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Holiday in Turkey

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I'm quite announed actualy. I complelty forgot I was going on holiday tomorow and started the complete collapse of my nation RP. So i'll be gone for two weeks and it will have been buried by then. I'll try and get as much of it done as I can, today, but i'll use my two weeks away as some sort of purges time for Adsoc.


Anyway, if I dont see any of you lot before I go. Toodles.

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Adaptus, should you read this, I hope you're alright and well, enjoying your holiday in Turkey. I'm asking this, because:



Three people were killed and at least 20 hurt in an explosion in the resort of Antalya.


Twenty-one people were injured in three explosions in the southern holiday resort of Marmaris.


Six others were injured in an explosion near the local governor's office in one of Istanbul's poorer districts, Bagcilar. Police said they suspected the involvement of Kurdish militants.



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I'm back, and quite fine. However, one of the sets of explostions was in Ichmiler (Spelling), which was the next biggest resort from mine, I was statying in Gumbet, which was linked with Bodrum and the surrounding area. But i'm back, and I had a great time.

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