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Poll Indicates Popular Support in Favour of the Republican Party


A poll conducted yesterday in six major cities has indicated that 77% of the population believes that President Andrews is the man to lead our nation, and that Republican Party is the one to protect and rebuild our nation. A spokesman for Prime Minister Dunsidian has issued a statement, pointing out that the Prime Minister was right all along.


The opposition, as indicated by the poll, was centred in the eastern city of Nevrast, home of John Pope and James Fergus, the leaders of the Isolationist Party. Representative Fergus is quoted as saying "This poll is nothing but propoganda for that blithering idiot John Dunsidian". Party Leader Pope was unavailable for comment. This region was the most hard hit by the war, and still suffers from the war in neighbouring Gara.


Cardinal Jacoby Ross, Bishop of Solamnar, Karthenia Magna's chief cleric, says that this "reaffirms the church's faith in President Andrews". It was after all the support of Bishop Ross and his fellows that aided Andrews in the formation of his government, and the continuing support of the cardinal can only raise approval ratings.


In other news, citizens of Impresk who may have been disturbed by the strange explosions in the bay early yesterday evening have finally been given an explanation. Military spokesman Rufus Kent says "The explosions heard last night at approximately 6:35 were nothing to be alarmed by. They were part of an attempt to raise the wreck of the FBS Forlorn Hope"

The Forlorn Hope, which was destroyed by the Colovians in the civil war, has lain submerged for six months, reducing trade shipping to the city. This should prove to be a great boost to the rejuvenation of the Stony Shore region.

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Karthene City Times



Government and Business Unite to Open Orphanage


In a modest ceremony today representatives of the provisional government, and of several large businesses came together to open a new home for war orphans in Nevrast, hardest hit of all Karthenia's metropolitans. The Isolationist mayor, Daniel Blake, welcomed to the city Special Envoy Theon van Garrett, the man in charge of President Andrews' Rejuvenation Project. Mr van Garrett received a standing ovation, showing that even in the most hardline and isolationist areas, there is a willingness to work with the government.


Also with Mr van Garrett were Adbar Younis, elderly Chairman of Waqar Industries, and his grandson Peter; Danny Moss of the Moss Corporation; and Ferdinand Brandt of the Layertovski Trading Company. All three corporations put up the funds to enable this orphanage to open, and more could be in the pipeline.


"I am certainly open to more projects like these," says Danny Moss (24), "Those of us who were lucky to survive the civil war intact should feel obligated to help those who didn't."


Interestingly, the church kept a low profile today, with Bishop Manchester apparently away on business. More suspicious minds may point to the presence of the Younis family, the most high profile muslim family in the country, as being the reason for the Bishop's staying away. Mr van Garrett (31) quashed this, however. "Karthenia is a free nation, and that includes freedom of religion. Mr Younis is a good friend of mine, and a man with a stong sense of obligation to protect and help his countrymen."


In other news, the new football season kicked off yesterday, and already Malaz City are making a strong start. Kemi ben Gurian scored twice in a 4-0 demolition of previous champions Karthene City. President Andrews was present to watch his team lose, while Mr van Garrett, a lifelong Malaz fan, was said to be "delighted".


Malaz City 4, Karthene City 0

Solamnar Saints 1, Kurast Docktown 2

Kapal 0, Estwic Rangers 0

Vilhon 2, Impresk Pirates 3

Sweetwater Vale 1, Predd 1

Nevrast 3, Sud-Karthag 1


1.Malaz 3

2.Nevrast 3

3.Kurast 3

4.Impresk 3

5.Estwic 1

6.Kapal 1

7.Predd 1

8.Sweetwater 1

9.Solamnar 0

10. Vilhon 0

11.Sud-Karthag 0

12. Karthene 0

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Karthene City Times



Andrews Outmaneuvers Pope in Live TV Debate


A record number of viewers tuned in last night to watch the first of a series of debates between key political figures within Karthenia. To kick off the season, President Alexei Andrews was pitted against his chief opponent, John Pope, the leader of the Isolationist Party.


What was to have been a straightforward debate about the policies of both parties turned into a history and philosophy lesson, as Pope slammed other Europan nations for having corrupted the Karthene people.

Pope cited as the source of this Colonel Salazar Crust, founder and first Supreme Commander of the Federation, who claimed to have learned all he knew about politics during the Vanarambaion War of the 1910's. It was contact with nations like Vanarambaion and Akiiryu, Karthenia's long-standing rivals, that created the oppressive monstrosity that was the Federation. Pope stated that the Isolationist Party wanted to end all such political involvement with these nations, in the interests of protecting the Karthene people.


However, in a brilliant, if impromptu comeback, President Andrews pointed out that without the Vanarambaion War the Karthene people wouldn't exist at all. The ethnic Karthenes were then divided into three warring states, and that it wasn't until Crust returned with his radical new ideas that unity was achieved. The President pointed out that Crust had always admitted to a respect for the Akiiryan people, whose strong sense of unity and nation was a great influence on the development of Karthenia, even if circumstance drove the two nations further apart.


Andrews did not go as far as to point out the suddenly obvious paradox within the opposition, but then, he didn't need to. Mr Pope slunk off during the break, returning to Nevrast immediatly. The President, by contrast received a standing ovation from the audience.

When asked how he managed to pull this one off (after all, while Pope had prepared this argument, Andrews had a totally different speech,) the President replied "Never take on a historian unless you have your facts right."

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Karthene City Times



Republican Navy Launches First Aircraft Carrier



Today at the Naval base of Port Maw in Malaz the first aircraft carrier seen in Karthenian waters since the end of the civil war was launched. The RNV Karthenia is to replace the battleship RNV Olympic as the flagship of the Republican Navy, a body still in its infancy. Work on the Karthenia was originally commissioned by General Ling Cao a year ago, but the majority of the work was completed by the Ministry of Defence.


Minister of Defence Wesley O'Bannon was among the dignitaries present at Port Maw to see the ship off. He also named her first commander as Admiral David Hussein, formerly captain of the RNV Gaius Valiani. Admiral Hussein assured the crowds that, although the vessel is under-equipped (it has only half of its complement of K16 fighter aircraft), it is still capable of defending Karthenia.

user posted image

RNV Karthenia, operating in the Gulf of Gaius

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Karthene City Times



Refurbished Square of Marshals To Be Used For Akiiryan Ceremony


In a speech yesterday in Impresk, Theon van Garrett, head of the Rejuvenation Project, confirmed the popular rumour that the first ceremony held in the new Memorial Park, Karthene City, may be hosting an Akiiryan delegation. The park is built over the Square of Marshals, the old nerve centre of the Federation. The park is dedicated to "All those who died pointlessly in the service of ,and in opposition to, the Federation"


"I can confirm that the President wishes an end to enmity between Karthenia and Akiiryu. Long have their people suffered at the hands of a Karthenian dictatorship. We wish to show them, above all people in Europa, that this is a new government. There will be specific monument dedicated to them in the Park, as there will be for the Vanarambaionese, and others."


The Memorial Park was one of Mr van Garrett's 'Big Three' projects; the other two being the raising of the Forlorn Hope from Impresk harbour, and the rebuilding of the Nevrast aqueduct and canal system.

user posted image

The Fountain of the Martyrs, Memorial Park, Karthene City



In other news, the RNV Karthenia was spotted in northern waters, prompting rumours that it will be sent to control the unrest in the Tribelands. There has been no official confirmation yet.

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Karthene City Times


Second TV Debate Turns Into Slang Match


The second live political debate of the season was held today, this time between Governor Aidan Brass of Solamnar-Karthene District, and Governor Cayman Reeves of Sud-Karthag District. The intention of this debate was to showcase the differences between the running of heavily metropolitan districts as compared to rural districts, and also to show how an Isolationist governor like Mr Reeves can function in a Republican government.


Unfortunately, Mr Reeves was not given that oppurtunity, as the debate was abandoned after 20 minutes. Mr Brass turned up inebriated, and proceeded to verbally abuse his opponent and his ideology. Mr Brass was evantually coaxed from the set, and an apology was given to Mr Reeves by the Mayor of Karthene City, Dunstan McCaffrey.


There has been no word from the government yet on this, but fellow Republican governor Randyll Meyers, of Kurast-Atuan District, says Mr Brass' position is untenable. "What Aidan did is inexcusable, and it has brought shame to the government. I think President Andrews has no choice but to fire him"



In other news, Malaz City continued their strong start to the season, beating Nevrast 2-0. Kemi ben Gurian and Olsen Davies both scored, solidifying Malaz's position on top. Karthene City, obviosly looking to assuage last week's defeat, annhilated Vilhon 5-1, including a hatrick from Ray Marshall.


Karthene City 5, Vilhon 1

Nevrast 0, Malaz City 2

Predd 2, Solamnar Saints 1

Estwic Rangers 0, Sweetwater Vale 0

Kurast Docktown 2, Kapal 1

Impresk Pirates 1, Sud-Karthag 1


1.Malaz 6

2.Kurast 6

3.Impresk 4

4.Predd 4

5.Karthene 3

6.Nevrast 3

7.Estwic 2

8. Sweetwater 2

9.Kapal 1

10.Sud-Karthag 1

11.Solamnar 0

12.Vilhon 0

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Karthene City Times


Brass Impeached; Pope Triumphant


After deliberating for two days, the government announced today that Aidan Brass, Governor of Solamnar-Karthene District, has been impeached, following a twenty minute rant against fellow Governor Cayman Reeves, on a live TV debate. Mr Brass was a key ally of the President, and Isolationist Party leader John Pope has called this a major blow for the Republicans.


"The loss of one of Andrews' inner circle in such an ignominous way will send shockwaves throughout Karthenia," he said. "It leaves the door open for the election of an Isolationist governor."


The government has yet to set a day for the election. In the interim, Brass' deputy, Magistrate Derren Matthews, has been appointed Acting-Governor. Mr Matthews has already stated that this is temporary, and that he will not run in the election.

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Karthene City Times


Governerial Election Candidates Announced


The candidates for the election to replace impeached Governor of Solamnar-Karthene District Aidan Brass have been announced today. As expected, the Republicans have designated the popular Mayor of Karthene City, Dunstan McCaffrey, as their principal candidate, although Party Secretary Jan Kovu is also standing.


Mayor McCaffrey believes he has a strong chance of winning, citing his effective programme of positive reforms within the capital. This compares very strongly with his nearest Isolationist rival, Joachim Sim, a relative unknown and former army officer.


One other candidate is standing; Danny Moss, of the Moss Trading Company, a millionaire businessman, who is running on a pro-business ticket.



Onto football, and Malaz have suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Solamnar Saints, allowing both Kurast and Impresk Pirates to rise above them in the table.



Vilhon 0, Estwic Rangers 0

Solamnar Saints 1, Malaz City 0

Nevrast 2, Predd 3

Karthene City 1, Sweetwater Vale 1

Kurast Docktown 3, Sud-Karthag 0

Impresk Pirates 1, Kapal 0


1.Kurast 9

2.Impresk 7

3.Predd 7

4.Malaz 6

5.Karthene 4

6.Nevrast 3

7.Estwic 3

8. Sweetwater 3

9.Solamnar 3

10.Kapal 1

11. Sud Karthag 1

12.Vilhon 0

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