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To: His Royal Highness Frederick Edward Griblun III, Prince of Grblnstench,

From: Her Royal Highness Finn of Finnvaria, Queen and Dolphriend,


Prince Frederick,


I, and all the people of Finnvaria, are delighted to hear of your recent upgrade in status by the UN. Congratulations on your achievements so far in recovering your country from your late brother's excesses, and we wish you continued success.


We also thank you for your concern and dedication to the wellbeing of our delegation of dancers. They have returned home safely, and have been demonstrating the ritual dances of the Grblnstench court that they learned during their assignment to your brother's private dance team. In particular, the sinuous hip-shake movement has become wildly popular among our youth, sparking what has been named the Grbln-hoop craze.


Thank you for your suggestion of using hippogriffs to cut down our dolphindog population. The Grand Duchy of Eucalypta West had suggested hippogriffs as a solution to our dolphin-in-a-tree problem (our dolphins WILL insist in frolicking freely in Finnvaria's many lush forests, and the consequences of a high-leaping dolphin and a low-hanging tree is regrettably predictable). Unfortunately, we are not aware of a source of hippogriffs to import, as well as skilled hippogriff handlers who can ensure they are trained correctly. Do you have any suggestions for us regarding hippogriff sources?



Finn, Queen of Finnvaria and Dolphriend

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