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Population torn!


Todays anouncment by Presedent Rohnen him self brought about mixed feelings for the general public. He stated in a very rare press conference that they have found rich uranium deposites in the southern rain forrest area and plan to clearcut/strip mine the area. With promisses of new jobs an even better economy and more stable electricity production for only the low low cost of a few thousand acres of rain forrest he set the peoples minds at ease. our polls show that just over 72% of people polled are happy about the decision to mine the uranium.


We also had the honor of speaking with Presedent Rohnen on the subject. He told us that the plans layed out predict that TARR's mining opperation should be in full swing by the first quarter of next year, maybe even a bit sooner. WHen asked about the nuclear warfare aspect of this huge project he had this to say " while our main goal is to provide exponentialy more electricity for our rapidly growing population we will not hide the fact we do intend to study and research into developing nuclear warheads for our future protection"




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