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The Glorious Dominion of Deltannia


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Facts & Figures

  • Official Name: The Glorious Dominion of Deltannia
  • Capital City: Delta
  • Government type: Democratic, two part executive, 5 senators, many councilors
  • Number of Legislative Branches: Primary: Council. Senate can make certain laws. Armed Forces have jurisdiction in their areas.
  • Federalist or Unitary: Federal
  • Provinces/Territories (if applicable): None really. Could be West Deltannia and East Deltannia, but since I expand eastward, only the West one would apply. It's where all the major cities are.
  • Formal Head of State: Senators
  • Political Head of State: Senators
  • Official Language: English, (although the old regional language and its dialects still are used quite a lot. They are similar to English in some cases, in other dialects, they grow farther away. But, phonetics are similar).
  • Official Religion: None. Several churches have had an effect in the past (Cho, Pho), but never to any huge effect.
  • Population: 886 million (and growing)
  • Major Minorities: Only immigrants. From this area, they all came from various groups in this region, but all affiliate to Deltannia
  • Separation of Powers: None, all a part of the executive branch.
  • Senate and council are pretty much THE government. It's not really broken into different branches.
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(OOC: Not good with the photos here.)

There are multiple higher learning facilities in Deltannia that are primary centers.

Deltannia University (in Delta)

Focus on Liberal Arts. DU centers around the liberal arts but does have an expansive science and technology center. This is the oldest of the three main centers, established from the old collections of School-Libraries that ringed this section of Delta (much like in Levana). Later on, it added an engineering college, and more colleges have been added since (i.e. Physical Science, abstract sciences, musical school, etc)

Tolun Point Academy (in Tolun Point)

Focus on military training. Tolun Point offers basic training for recruits, but also serves as a primary learning center for officers. All officers of Deltannia are expected to be well-learned in all subjects, with the inclusion of military history, training, etc. A drill camp is part of the center. The facilities are kept state-of-the-art for all trainees.

Deltan Academy ( in Delta)

Focus on complete subjects. This incredibly large facility was originally built to teach officers in the military before the creation of Tolun Point. Since then, it is open to anyone but specifically geared for those going into a specific profession. The large campus does include similar facilities to Tolun Point, but is not prepared to teach enlisted men (only officers). Many scientists, both military and civilian, make up the bulk of the non-officer student body, the Academy Science Center ranks one of the top for the Sciences. Various other courses in history, art, music, literature, language, etc. are offered.

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National Wonder

Name: The Towers of Levana

Place Constructed: Levana

Existed: Beginning of the Middle Ages.

History: Levana is the oldest town in the nation of Deltannia. These were built in the city center to mark the unification of the surrounding regions into the Levana city-state. It is a prominent view from within the city, as well as from the surrounding hills. Today it is a symbol of the unification of the entire nation of Deltannia, which was formed from sporadic, isolated groups of people who identified themselves with the region, and finally with a nationalistic icon.

Description: There are four stone towers in a square formation (looking like a truncated rectangular prism, but it is more of a very thin pyramid each (the base is slightly larger than the top)). At the center of this is a small plaza with a great stone fountain with a stone/glass centerpiece that follows the trajectory of the sun and creates various light diffraction patterns on the stone mosaic surrounding it.

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NS Wiki


So yes, it is about time for this (really about time) I'd really appreciate doing this in the following format:

Deltannia is the NS wiki I am using. I have several running pages accumulated at the Deltannian Factbook, but the one prior is the main page. (The Factbook is in my signature)

I am slowly amassing my information, continuously adding to the articles. I would appreciate that you edit the articles only for spelling, punctuation, etc. If you would like to add something in, or comment about something, I would ask that it go here so that I'll actually read it (I don't really read the logs too much). I would really appreciate feedback as I am writing all of this out in my spare time and I love writing this up, I would like to know where to improve. I would also just like to note that for the pages on conflicts/wars, that I am trying to keep a somewhat unbiased view. Obviously, there will be a little, but do not edit it completely. if you notice in the Tarragat one, I am noting the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and am more or less reporting what happened.

Thanks, everyone! This really is a lot of fun to compile. 2-thumbup.gif

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