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Political struggle in Tamurin


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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Reportage: The CSCE aftermath – the fall of the political center


„The CSCE has been a national desaster for Tamurin. Terrorists have shattered the reputation of a once safe and respected country, innocent people have been killed, families in foreign countries who sent their loved ones to Tamurin to help create a better future got a death certificate back.


This horrible event has caused a lot of chaos and disruption throughout the country. The average tamurinian citizen has lost confidence in the current government. We have gathered several opinions:

„I am really ashamed to have such a government. Our good name is destroyed and our government is doing NOTHING!“

„Look at how many people have died. These imperial terrorists are on a killing spree and where are our oh-so-brave forces?“

„The politicians didn’t say it, but I will say it for them: The people of Tamurin are very, very sorry and ashamed that so many people have died here. We wish to apologize to all countries and families who are suffering because of our incapable government.“


The official statement of the government is that it is investigeting the CSCE incident and that local police forces are already hunting down the activists of the INELF.


Meanwhile, the upcoming elections in the regions are as interesting as never before. Normally those regional elections have more or less the same results as the national elections, but this time they could turn out very differently.


In the North (Region: Ormpetarr), the old core of the Empire, the post-imperialist „Union of the North“ has scored major victories in recent polls while the centrist parties, the Social-Democrats and the Progressive Conservatives, have scored poorly. It is possible that the Union might win this election.


In the south (Region: Abyssio), Josef Zwick and his nationalist forces are using the current mood against the government and are thereby improving their own chances. Interestingly, the centrist parties have nearly stopped existing – the only real group threatening their victory is the Communist Party.


In the center (Region: Alaghon), the centrist parties may still achieve a victory, but if so it is going to be a very, very close one. All national polls show the radical parties gaining votes by the minute while the centrist parties are loosing them in a very rapid speed. The radicals are still campaigning for even more votes and their campaigns seem to work. The government and the centrist parties on the other hand don’t seem to be able to put up a fight.


This autumn Tamurin and Europa could see a major change in tamurinian politics. Although the national government will not be directly affected by the regional elections and although the national government will still control the most important parts of politics – the once unified Tamurin could split up into three regions with very different characters – an imperialistic north, a nationalistic south and a centrist center. And if that happens the next national elections could very well end in a stalemate with nationalistic, centrist and imperialistic forces in the parliament, all hating each other and unwilling to cooperate.


This is Voice of the Republic, from Alaghon.“


OOC: The history before this event is documented here.



Map added with many thanks to the creator:


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Emakera's flags were at half mast, and most emakerans were more offended than sad. The afternoon gossip shows all talked about how a fat, white-clad Pasargadan woman has foresighted the attack. The Jornal Nacional, Emakera's most important news show, made a 30-minute report on the attack, keeping an ufanist nationalist tone, almost painting the night red. Pubs filled with jive-talking intelectuals boiled by this morning. The official response of the Emakeran government would be today at 2 pm, after mostly everyone's lunch. There was no work, either yesterday or today, or for the rest of the week, except in the state of Castoliria.


In Pa?o city, the president dictator could be seen sitting on his office's window, meditating about everything that happened, his childish attitude, harrassing the Executor from Miiros, and dealing with the fact that he almost sensed trouble before going to the conference. And that not only the peace, but the stability in Europa was seriously threated. He thought that everyone made it out of the CSCE like him, only to find out that only the "dragons" and Emakera decided to break out, instead of... not doing so. He needed to write a speech, or just jump of his 5-story window. But, according to emakeran wisdom, "Bad vases don't break".


"Mariana", said him to his aide. "Bring me the phone. I need to make some official callings to those tattoo freaks from White Dragon*."


ooc: White Dragon = The way Akiiryu was named by the Emakerans.

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Official Statement from the Akiiryan Baronic Council


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu hereby demand weregeld for the dishonourable nature in which the Akiiryan Delegation was treated by the government of Tamurin during the recent conference in the Tamurinian capital. The lack of security offered to one of Akiiryu's most senior barons is an insult that can not, and will not, be forgiven until the people of Tamurin make appropriate restitution.


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu also demand a seperate weregeld for the murder of Joranic, the son of N?Jorth, Knight of the Stag, by Tamurin Special Forces during their misguilded and ill-planned storming of the conference buildings.


Until the government of Tamurin restores its honour and atones for the insults it has offered the Prince, Baronic Council and People of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu by presenting the Sublime Principate with the appropriate weregeld amounts, all Tamurinian assests in Akiiryu will be frozen as will all relations, diplomatic or otherwise, with Tamurin.

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*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Von Steinburg, The United Republic of Tamurin

FROM: Fashid al Rassad, Guard of the East, Alaghon

SUBJECT: Security Concern


I am contacting you to inform you that I, and a few others, are currently residing in your country, and have been since the last civil war with the Imperialist regime. I represent the interests of the Union in regards to your national security and the strength of your present government. In the past, the former Confederation of the Mongol-Swedes stood by you when the citizens of Tamurin felt the brunt of Imperialist aggression, and with this recent incident, I, along with my brethren here, do not wish to see this happen again.


We are currently operating an active intelligence gathering operation on the growing Imperialist threat. Nothing significant to report at this time, however, when we have something for you, my point of contact will be through a Mr. Herald Johnston at the Embassy of the Mongol-Swedes.


While other nations may be quick to demand restitution, we will stand by you in these dark times.

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~ Official Statement: Office of the Executor ~


Tamurin hoped to bring Europa together. The government of the late President Axmann only wanted greater security and a real peace for all the people of Europa and now we all stand ready to hang them. Tamurin stands divided today, as the rift between the great nations of Europa worsens. It would appear that these imperial terrorists have gained a victory then, as we all quickly seek to blame and crucify when we should be banding together like never before to secure Europa for peace.


Miiros lost a dozen brave men at the CSCE and almost lost the Executor, but Andrea deVries and Miiros holds no ill will towards President Axmann, Minister Hartman, or the current government. Tamurin is an ally of the Free City and a member of EOS and now more than ever they need Europa's cooperation to fight an insidious threat within their lands. Miiros forgives Tamurin for this tragedy as their government is as much a victim as we. The Miirosi people will stand with Tamurin, our friend and ally to the south, and are willing to offer our hand in aid if they only ask.

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Tagmatica Guardian

Tagmatium?s Premier Newspaper

Tagmatine Delegation Return home


The Tagmatine delegation to the CSCE Conference has returned home. Several members, including High Chancellor Ford, where kept in Alaghon General Hospital for a period of a week to monitor their condition after they succumbed to the affects of the gas deployed by the Tamurinian security forces during the clearing of the Presidential Palace of terrorists. The Tagmatine delegation?s detachment of Imperial Household Guard suffered one fatality during the escape from the clutches of the terrorists. Ironically, the fatality was actually caused by Tamurinian Special Forces due to a total lack of communications, the blame for which was placed totally at the door of the Tamurinians by the Domestic of the Imperial Household Guard, as the Tamurinians apparently used an Electro-Magnetic Pulse device which shorted out all of the Imperial Household Guard detachment.


The Imperial Government is said to be laying the blame of both the fatality of the Imperial Household Guardsman and the general anarchy that surrounded the conference squarely at the door of the Tamurinian Government, although its tone was modified by the fact that the late President J?rgen Axmann was killed in the incident. An Imperial Government official had stated that this was a tragedy which saddened the Greater Holy Empire and people of Tagmatium, especially as he had ?not yet shown his full potential in the region.?


In the same incident which cost the life of the IHHG soldier, whose name has not been released yet, also cost that of Akiiryan Liegeman, Joranic. The Imperial Government has said that the death of any delegates was a sad event, but the loss of life of a son of a Knight of the Stag is an especially tragic event, although his death was an honourable one.


If there is a new CSCE conference, it is expected that the Imperial Government will demand that it takes a leading role in organising the security of such a conference and in the operation itself.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


INELF kills regional minister of security in the North


The post-imperialist terrorist group INELF repeated it "success" at the CSCE yesterday when about 25 heavily armed terrorists attacked, captured and completely destroyed the regional ministry of security in North-East Tamurin (Republic Ormpetarr). The terrorists bombarded the ministry with several RPGs and machine-gun-fire, stormed the building and made heavy use of sub-machine guns and hand grenades. The minister of security was killed by seven shots in chest and head and the building was destroyed by several charges of C-4. The whole raid took less than 10 minutes.


Again the INELF proved to be far superior to Tamurin security forces. Specialists indicated that the INELF-forces may consist of the remaining imperial special forces that were able to avoid being captured in the civil war. Other parts of the INELF-groups are clearly professional terrorists.


Union-spokesman and prime minister candidate Diederich von Gostenhofen heavily critized the central government and regional prime minister Albert Stauffen (social-democrat): "This clearly shows that the central authority and its puppets are unable to protect themselves. And when they can't protect themselves - who can they protect?

The central authority doesn't really care about us here in Ormpetarr. We need to take control of our lifes and do the best for our region."


Polls indicate that the Union is rapidly rising.


In Abyssio, liberal party candidate Josef Zwick announced a different strategy: "Our nation is threatened by appeasement politicians, the so-called "political center", and terrorists. This so-called center has lost all perspective and doesn't care for the people. The liberal party has always been the real center of politics and we will integrate all those in our ranks that want to improve life for the people."


Joachim Hoffmann, current regional prime minister in the center (Alaghon), made a counter-speech against this:

"The far-right under Zwick is attacking us and the friend of terrorists in the north-east, the Union, is attacking us.

I tell you - the center has not lost its scope on the people. We are still here and we will fight against nationalists and seperatists until our last breath."


The regional elections next week will be a hard test for the political center and this fight may be its last breath.





Official statement of the Presidential Palace


Tamurin rejects the demand for weregeld from Akiiryu. We reject the payment of money from one state to another for human casualties suffered by a state. That would create a precedence we are uncomfortable with.


However, since we accept responsibility for the losses during the CSCE, we are willing to pay compensation for pain and suffering to the families of those who died. The amount of money should be set by a tamurinian court. The state of Tamurin will not appear in this court, but the presidential office with its former president Axmann as head. He was responsible for the CSCE, therefor his office will be paying the compensation.


We protest against the freezing of our assets in Akiiryu and we demand the release of these assets. This issue is something that can be solved without those drastic measures.




*** Encoded ***

TO: Fashid al Rassad, Guard of the East, Alaghon

FROM: Field Marshall von Steinburg, Chief of Staff


Thank you for your message. It is good to know that we have allies during these dark times.


I would like to say that the tamurinian government feels very strong about your governments efforts, but it is currently disabled and unable to act on an international stage.


I hope that this will change soon and that we can get back to our successful cooperation that served both our nations well in the past.


Best regards,

von Steinburg





FROM: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stefanie Kleinschmidt

TO: Miiros, Office of the Executor


Thank you for your kind words and for your forgiveness towards us. Tamurin is in your debt as you still trust us during these dark times when others don't and our own citizens begin to doubt us.


We owe you greatly and therefore we cannot ask more of you. Your offer to help us is very generous. Our internal affairs are something we have to deal with on our own, however if you could mediate between us and Akiiryu and present a neutral opinion, you could help us very much.


President Leonhardt would like me to offer you, as well as Akiiryu, payments of compensation for pain and suffering. The families of those who died have a right to be compensated and this right is not reserved to Akiiryan families (OOC: All other nations who have lost people during the CSCE have received a similar offer).



Minister Kleinschmidt

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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Italgria


We are sorry and deeply concerned about the current situation in your country. As an ally to your country we want to make clear that we will supply you with whatever help you will need from the Italgrian grovernment to fight these terrorists. This brings me to the next point.


I have talked with the Minister of Defense about this and we have agreed to put two special anti-terrorist groups to your disposal aswell as if you wish so a joint-secret service apart from the EOS one.


We are awaiting an answer of you ASAP so that the aid proposed to you may arrive as fast as possible to Tamurin.



Vice-President of Italgria

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** Encoded **


TO: Italgria

FROM: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Reinhard Kirschner

RE: Special forces


Dear friends,


it is good to know who are our friends and allies these days. We have lost outside friends because of terrorists and many of our friends in Tamurin have turned against us and the people we represent.


Thank you for your offer. I would like to relay thanks from President Leonhardt. It seems that our own anti-terror-groups and -tactics are useless against the INELF, so we will gladly accept your offer of help.


To keep a low profile I suggest that your special forces take a normal flight and travel as tourists to a safe part of Tamurin, perhaps Alaghon or Abyssio. We will pick them up at the airport. Their equipment can be transported with by routine military cargo aircraft.


In your debt,

Minister Kirschner

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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Italgria


Our special forces will arrive as "tourists" with flight IA 685 with destination to Alaghon and our equipment will arrive by our military aircraft.


As soon as the troops have landed in your territorium they are under your control until the situation in your country stabilizes. We know that this may take a long time but our anti-terror groups have volunteered to do this task knowing the conditions they are going to have to await in Tamurin.


What does Tamurin think of opening a joint-secret service besides the EOS one?


Our secret service at the moment consists of two sections: inland and alliance section.


We would have the capacity and the systems to build up a join-secret service with your nation.

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Alaghon, international airport


The passengers from flight IA 685 left the aircraft and went through the large halls of the Alaghon International Airport. The presence of security guards was obvious - every fifty meters was a two-man-squad with sub-machine guns and body armors. Despite that the people of Alaghon seemed to feel insecure - and the guards seemed nervous.


The italgrian special forces, disguised as tourists, moved with the stream of passengers towards the huge main hall of "airport 2". Here they were supposed to meet with the contact from the tamurinian special forces.


They waited about a minute when someone approached them.


"Hello, Mister Walter." the young man said. "My name is Carter from the Western Highland Engineering Corporation. Mister Chapman has sent you and your team a car."


'Chapman' - the code word.


The Italgrians were led to several cars and driven out of the airport. They changed cars in parking houses several times and finally entered what looked like an average army barracks. Inside the barracks they entered another secure area. They left the cars and were led inside a building where they met a large man with a battle-hardened expression on his face.


"Welcome in Tamurin." he said in perfect English. "My name is Colonel Schaffner. I'm the leader of the tamurinian special forces."




---- Voice of the Republic ----


Communists gaining in Southern Tamurin (Abyssio)


The communist party under Andreas Burjan has left the center parties far behind and is battling the Liberal Party of Josef Zwick for supremecy in the southern regional parliament.


Burjan has led the communist party for many years and his hard anti-nationalist, anti-centrist and anti-imperialist politics is finally paying off. The voters of Abyssio think that Burjan's communists are the best alternative to Zwick's nationalist coalition. The center parties seem to be finished.


In the north, the social-democrats have stabilized on a low level. Here the polls are expecting a huge victory for the Union/Traditionalists-coalition. In the center, the odds are even.


In the end, the government Leonhardt/Hartman could end with all regional parliaments against them.




INELF demands independence and imperialist constitution in Republic Ormpetarr


The post-imperialist terrorist group INELF has published a letter in which they announce their demands and their conditions to end the fight against the central government in Alaghon.


1.) The complete withdrawal of all Alaghon-military and police forces from Ormpetarr.

2.) Independence of Ormpetarr from Alaghon and the declaration of a nation.

3.) Restoration of the imperial family, royalty, nobility and the constitution of Emperor Menelassar III.

4.) The release of all INELF-activists from prison in Alaghon

5.) Compensation payments from Alaghon for war damages, atrocities and dictatorship


Minister Kirschner has rejected these demands.


The "Union of the North", a post-imperialist party, has supported the statement of Minister Kirschner, but has issued another statement in which they say that many of the INELF demands are "interesting", but "go to far". The Union prefers an autonomous region within the nation of Tamurin with the right to alter the regional constitution. The restoration of nobility is a long-term goal of the Union.

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Statement from the Akiiryan Baronic Council


In the spirit of goodwill the Baronic Council has agreed to return the Tamurinian assests it had previously seized. The Baronic Council hopes the government of Tamurinian will respond in the appropriate manner.

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Statement of the Presidential Palace, Tamurin


We are grateful for the release of our assets by Akiiryu.


As a sign of good-will, Tamurin is willing to pay compensation for pain and suffering to those who were injured during the CSCE and to the families of those who were killed during the CSCE. We propose that a court of Rekamgil decides about the amount of compensation, if the government of Akiiryu doesn't accept our offer.


(OOC: To make this easier, the following numbers are in US-Dollars)


Our proposal would be:

- Tamurin pays all medical treatment of the injured

- Tamurin pays a one-time compensation of 50.000 US-Dollars to the injured

- Tamurin pays a lifelong pension of 1500 Dollars per month to the injured


- Tamurin pays a one-time compensation of 500.000 US-Dollars to the families of those who were killed

- Tamurin pays a monthly compensation of the families of those who were killed of 3000 US-Dollars until the time the killed would have retired


We repeat our statement that Tamurin will not pay compensation to the state of Akiiryu. The state of Tamurin did not attack the state of Akiiryu. However, we take responsibility for that what happened in our country and we accept the guilt for the fatal ending of the CSCE.


We hope that Akiiryu can accept our proposal and that this diplomatic struggle did not permanently damage the tamurinian-akiiryan relations.




Outbursts about Akiiryan weregeld demand in Abyssio and Ormpetarr


The demand of weregeld by Akiiryu has created outbursts and anti-akiiryan demonstration in Abyssio and Ormpetarr.


In Abyssio, nationalists demanded that President Leonhardt immediately revoked the proposal to Akiiryu. Nationalist leader Josef Zwick argued against the weak centrist parties and used the event to boost votes for himself and his coalition.


In Ormpetarr, post-imperialist union leader von Gostenhofen argued more or less like Josef Zwick, but also pointed out that a union-led government wouldn't have bowed to akiiryan demands.


In the center however the gesture of President Leonhardt increased the poll results for the centrist parties. People on the streets were relieved:

"I guess that this is a proposal that Akiiryu could accept. And if it fails, Rekamgil can perhaps mediate again. Many of my customers are Akiiryans and they are good friends of mine. I wouldn't like to see tensions between our countries."

"My husband is from Akiiryu. If there was a conflict between our nations our families could end up fighting each other. That would be horrible."

"Tamurin and Akiiryu are natural friends. This shouldn't be happening."




Last polls before the regional elections


Last national elections:

Traditional: 12,3 %

Progressive: 22,4 %

Liberal: 21,1 %

Social-democrats: 20,5 %

Socialists: 7,2 %

Union of the North: 13,4 %

Green: 2,2 %

Others: 0,9 %


Central Tamurin (Region Alaghon):

Traditionalists: 18 %

Progressive: 21 %

Liberal: 5 %

Social-democrats: 23 %

Socialists: 5 %

Union: 20 %

Greens: 4 %

Others: 4 %


South-west Tamurin (Region Abyssio):

Traditionalists: 23 %

Progressive: 4 %

Liberal: 27 %

Social-democrats: 6 %

Socialists: 3 %

Union: 11 %

Greens: 2 %

Communists: 19 %

Others: 5 %


North-east Tamurin (Region Ormpetarr):

Traditionalists: 15 %

Progressive: 9 %

Liberal: 8 %

Social-Democrats: 18 %

Socialists: 6 %

Union: 33 %

Greens: 5 %

Others: 6 %

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Response from Nan GorGwaith - CSCE




I have met with the legislature, ministers, and advisors. They have all agreed that your proposal for compensation to the wounded and families of the killed from the horrible terrorist attack at the CSCE Conference.


For the record, Nan GorGwaith lost two members of its government.

Representative James M. Rikai

Advisor Richard Embry III


I hope that we can continue to improve relations between our countries. I also wish you well in your ongoing fight against terrorism. As you may or may not have heard, we have been dealing with a few incidents of our own. Upon return from the conference, an apparent car-bomb assassination attempt was made on Lord Gothmog and several members of the government as they went to a meeting to discuss the very events that had occurred in your nation. As of this moment, I know Lord Gothmog is hospitalized with minor injuries and should make a full recovery.


Acting Dictator Marc Frachette

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TO: Acting Dictator Marc Frachette

FROM: Foreign Affairs Minister Claudia Hartman


We are relieved that Nan Gorgwaith accepted Tamurin's offer of compensation. We hope that the ties between our nations grow stronger and that we both will overcome our terrorist scurges.


We will remember the names of those who were killed. A memorial will be constructed at the site of the CSCE.



Claudia Hartman




INELF-group in Alaghon captured


Special forces captured a complete group of 17 INELF-terrorists in Alaghon tonight. After intelligence from an unnamed source was gathered, the special forces led by Colonel Schaffner moved into position and attacked the terrorist headquarters.


According to Colonel Schaffner, this was the biggest group in central Tamurin and the leaders were high-ranking ex-imperial special forces soldiers.




Election results - catastrophic defeat of the center parties


Josef Zwick's nationalist alliance (Liberals/Traditionalists) have won the elections in the south-west (Abyssio). The communists are second, the social-democrats and the progressive conservatives are nearly extinguished.


In the North-East (Ormpetarr) the post-imperialist Union of the North scored best and is leading an imperialist coalition (Union/Traditionalist). The social-democrats scored second.


In the center the progressive/social-democratic coalition scored a victory, but only with a very thin winning margin. The Union/Liberal/Traditionalist opposition only scored three seats behind.


President Leonhardt took full responsibility for the desastrous result. He said that the CSCE had a much greater impact on tamurinian politics than expected. However, the national government will accept the voter's choice and try to cooperate with the regional governments as efficient as possible.


Josef Zwick has already announced an anti-imperialistic and nationalistic policy. He said that he will promote Abyssio-nationalism and try to achieve as much autonomy as possible from the central government.


Similar comments were made by prime minister Diederich von Gostenhofen (Union) in Ormpetarr. He promised a rebirth of imperialism, nobility and traditionalism in Ormpetarr. He also wants as much autonomy as possible.


Prime minister Joachim Hoffmann of the progressive conservatives in the center has said that the center won't fall and stay behind the central government. "In these rough times, we are loyal and won't get lost." he said.


Political observers have seen a crack in the United Republic.


"Although all of them claim to be patriots, we see three different political structures in Tamurin now. Abyssio is regaining its patriotism and re-discovering its nation; Ormpetarr sees once again an imperialist rise and the center keeps the strong and democratic power it has always been.

We don't know how this will affect Tamurin in the long run - but it definitely will in some way we cannot imagine today."

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Abyssio: "Union of the North" on trial


Prime minister Josef Zwick of the nationalist alliance has put the post-imperialist "Union of the North" on trial.


"These imperialists are laughing in our faces." he said. "I will ban this so-called 'political party' in Abyssio if the central government is unable or unwilling to do it."


The public received this news with applause.


"I always knew Zwick was the right man on the seat."

"It is high time that we do something about these terrorists."

"He should also ban some other groups while he's at it."



Ormpetarr: INELF bombs the headquarters of the Liberals, Progressives and Social-Democrats


Tonight, bombs destroyed the party headquarters of the Liberals, the Progressives and the Social-Democrats. Five guards were injured, but nobody was killed. The damage is estimated about 50 million credits. The destruction of the party headquarters severly handicaps the opposition of the Imperial Pact in Ormpetarr since many important documents, computers and files were destroyed.


"We are looking at major loss of political work." said a spokesman of the Progressive Party.


The Imperial Pact government condemned the acts of the INELF, but refused to slow down the political progress to allow the opposition to catch up.


"We cannot allow these terrorists to slow down our political life." Diederich von Gostenhofen said. "If we did so, they would have won."

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To: the Government of the United Republic of Tamurin

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Compensation


We are honoured that you wish to compensate those injured and killed in the CSCE Conference Incident.


However, the Imperial Government declines to accept any compensation for the injuries sustained against its members of the delegation, as we feel that, although a worthy gesture, the injuries sustained are not life threatening, nor will they cause any long-lasting damage to the health of those injured.


In the case of the Imperial Household Guardsman killed, we will accept the compensation for his death. Although his widow has been offered compensation by the Imperial Government, we think that the money offered by Tamurin will make the life of those Guardsman Peter Sigisvultus left behind much more comfortable.


We hope you accept these conditions, that peace swiftly returns to Tamurin and that our nations? relations are not permanently damaged by the selfish acts of deluded terrorists.


May God look over our nations,


Eugenius Wilson,


Minister for Foreign Affairs

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A seemingly unimposing gentleman stood a short distance from a small cafe in Ormpetarr, about a dozen blocks from one of the recent bombings sites. While dressed casually, and appearingly so in stance, the veteran commando was carefully noting the comings and goings of this place, especially considering that a number of individuals had hastily made their way here moments before the bombing of the Social-Democrats' headquarters. A weak lead at best, but such was the nature of insurgent warfare. And like him, others had been keeping watch over the other political offices, which generally make for prime targets in an insurgency.
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TO: The Imperial Government of Tagmatium

CC: Akiiryu

FROM: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stefanie Kleinschmidt


We accept your terms and we also hope that this tragic incidence didn't damage the good relations between the GHET and Tamurin.


I write this letter to the GHET and to the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu. The latest events have shown us that Tamurin lacks skills in anti-terror-fighting. Both your delegations were able to fight a way out of the CSCE building and both of you have a very good reputation in fighting terrorists and insurgents.


It is the wish of the tamurinian government to learn from you. If it is possible we would very much like both of you to have a special anti-terror-force trained that we can use against the INELF. Currently only our Army Special Forces are able to fight them, but they are battlefield commandos and not police commandos.


We are looking forward to your answers!


Best regards,

Stefanie Kleinschmidt




Raid against INELF cell in Ormpetarr


Special forces of the tamurinian Army raided severel flats in the center of Ormpetarr that were used by the INELF. Two of them were deserted, one of them was used by a cell of five INELF terrorists. They started a fire-fight which lasted about 45 minutes. In the end the commandos were able to storm the building. All five terrorists were killed, two commandos were killed, seven civilians were injured and the building was severly damaged.


The speaker of the commandos complained about the lack of support of the regional police forces.

"They did only the basic things, but that was it. There was no tight blocking zone around the building, no assistance during the fire-fight and no help for the wounded. Like they wanted the terrorists to win."


Minister of Internal Affairs Reinhard Kirschner was furious. "This is outrageous! The Union is claiming to the fight the INELF, but behind our backs they're supporting them."


Regional prime minister of Ormpetarr, Diederich von Gostenhofen, Union-member: "That is OUTRAGEOUS! I have put Minister Kirschner on report! These kinds of insults and lies are dishonorable to the position of Minister of Internal Affairs. I deny any connection between the Union and the INELF!"




The phone rang.


"The central government does not back down. Proceed with operation 'Pleasure cruise'."

"The troops are not ready for this."

"This was not a request. It's an order from ALPHA."

"Is that really necessary?"


"*sigh* Allright. A couple of days, then we strike."


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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Italgria


We are happy to see that your nation is doing some process in the fight against the INELF. We heared about the accusations in your nation and would like to offer you an idependent medical group and if you wish so a group of three secret-service agents.


We have not heared anything from our anti-terrorist groups sent to Tamurin. What is the status? Is your nation satisfied with them?

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*** ENCODED ***


TO: Italgria

FROM: Tamurin


Your offer is very generous, but we don't need any medical teams or secret servicemen right now. The accusation was aimed against the police force in Ormpetarr that didn't help on the battlefield.


Your special forces are doing well and fighting side-by-side with our own special forces. Most of their missions are not made public and in the rare events it is made public, they're not specifically mentioned. So, if you read "Special Forces" or "Tamurinian Special Forces", there is a good chance that your troops were fighting alongside ours.


We are very pleased with their efficiency and their professionalism and very glad to have them here. Until now, none of them was injured during a mission.

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Somewhere in the Tethys Sea


user posted image


Captain Derrling, Captain of the cruise liner "Helena", was smiling. Another beautiful day out on the sea. His 1250 crewmen were doing a fine job and the 2500 passengers were content and happy. The day was beautiful and it looked like a nice cruise this time...


Only a few kilometers away, Robert von Suraberg, INELF-brigade leader, was commanding six speedboats that were approaching the liner with maximum velocity. Von Suraberg had 35 commandos ready to board the liner, armed with sub-machine guns, hand grenades, RPG launchers and very much C-4.


The liner came in sight. The speedboats closed in and reduced speed...


Ensign Grafenstein was just walking along the upper deck, starside, when he saw the speedboats closing in. He was puzzled for a moment, then he saw the sub-machine guns. He opened his eyes, gasped and turned around to call for help.

"Too late, 'Ensign'." a man said who was standing behind him. The next moment Grafenstein saw some metal pipe hitting his face...


After the Ensign had fallen into the ocean, the INELF operatives dropped ropes to allow the commandos to board the ship. Within a minute all 35 of them were on board, handing over weapons to the 9 operatives that had disguised themselves as tourists.


The INELF brigade quickly split up and each group headed for its destined target. Without making much noise and without alarming too many people, they stormed to their targets, killing everyone on the way and placed the C-4 charges. They ran out the same way they got in and within 10 minutes the whole operation was complete.


Von Surabergs brigade entered the speedboats again. By this time, the crew had received several reports of strange armed people running around in the ship, but the civilian crew was not prepared to react quickly on this. By the time word reaching Captain Derrling, it was too late...


The speedboats quickly gained distance to the liner. Von Suraberg pressed a button on a remote control...


Several C-4 charges exploded. They were placed on position that disabled the ship and created secondary explosions. The initial explosions weren't so bad, but when the fuel tank exploded a gigantic fireball rose into the sky. The liner stopped and toppled quickly towards the starside.


From a distance of a couple of kilometers, von Suraberg and his team were watching the liner and the people who desperatly tried to get off the ship. The liner was rapidly toppling over. Now the bow of the ship was rising and the stern was sinking into the water...


"They've sent an SOS-signal."

Von Suraberg nodded. "Coast guard will take a while to get here. Let's give them the rest."


Three speedboats had a little crane aboard. With this crane, they lowered one torpedo each into the water, aimed at the liner and fired. 90 seconds later three more explosions hit the liner, cutting it in half. Both halfs were sinking quickly, pulling many survivors into the depth of the sea.


"Commander, we have reports that aircrafts are headed this way. They'll reach the area in five minutes."


"Allright. Close in and fire. I want to evacuate this area in two minutes."


The speedboats rushed through the area where most survivors were swimming. The commandos fired their sub-machine guns and dropped hand grenades into the ocean, killing many more people. Then they headed straight out. Ten minutes later the commandos boarded six seaplanes and sunk their own speedboats. The seaplanes headed for Ormpetarr in low-level flight and weren't detected by any radar.


The coast guard reconnaissance aircraft was only able to confirm the worst fears of the coast guard command - the "Helena" wasn't anymore.




INELF communique


According to official tamurinian government communqiues, the "Helena", carrying 3762 people, sank today. Only 141 people survived, 3621 people died. The INELF has attacked and sunk the "Helena".


This prooves how determined and how skilled we are. We won't stop until Tamurin is free.


Hail to the Lords. They are destined to lead.

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Several other high-level foreign military commanders had already been informed, but in EOS Headquarters on island 0.38, Fleet Admiral Ramius was the first member of the Orioni military to be informed about the loss of the "Helena". At the same moment, General of the Army Bruiser was inspecting the Tauri military base in the far east of Orioni, while General of the Air Force Aureos was doing the usual paperwork. Empress Orioni was in meeting with the Imperial Council, discussing a recently discovered flaw in the calculations of the national taxes.


As soon as Ramius received the terrible and shocking news, he ordered his personal staff to contact both the EOS and Orioni leadership. Matters in Tamurin seemed to have gotten completely out of hand and it was time for the alliance to step up and secure their "sphere of influence". Many Orioni nationals had been onboard of the "Helena", and many had probably been killed due to this unforgivable attack. If those INELF operatives were allowed to continue their campaign of terror, it might even escalate to his homeland.


Ramius glance at the regional map, and more specific, at the Tethys Sea and the area around Ormpetarr. Time was not to be wasted, and he had to make some arrangements for a swift and strong response. These terrorists should know they should never have messed with with any members of the Entente.


user posted image


TO: Command of Dion Naval Base, Orioni

FROM: Fleet Admiral Ramius, EOS Headquarters



Prepare expansion of coastal patrols <STOP>

Elevate Thetys sea security <STOP>




TO: Imperial Command Center, O'polis

FROM: Fleet Admiral Ramius, EOS Headquarters



Arrange five-star meeting

Location Omega <STOP>




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Field Marshall von Steinburg was furious. Never before in his life had anyone seen him as furious as now.


He had called all commanders of the special forces and the regular divisions to him to Alaghon. The central government was still disabled and the Army Intelligence had proof that the regional government was infiltrated with INELF-supporters. Most of the Union-members applauded the acts of the INELF.


"I want them cracked down." he said.


"The regional government doesn't fight as it should." the division commander of the 3rd tank division, located near Ormath, said. "The police isn't helping and we can't do much."


Von Steinburg looked straight into his eyes. He took a report and said:

"According to the few survivors, the terrorists used speedboats. In international waters. That's a job for the Navy.

We have a report here that a couple of seaplanes flew into the country, coming from the Tethys Sea. They are unaccounted for. That's a job for the Air Force.

The C-4 was stolen from an Army depot. The RPGs are equipment that should've been destroyed after the Civil War. Torpedoes and C-4 had to be transported to those speedboats. That's a job for the Army."


He put down the report.


"You were saying, General?!"


Von Steinburg stood up. "We are at war, gentlemen. Tamurin was once a safe country with a strong military, a strong police and good people in it. This reputation has changed. Half of Europa cannot believe what is happening here, the other half is laughing at us.


I want these bastards cracked down. We cannot trust the police and the government in Ormpetarr - we will work without them. This is not the first black op we are doing.


I want Army intelligence in Ormpetarr. I want Army special forces ready at all times. Divisions shall provide assistance if necessary. Air Force and Navy have to increase patrols to the maximum allowed during peace times. By christmas I want this to be finished."


The division commander was coughing. "Sir, this would be against the law. Against many laws. It could be regarded as treason."


Von Steinburg looked outside the window. "We don't have any choice. Hartman will back us up, but Leonhardt will not. This is what we'll have to do."

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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Italgria


Dear ally,

We are very concerned about the current situation your country is in and do not think that by what your nation is going through our help is enough at the moment. If you need help do not hesitate to aks our country for help. We want to help you and we can help you. So if you need help contact us. It is better to ask for help than to go down withouth having asked for.

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