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?Aye, Que Rico!

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School began today. YES!.gif So, I've got three Honors classes, two homework intensive classes, and one university prep class. This makes for more homework than god intended for one person. On top of this I have work. Couple hours of standing in a freezer counting dough after seven hours of harsh brain-building and a new lady-friend... I won't be having much time for fun and games. Such things include these wonderful forums. I won't be around much for a while... I know, I know... Tag won't know what to do without his anti-thesis wandering around. You'll have to make-do without me.


I guess this means my little alliance thingy won't be happening... aww well, real-life is so much more rewarding anyway! I will be back...

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I just can't seem to dig this grave fast enough. On top of all the school crap and work that I volunteered for, I have been conscripted into speech and debate. Now there's a good 3 hours a day I wont get back. So, 7 hours of normal school, three hours of S&D after that, and anywhere from 4-8 hours of work. That's 14-18 hours a day. Plus I wake at 5 am, and get home usually at midnight. Then I have homework.


So, I'm thinkin' its a race to see what kills me first. Heart failure, over-exhaustion or the hostage situation gone wrong after I snap in the next few weeks. Hey watch the news, you might see what I looked like... that or a body bag. But right now I must plot the deaths of managers and physics teachers.

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