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Return of the Senator

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Hi, as some of y'all who remember me may have been aware, i'm back, in the guise of me new nation, Karthenia Magna. You may remember the old Federation of Karthenia, a rather warlike band of psychopaths...well, Karthenia Magna is a deeply catholic, militarised, but still democratic, nation.

If there's any RPs going, i'll join if thats ok...biggrin.gif


Oh, and if anyone remembers some of the old stuff, the current Karthene government, a provisional government, recognises that the old govt was psychotic. tongue.gif




PPS: There'll be time later to explain how the change came about. The new Karthene president is Alexei Andrews, who was a lecturer at the University of Karthene City before the civil war. His prime minister is John Dunsidian, a lawyer. The military has retained most of the equipment of its predessor, and most of the manpower, but due to civilian distrust of the generals, the Defence Minister Wesley O'Bannon, and the president, have overall control. the general in command is Malcolm Ben Halad.

Oh, and Karthenia is now only half the size as the old nation, as most of the states seceded.t, recognises that the old governme

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Yeah, I couldn't exactly create a carbon copy of the old one, that could be boring. The current karthenia is more interested in rebuilding than making war.


lol, yeah, i've been looking at some of the old stuff...strange to think that that was all a year ago...

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Lol, eh? the gulf of Gaius? how did that come about? hehe, thats awesome.


I haven't thought yet, cos me computer don't like running the map...maybe the uni computers'll be better, i'll check next time im down at the library


Hehe, well, the Holy Catholic Church of Karthenia is willing to work with their orthodox co-religionists...

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America actually didn't ban it, the government just won't fund embryo testing. The EU is pretty hesitating about the issue too. And most countries don't allow euthanasia. Pfew, just needed that of my back, for compensation of the USA-bashing I do in another forum. wink.gif



"One nation under God."

... Is a bit Iranish to me.

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