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Leak of Robotics Program


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Walking through the facility, he was amazed at what he had seen, and was still seeing. If the public knew about this, they would go crazy, and he could become very wealthy indeed. Now it was just up to him to secure his identity so that he didn't have military investigators on his doorstep....




*A computer relay station on Bouy 0043*














FROM: Deltannia, Bouy 0043

TO: All nations


Greetings to all nations! I bring to you the most interesting of escapades our "Glorious" nation could have devised!


Deltannia, it would seem, has been building its robotics program. Everyone should consider that fair enough. But what you may not consider fair is its applications. If you will look at the attached pictures and diagrams, you will see a hidden installation developing armed robots, for, you've got it, war! Just look at them shoot, isn't it wonderful? Ripping through everything with some precision there.


Now, before you all go get worried about legions of robot commandos storming everywhere, rest assured that Deltannia isn't there just yet! But they will be if you let them have it there way!


I've included some of the specs and diagrams of these machines. From what I see, they're not ready for practical combat, but they can do their exercises very pretty. They've managed to get the efficency and programming up so it now requires 1 operator for every 3 robots. What I can tell, and see for yourself in those crisp photographs of mine, that they have 300 or so of these units. But, I didn't see any of their "practical tests" of their robots in the real world so I wouldn't know...


Have fun you all!




"Sir, you're not going to like this." He tossed him the message they had just received.


"How the hell did he get in there!?!?" He paused. "We've got worse stuff to deal with now..."




*Deltannian News Network*


Breaking News


A statement released by the military several minutes ago:


"These accusations are false, the pictures doctored. Deltannia has no interest in creating a robotic army for war."




After that, he was wondering why he had turned on the television.


The Admiral, sitting in his home for once in his life, just arriving from the scene at Tarragat, looked with confusion.


"And they're going to lie about it...."

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Field Marshall von Steinburg and Colonel Schaffner sat together in von Steinburg's office. It was their usual meeting. They were discussing various topics and nearing the end of the meeting.


"Allright, Sir, there is one last thing", Schaffner said. "These specs and this message were sent from Deltannia today. Apparently it's some top-secret military project about armed robots."


Von Steinburg glanced at the pictures and messages. "Foot soldiers." he mumbled.


"Yes, definitely not like our X-45 unmanned bombers, more android-like fighters." Schaffner said. "Plus, our X-45 program is public."


Von Steinburg smiled. "There's is public as well now." He leaned back. "Could it be false intel? A forgery?"


Schaffner shook his head. "I doubt it. The fact that they denied so quickly indicates, that it's a real program."


"Initial statement of our engineers?"


"Well, for once, they call it "Deltannia Project Terminator". Should sound funny." Schaffner rolled his eyes. "They say it's not combat-ready. The robots have several weak spots in their construction. But, the top weakness: They're not autonomous. It seems that they are remote-controlled. A good point of attack is to disrupt this communication link. Then they're completely helpless."


"In other words - nothing we can't handle."


"Indeed." Schaffner nodded.


"Well then - is that all? I have a very interesting TV series to attend to. I heard the Jaffar are about to strike back at the Ori..." (OOC: wink.gif )

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(OOC: My first RP post after a year.... 2-thumbup.gif )


Prime Minister Dunsidian was in his office, taking a late breakfast, when the Defence Minister came in, a slim file in his hand. The Prime Minister was not a late riser; he had been up for hours, this was simply the first time he'd found time for breakfast. He looked up to great his subordinate as he tucked in to his toast.


"Ah, Wesley, I wasn't expecting you until 11:30."


Wesley O'Bannon grimaced. "I know, John, but a situation has emerged in Deltannia that I thought you should be made aware of. An open transmission from Deltannia sent us, among other nations, specs and a report on a secret project. The Deltannians are building robots."


Dunsidian frowned. "Don't we have robots as well?"


"Well, yes and no, John. We do have a few remote operated bomb disposal drones, and one highly experimental combat drone, but nothing on the level of what these specs show." O'Bannon threw them on the table. Dunsidian flicked through.


"They look like humans."


"Well, yes. The good news is they are still remote controlled. The bad news is the Deltannian government is denying their existance."


Dunsidian sighed. "Tell our ambassador to Deltannia...who is he?"


"Paul Epstein, sir."


"Tell Epstein to put polite enquiries about the veracity of these specs. I'll tell the President, not that he really needs to worry about this. It will all amount to nothing, mark my words."


"Of course, sir."

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Damak Var, Azerakish Corporation Headquarters




The CEO of Azerakish Corporation looked outside the window of the empty meeting room at the gloomy Damak Var landscape. Quietly contemplating about the events he recently heard of. The doors behind him opened, and in came the various company executives and directors. Just on time, like he told them to be.


"Gentlemen, please, sit down." He took his position at the head of the table. "I have already briefed you about the robot situation in Deltannia. This is a wonderful opportunity for business. Sooner or later, the Deltannian's will be known to have combat robots and all the nations of Europa are going to be searching counter-threat. If the Deltannian's don't announce it, then the intelligence agencies of the world will find out. It would really raise or stock value if we could provide that counter-threat for them. You know how insecure governments get when they hear about new extravagant weapons. They will be all over this product if we can prove to them it is effective."


"Azerakish does not engineer and manufacture weapons though. Though we could develope some kind of EMP charge." Stated the research and developement director.


"We would need to build a charge with a large area of effect radius to make it effective. The militaries of the world will not want to risk frying their own electornic units in the battlefield, though that is a plausible idea. Get creative, I am talking about impairing the computers. The robot's sure as hell run on computers. Tell you what, I want the research and developement team to begin research and developement on some kind of scrambling device for those computer. This is a golden opportunity for some money gentlemen, not to mention competing with Vicker's in the arms trade. Now get to it, I have other important tasks to attend to. If not for the company, or Damak Var, do it for the money."


"Sir, it would be best if we aquired some Deltannian robots to research and test on."


"Yes, we want to have the product ready once word gets out they have a robot army. I'll make a few calls, see what my contacts can do about providing us with the latest Deltannian robot prototypes. Oh, and Gentlemen, keep the research secret just like all the other products."

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*The Admiralty*


It was too late to be in this meeting room, but they were all in there, none of them enjoying it.


"I've called this emergency meeting, the reasons of which you know why. At the moment, other such meetings are being held, but I need to know where the Navy stands. Can we get our own intelligence on Mr. X? Will we need to intervene and take over this project temporarily just for safety reasons? Are we not even obliged to get into this?"




"Yes, Connor." The informalities would help this session.


"We need to intervene for the moment. Even if we are just the PR people on this. Our R&D guys just screwed up, as well as internal security. And even worse, they denied it across the media. No doub tthat informants have already looked into this and are telling nations some of what they want to know about the existence of this project, or they figured it out themselves. You cannot win with denial, even if it is the truth."


"How do we approach this, then?" asked the War Admiral.


"We publicize this."


"Are you insane? This is our best-kept secret and one of our hopes to gain an edge in this world. We don't have the competitive programs of other nations and their secret developments. We have no weapons of mass destruction. We have our navy only, with a few devastators. The devastators we haven't been able to push far enough ahead, and our navy will slowly become antiquated. This project was supposed to advance far enough ahead to give us a fighting force, especially on land, where we need it."


"We don't have a choice. If we hide it, nations will just come looking for it, and they'll take more than if we would just give them some of it. If they start to move against us, we will have a lot of trouble."


"Gentlemen, as much as I would like to debate this, I would at least like to hear the input from Marck." Marck Walt, the Fleet Admiral in charge of Supply, Logistics, and Construction, had known the finer details of the project, having several men under his wing with those in R&D.


"Our prototype robots, so far, are below the standard goals of the project. Starting out for the reasons Sam just mentioned, they've slowly been advancing in the last few months. We're up to 300 units after we managed to improve our operator:unit ratio from 1:2 to 1:3. This came from some improvements in efficency design and computer structure. And it is better yet than the original of around 4:1, which required an entire team, maintenance workers, operators, real-time programmers, all varying depending on the situations of the robots.


"The robots, without a designation yet, are considered to be at minimum level for fighting. Without operators, they will function on basic maneuvers of defense only, but they won't put much of one up. Without operators, they don't move. Yet. R&D is working on getting them onto some patterns and formations, luckily the communication hardware is in place, just not in use at this time.


"With operators, they are still sub-par with most organized armies in Europa. They will function better than without operators, but we are still lacking trained operators. Those who are trained are working with them currently, but not enough to cover all of them while others learn. Even so, they abilities are hindered; they are not as maneuverable. Moving out of the way or turning is tediously slow compared to trained soldiers.


"Within the next few months, they were hoping on getting a ratio of 1:5, along with enough trained operators for all of them. Some new components were to be instaleled, including better gyros and servos for their maneuverability issue. They were going to push the number to 500, a battallion, and were going to conduct their first out-of-yard testing with simulations. Obviously, we'll have a problem with that now."


"Thank you, Marck. Well folks, we need to do something. It seems that we must, we cannot back out of this in any way.... What was SysTech's involvement in this?"


"Components only, and minimal. Our own military has been constructing most of the parts, and has been doing the assmebly. DataFactCorp is resonsible for providing the 'brain' but our own programmers have been doing the work."


"Good. At least we'll keep them out of this then. Well, let's vote on the issue first, and then we'll discuss our plan either way. Do we attempt to take over this project? It is within our authority to do so. If we do, we decide whether to tamper around with its workings or just to talk with Europa. If not, we'll figure out what we will do."


War Admiral Mahn: "Nay."

Admiral of Honor Jehretola: "Aye."

Fleet Admiral Shya: "Nay."

Fleet Admiral Grey: "Aye."

Fleet Admiral Raider: "Aye."

Fleet Admiral Walt: "Nay."


"What an interesting position. Fortunately, I have the final vote anyway, but at elast here it will be the tie-breaker. Considering the problems this project has been having, I will vote 'Aye'. Sorry, folks, but we can't have this anymore. Let's discuss our next actions, and then hit the sack..."




Prioirty Level 1, Encryption Level 10

FROM: Deltannia Naval High Council

TO: Deltannian Senate


While within our authority and jurisdiction, we would still discuss this with you. We plan to take over our robotics program and will go public with the information, on a hopefully careful course. Attached is our plan. Please reply immediately.




Prioirty Level 1, Encryption Level 10

FROM: Deltannian Senate

TO: Deltannia Naval High Council


It seems you too are up late with this problem. We will agree. You now have authority over our ill-fated robotics program. We have alerted R&D.




*The Admiralty*


"Alright. You heard the respone. Tomorrow morning, we draft our speech to Europa..."

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