what it thinks is good and true, whether that is actually the fact.


It is arguable whether the governments of Deltannia and Rennd would have come to such a conclusion in the fighting in Tarragat without Mongol-Swede or Tagmatine meddling; the Imperial Government believes so. Mongol-Swede and Tagmatine forces merely continued the cycle of violence on Tarragat, violence which probably would have lasted a lot less time without our involvement, one that may have been rather ill-advised.


We agree that the current regime in Hosagovinia is a hideous mix of fascism and racism, two ideologies that ought to belong to the history books rather than current trends in the region. However, Tagmatium, and Marsitrania, is going about this in a completely different way to the Union. Rather than attempting to topple the Reichland and then sweep out again, allowing civil war to take place between the various resistance groups, we are trying to keep the two sides apart, and then, once the fighting has ceased, make free and fair elections, thereby allowing the Hosagovinians to choose their own fate. If they vote in another fascist government, who are we to disagree? The people have spoken, whether we like it or not. We cannot steam in again and change the government because we disagree with their choice for a second time.


Tagmatium itself may not have a government that the Mongol-Swedes particularly agree with, especially in our method of electing a head of state for life, rather than a particular term. There is also a small amount of unrest in many parts of the Greater Holy Empire, as can be expected of a nation that has recently suffered a civil war and rapid expansion. Does this mean that the Greater Holy Empire is on the Union?s ?black-list??


If the Tribal Tribunal is open to immigration from every nation and also wishes to create a far-reaching alliance of nations, does this not sound like the Mongol-Swedes are planning on recreating the region in their own image and meddling in the internal affairs of other nations?


Talking of picking and choosing which tyrants Europa allows to run amok, one of the Mongol-Swedes? closest allies could be considered a military dictatorship run by an oligarchy of the rich and powerful, with no political rights what so ever. Can that nation expect to be the next recipient of the Cell Armies, or is the ?pot calling the kettle black?, so to speak.


Do not believe that the Greater Holy Empire rejects righteousness, but constantly embarking on wars to make the situation ?right? isn?t, in fact, the ?right? way.

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