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Leak of Robotics Program OOC

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Instead of writing it in the real Thread and giving more work to the admins I did it directly here.




Do you actually want other nations involved in this? I was thinking of maybe a spy plane of mine flies over Deltania which will then see this Robot factory (a plane which you will never know about because you werent able to locate it).


Depending on what happens with your EOS Economic treaty appliance Italgria will see what it does with the information.


What do you think?

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I'm kinda uncomfortable with the idea of having robots that arn't just simple rovers, just seems a little too sci-fi.


also, Italgria, would the spy plane be coming in from the north-west? If it comes in from the east you run a high risk of it being discovered by my nation and thus creating tension between our two countries.


And if these robots are indeed like those from I, Robot, expect to see the north get ugly both politically and militarily.

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@Voce havent thinked of that but we could make an agreement that my plane is allowed to fly over your territory. It lands at one of your airports so you can check it out and make sure I havent taken pictures of you, etc. And then my plane continues his jounrey to Deltannia and at the end of the day we will both have spy plane pictures wink.gif


EDIT BY MYSELF: But if I actually do this with the spy plane or not depends on two things: If Deltannia has the Treaty with EOS and since it is his RP he has to agree or not about this spy plane thingy ^^

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See, robots i don't like, not unless they're the one's Tag was talking about, the ones we have now. the shooty things with the wheels and stuff...


the pics Italgria just posted, the battlesuits...those are cool. i'd be fine with that. for all intents an purposes they're just one-man tanks. but no self-aware killing machines. thats what the army is for

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How about the Terminator?


And from the description they're more like remote-controlled foot soldiers than real autonomous androids. That's technically possible today, so I don't see a tech problem. It's easy to deal with that kind of technology - disrupt the communication link.

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The movie, I-Robot, with Will Smith? Did you not see it?


I think its based on something by Isaac Asimov... unsure.gif

Yeah, twas.


Although the ones in the book I read can't hurt people. Plus, they are massively more advanced than anything at the disposal of Modern Tech +1 Europa.


A Terminator-style one would be even more advanced than an I Robot-style robot.


I'm sure we don't have the technology even now to have a proper bipedial robot. The ones the Japanese have are crappy and could just be pushed over by enemies, or tripped up on difficult terrain.

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Erm...OK, a little off-topic, BUT:


The movie "I, Robot" is NOT based on Isaac Asimov.


True, they ripped off a few things:

- The three robotic rules

- Names

- And...nothing else


Asimov's books are completely different and much better. I was very disappointed of the movie in that manner. Plus, the robots in "I, Robot" disregard the three laws. You can't safe humanity by mass-killing humans...


But that's another topic.


Regarding "Terminator":

Well, true, that would be far superior than an I-Robot-robot. But an I-Robot-robot is not a real combat robot, it's designed to be a servant. A Terminator is.


But I guess Deltannia has a design in mind...how about asking him? wink.gif

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Mod Comment:


As it stands, I need to know the tech level of these robots. They seem, as Tag has pointed out, far too advanced for mod +1. Robots in our era are the types we see today...not in I, Robot or Star Wars.


The Battle Suits are definitely out as they are way beyond mod tech +1

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I can't believe this OOC spiraled out so much. I'm away for one day and this happens? (Sorry I'm late...)


I do not wish this to be moved into the Future Forum, if it can be helped. Because in the future forum, what I will soon call the "Robotics Guild" will be autonomous, and this is not. This is actually the first step if you will hear me out.


As far as we are concerned, Deltannia does not have any massive superweapons. We carry no WMDs. True, we have a large powerful fleet, but that is just standard modern tech. The greatest tech weapon we have would be the Devastator, which is far inferior to the one I envisioned just because I never wanted to godmode. For all purposes, the Devastator is a supertank, but that just means a larger-than-normal tank. They can easily be defeated.


And so can these, should they be deployed. I will figure out which scientific mode I will want to move with these robots (i.e. Positronic would be one idea, but that is future tech). Remember the Honda ASIMO? They must have come further than that. They have little robots that clean your house now, on programmable circuits that can also learn their route. Think of them like the battle droids from Star Wars, but far more primitive. My analogy is that they are not very powerful, they require operators but do have their own programming, etc. Mine however, require many operators (which may make my program ineffective in the end), and carry very little programming of their own (see below).


If this were a future tech, I would claim independent battle units with AI. These require operators, and have limited AI. When I say that, Imean that should they not have operators, they will have procedural programming so that they can do something and aren't sitting ducks. Very soon, possible in my next reply, I will public come out with these robots and we'll see how it goes from there. I'm really not sure myself on this one, that's why it's exciting.


Should you still want to move it into the Future RP, please make sure that I consent first. If there is enough arguemnt against me, then I will agree to it, don't worry. But otherwise, I'd prefer that we keep it where it is and I am telling you that I am not going to get out of hand (I know you want to make sure other people don't, but that should be their perogative, don't you think?)

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I still have concerns...especially in relation to bipedalism. ASIMO staggers around like a drunk in low gravity and would hardly be effective on the battlefield. Akiiryu has battlefield robots already...but they are the wheeled variety akin to the bomb disposal units already used around the world and such (see my news thread). I suggest this needs further discussion. And that we halt the rp until for a time.

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ASIMO was a primitive example. I would believe that if the proper amount of stabilizers were introduced into a design, whether gyroscopic, mechanical, or both, then it could be bipedal. The wheeled ones, such as you mention (commonly used in police departments as well), stay sturdy for the obvious reasons. However, like I have stated, just because my robots are bipedal, does not mean that they are agile, maneuverable, or sturdy at all. The feet would probably need to be enlarged, and a bulk of the programming would have to go toward terrain recognition and height elevations instead of actual combat. If the AT-STs from Star Wars could stand up, then I think I can figure a way for these to. And, we would also be assuming here that my R&D would be a little bit better at creating something a little mroe sophisticated than ASIMO.


However, for the moment, I will agree to halt the RP. If there is some kind of compromise you would like to make regarding what the robots could have, I am willing to reach an agreement.

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