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Fight for Freedom


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OOC: I guess I shall begin with an explanation of what is going on. I am not sure if this warrants it's own OOC thread, so I shall put it here.


For the last couple decades, the people of Hosagovinia, currently called Reichland after the thousand year Reich the leaders had in mind, have lived under an extremely oppressive regime. Over the last seven years, an extremely oppressive dictator has been in power, his name Furhrer Von Streich. This oppressive regime was the Nazi Party. They had many wild vissions, such as a master race.


For many years, under this oppressive regime, a group of people that wish to see Reichland free and democractic, have been planning a take over of the government. The group is know as the Liberty Fighters. In the RP they launch their plan.


This will not be an automatic victory for the Liberty Fighters, if a government wishes to aid the Nazi's, thats perfectly fine. Now, becuase I am so small, I ask that people don't send large armies to aid. Maybe just a Division or smaller. Also special ops troops, small elite units, would be good aide. Weapons for the Liberty fighters would be swell. The Nazi's will possibly need upgraded weapons as well.


If the Nazi's are victourous in the RP, then I'll change my name to Reichland and RP a Nazi regime. Thats why for now I wont put up the flag of the Federal Republic, which is what the Reichland will become if we suceed. Think of this as my intro RP. Lets get to it smile.gif/OOC



Apartment in the slums of Berlian, Reichland 9.32 PM


An old man set at the head of an unsturdy table, in the middle of a small three room flat in the worse of part of Berlian. Around the table were five other men, much younger ten the man sitting down. The man at the head of the table was Ferdinand von Lueger, the leader of the Liberty Fighters. Around him were Joesph Frank, an ex-solider who commanded the Freedom Fighters forces, Kurt Gobel, another Liberty Force general, Xavier Baldwin, a top politition who was Von Leuger's top aide, Alfred Lange, who was the second-in command of the Liberty fighters, and Ernst Rohm, third in command of the Liberty Fighters.


The room the man were in was dark, with just a single light bulb hanging above the table. This light buld was flickering and seemed to be on its last leg before it went out. On the table were maps and documents. For many months the Liberty Fighters had studied the Nazi regime and army, for their plan must be perfect for it to suceed.


They had gathered many supporters, and their were many more who supported them but were too afraid to admit it. Out of the some odd five million people in Reichland, about two million supported the cuase, wether openly or secretly. Those other three million people did not support the Nazi's however, they just didn't want to bother with anything. Only a small portion of people acuatly supported the Furhrer and his policies. Even some of his own top ranking officals were becoming weary of the oppressive regime. The Furhrer might not have had the people, but he certianly had the military.


"Gentlemen, we have an intersetting situation," Ferdinand began,"We have information that the Nazis are planning a raid on our main amunition dump, just outside of Berlian. If this warehouse is seized, our chances are gone at freeing this country. We must protect this warehouse."


Over the past years and months, they had agthered a large force of 100,000 men, to fight the Nazi's. These men were normal people, and had minimal training. The had no uniforms, and their weapons were scratched together how ever they could. Ak-47s, AR-15s, M-16s, hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns, limited number of M249s, RPGs, and some mortars. They had been stolen from the Reichland Weer, or smuggled across the border into Riechland. The men only had their will and desire.


"Ferdinand, when is this raid planned for?" Joesph Frank asked.


Ferdiand von Leuger took a deep breath and sighed.


"Tomorrow morning..."


"Tomorrow morning?! We'll never be able to organise a defense in time."


"Yes we will. We need to gather all the men we can find. General, you shall organise the defense. I want you there setting it up."


"Yes sir," Frank responded.


"You must go now. time is of the essence. Good luck gentlemen."


Liberty Storage Facility, a warehouse on the outskirts of Berlian 5.56 AM


General Frank had gathered 223 men to defend the warehouse. He was sure this would be enough, becuase he knew the pompous Nazi general's would send the least amount of men possible. He figured that might even send less then the defending force.


The warehouse backed a canal, so he knew they would arrive through the front gate. He had set up his in the Second story windows, facing the gate, as well as his RPGs. All the other men occupied windows and small buildings around the warehouse. The General had even gotten two precise mortars to use. He set them up behind the warehouse, zeroed right inside the front gate, in the open parking area. They had orders to begin firing as soon as they heard shots.


He stood on the second floor with a pair of binoculars, looking down the main road leading to the warehouse. He could see the convo approaching. It looked like ten trucks, and five amoured personel carriers. He estimated they had about 300 hundred men. He also thought that there was a chance this could end without a shot being fired. They would soon find out.


Soon the convo had reached the front gate. The commanding officer stepped out of the front vechile with a loudspeaker.


"Open up immiedatly. If not will will use force."


No response.


"I repeat, open up immidaetly! We will use force."


The warehouse and parking lot was quiet. The men were anoxious, and nervous. They stayed still, trying to remain hidden.


"You have ten seconds to open this gate!" The commanding officer blared into the loudspeaker. Still no response. He counted off ten, and then ordered the gate to be opened. A rope was tied from the front truck to the gate, and they pulled it off its hinges. The men disembarked from the trucks and APCs and waked into the parking.


General Frank was watching the siuation quietly. He was right, about 300 hundred men. Only about half had come through the gate though, and he now had them right where they wanted. They did not have the protection of the APCs, they didn't bring any armour, and they were trapped inside a paking lot, with the only way out back through the small gate. He was unsure if he should have the men open fire, or what for the situation to play out. He decided to let it play out.


Te commander got back on the loudspeak,"come out of the building and surronder your arms. We have been autorized to arrest you, and confiscate your weapons by the Furhrer himself."


Man was this guy saying the wrong things to this people. They did not care if the Furhrer had ordered it, for he was the one they wanted to get rid of.


The men in the parking lot, in there pristine uniforms and there shiny weapons, began to become anxious. They knew they could be ambushed at any time, and the warehouse was eirly quiet. They all looked around nervously and seemed to notice every noise.


It happened in a second. One of the liberty fighters accidently knocked over a metal trash can. one of the jumpy Privates jumped and turned to shoot towards the trash can. Soon, the machine guns in the warehouse opened fire and the men jumped out from their hiding postions. Soon the mortars had opened fire and they eached fired a quick three rounds into the the middle of the scrambling forces, cuasing heavy causalties.


The suprised military men tried to return fire best they could. Over the radio, General Frank ordered the mortars and RPGs, to fire upon the trucks outside the gate. The first mortars rounds landed short and they quickly adjusted their range. The men that had no come through the gates had been dragged into the fight. Many scrambled back into their vechiles to get the hell out of there.


It was all over in a few minutes.


Of the ten trucks and five APCs the Nazi's had brought against them, only six trucks and 2 APCs made it out. Many of the Nazi men lay dead or wounded in the parking lot or just outside the gate. Luckily for the Libery fighters, one of the APCs was useable. Over 200 Nazis lay dead or wounded. Only hree Liberty Fighters had been killed, and 10 wounded.


The fight for Freedom was on.


Hearing of the fight, Ferdinand ordered all Liberty Fighters out of the city and into the countryside. From there they would launch their attacks. He also contacted the other Liberty Fighters around the country to inform them the fight was on. By that night, 25,000 Liberty Fighters had made it out of Berlian, and all the weapons they had gathered and stored made it out as well. It would be a long and difficult fight.


Ferdinand von Leuger managed to send the message before he left.


To:  All nations and third parties

From: Liberty Fighters

Subject: Required Assitance


This morning our people were attacked by our own government.  These rouge oppressive regime must be stopped.  We had about 100,000 ready and willing men to fight this civil war, and fight we will.  We require international assistance to previal however.  Our men lack aquedate weapons, uniforms, and supplies, especially medical and food.  We are currently holding up in the Reichland countryside, holding small villages.  We expect a counter attack soon.  We hope you will be able to help us previal.  Help democracy prevail.


Ferdinand von Leuger


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To: Liberty Fighters

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Required Assistance


We have begun to gather a large shipment of arms and armour from our own stockpiles. Tagmatium once laboured under a fascistic regime for some 26 years, so we feel that you can count on us to support you. The shipment contains a wide selection from our standard small arms catalogue, as well as many vests of the heavy body armour used by our forces, and will be sent to you via airdrop. If you can supply us with coordinates, we will be able to make the drop in several hours.


Consider the arms and armour as a loan. If you succeed in overthrowing the vile rightists in charge of your nation, then the Imperial Government and yourselves may come to some agreement in the future on payment or part payment of the shipment, but this isn?t concrete policy at the moment.


We will also not be able to send any soldiers, as we neither operate Special Forces units nor quite know the coordinates of your positions yet.


We hope you find victory, by the grace of God.

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*Burst-Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Liberty Fighters

FROM: The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

SUBJECT: RE: Required Assistance


The Tribal Tribunal has authorized the deployment of 500 of our 15-man commando cells, the finest of Special Forces calibur to be found in Europa, to aid you in your cause for liberation from these fascist oppressors, with additional fighters to follow soon. Arrangements are also being made with the Mongol-Swede Thrift Store for Armaments for additional weapons and heavy equipment to be made available to you on a credit basis; payment can be worked out after the liberation is finished.


For the cause of self-determination, the Union will aid you, as you empower your people to decide their own destiny.



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+Encrypted Message+

To: Liberty Fighters

From: Tarentum Command, Aristocratic Confederation

RE: Required Assistance


"We are prepared to offer our para-militaries to support your cuase and fight for freedom. Whence you accept, we can begin to deploy our most elite to the batte of Hosagovinia. Along with them, we can offer an extensive array of high-grade military weapons to you.


Please reply... soonish"


--Unnamed Confederate Official

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OOC: The Emerald Market Syndicate is a powerful and profitable Damak Var based organized crime group that emerged out of the fall of our totalitarian regime. Main business is trafficking contraband materials. They see an opportunity to aquire goods for the arms trade.


*Secure Transmission*

To: Fuhrer Von Streich

From: Boss Nezper, Emerald Market Syndicate


I am sure such a militant government like your own has large stockpiles of arms that are idle. I have a proposition which could put some good use to those. The Emerald Market Syndicate will gather intelligence on the Liberty Fighters which will aide in their demise. We will exchange every valuable piece of information that significantly progresses the victory of the Nazis over the Liberty Fighters for large amount of Nazi small arms and ammunition to be shipped elsewhere. When this conflict is over, the Emerald Market would like the Nazis to remain a supplier in that particular kind of merchandise. Of course, we would then make our purchases in regular currency which would benefit the treasury of your government. The Emerald Market Syndicate will be sure to keep this deal confidential if it goes through.


Please consider this proposition.

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From: President Dictator Richard Haller of Emakera

To: Furhrer Von Streich

Cc: Liberty Fighters




The situation in our country concerns us, not only for the uprising of the "Liberty Fighters" group, but for the reports of brutality and oppresion coming from the own legitimate government of Hosagovinia, and also because of the current situation in Europa. I've escaped from a terrorist attack at the cost of many men and my fragile health, and I don't want this to happen again. We hope to engage in talks with both you and the leader of the Liberty Fighters group. How may we arrange this? Besides, we could also help with suggestions and competitors for the Master Race event.


Presidente Ditador Richard Haller

Rep?blica Popular Federativa de Emakera


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OOC: I just wanted to let you all know I unexpectly lost entire yesterday morning and haven't had it for 36 hours. I'm only on for a few minutes now, so I can not respond to the messages. I do plan to conitue RPing here and conitue this RP, although it may have to wait until next weekend. I'm not sure on my situation. I could have internet back tomorrow. Just thought I'd let you all know!
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TO: Liberty fighters, Ferdinand von Leuger

FROM: Ministry of Defense, Tamurin


Tamurin will assist you in your fight against the nazi oppression. We will gladly send you military observers that can train your forces and assist your command & control infrastructure. We will also gladly provide you with small arms and ammunition.


If your rebellion escalates into all-out war, we could also discuss the deployment of parts of our Luftwaffe.


Best regards,

Claudia Hartman

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Two Story House in a villiage in the Hosagovinian country side. Set up as Liberty Fighters HQ, 10.38 PM


"Sir, we have recieved many replies from nations and arms dealers offering support. I just wonder if anybody will support the furhrer?"


"As do I. Make sure you send speedy responses to the nations that offered."




TO: Ministry of Defense, Tamurin

FROM: Liberty Fighters


We graceously accept your offer.  Military advisors and weapons would be greatly appreciated, and very helpful.  We hope this does not escalate to war, but we fear it will.  We have no airforce, so we would like to discuss your nations air force being deployed to patrol the skies above us to ward of enemy attacks.


We look forward to your reply,


Ferdinand von Leuger




TO: Tarentum Command, Aristocratic Confederation

FROM: Liberty Fighters

Cc: Re: Required Assistance


We would welcome your support.  Please send us more information.


Ferdinand von Leuger



TO: The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

FROM: Liberty Fighters

Cc: Re: Required Assistance


We welcome your teams to aid us.  Attached you will find a map, please deliever them to that airfield.  they will retian there commanders, but be under Liberty Fighter jurisdictions.  Your commanders will reserve the right not to partake in an assigned mission if they feel it is sucide or dangerous.


Weapons will be greatly appreciated, especially heavy equipment.  We only have a few salvaged APCs and almost no tanks.  Anything that you can provide will be payed back should we be victourous or survive.


We thank you for your assistance.


Ferdinand von Leuger



TO: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

FROM: Liberty Fighters

Cc: Re: Required Assistance


We are in a great need of weapons, especially armour.  We are very thankful your government has choosen to aid us in our fight for freedom.  We will repay in any way we can once the fight is over.


You should recieve a map of our positions and hopefully you will then be able to provide manpower.


We thank you again.


Ferdinand von Leuger


Federal Palace, home of the Furhrer, Berlian, Reichland


Furhrer Von Streich sat at his desk looking at the messages that he had recieved from foreign governments. He also though about the "Liberty fighters" that had broken away from the Reich and were preparing to fight a civil war. This is not the way his thousand year reich was supposed to go. Soon there was a knock upon his door, and an assistant walked in.


"Heil Furhrer."


"Ah Franz, good evening. did you send the replies to the governments?"


"Not yet furhrer, I will do soon immiedatly."




TO: President Dictator Richard Haller of Emakera

FROM: Furhrer Von Streich

Cc: Re: Liberty Fighters


The situation in the Reichland is very concerning, indeed.  I wonder where you have gotten the idea that my government is in any way shape or form oppressive. (OOC: Lies! XD)  You must have heard this non-sense from the Liberty Fighters.  The people of the Reich are allowed to engage in any activities they please, and live a very non-oppressed life. (OOC: More lies)  We see no need to enter discussions with those heathen tratiors and should they decide to contiunue there attacks, they will be crushed.


Good Day.






TO: Boss Nezper, Emerald Market Syndicate

FROM: Furhrer Von Streich

Cc: Re: Proposition


At this moment I have no defiant answer for you.  I shall consider your proposition further.






[OOC] I shall not have internet again until the the weeknd, uunless I go to my dads. As you can see my Furhrer is a ling slug. XD


I hope to soon review the map and choose the spot I wish to begin with, and then I will be able to make a map for you all. Happy RPing![/OOC]



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To: Liberty Fighters

From: Defense Minister, Nan-GorGwaith




We have not had any contact with your nation, but we have received a rather garbled message from you. Althought we do not meddle in other nation's affairs, we are willing to provide any humanitarian aid you might need. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in that regard.


John Davis


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+Encrypted Message+

TO: Liberty Fighters

FROM: Tarentum Command


"Fifty thousand para-military soldiers (privatized military companies) are prepared to depart the Confederation to aid your fight against these Fascists. While they will remain under the command of their Colonels and Squad leaders, they will bolster your numbers and work together with your soldiers. With them, we can send thousands of M63 and R21 rifles, as well as anti-tank anti-aircraft weapons.


Please foreward the nearest secure location for these units to land."



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TO: Liberty Fighters

FROM: Tamurin, Ministry of Defense


Deployment of aircrafts is not possible at this moment.


However, we are prepared to deliver what we've promised - small arms, anti-aircraft- and anti-tank-personal-rockets and ammunition for these weapons. We can also send you fifty military advisors that can help your command & control infrastructure.


We should discuss a way to deliver these materials into your country. Tamurin wishes to keep a low profile on this, so the best we can do is transport these materials to a location outside of your nation, by ship, train, aircraft, truck or a combination of this. A private tamurinian arms corporation will be our cover. We will forge your payments so that it will seem as you've paid for the weapons. As Tamurin will officially be neutral in this matter, it is your right to buy weapons within our country.


The actual transport into your country will be up to you, as will the safe journey of our military advisors.


If all goes well you can expect more help from us.


Do you agree to these terms?


Claudia Hartman,


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Gabriel Byrne reclined in his leather chair, more than somewhat exhausted. He'd been up all night again, hammering out Marsitrania's new budget. After almost two weeks of rancorous debate, the measure had finally passed over the protests of the Radicals. The High Chancellor felt a sense of victory and relief. At least they won't be able to obstruct every measure I put into place, he thought. The will of the people can still triumph.


Just then he heard a knocking at the door. "Enter," he said aloud. It was Alan Balmont, Byrne's chief of staff. Gabriel shot him a questioning look. Alan looked serious, so he sat up at his desk to pay more attention to whatever he had to say.


"Gabe," began Balmont, "there's a situation developing in the Reichland."




"There was an incident." Balmont pulled out an intelligence report from under his arm and handed it to his head of state, who immediately opened the folder and began browsing the details as the chief of staff continued to speak. "As you know, this is going to have great political ramifications. From what we can sense of Europa's general atmosphere, our neighbors are going to pour in support to the rebels."


Byrne winced. "And probably some of our own weapons are going to go to them too, since the Union's arms thrift shop is the cheapest on the block." Balmont nodded.


"I think it's safe to say that they'll get some weapons from the Mongol-Swedes, if not outright military assistance. And there are others too, governments like the Reich are not at all popular internationally." The High Chancellor rubbed his chin in thought.


The Reichland, previously Hosagovinia, was a country which had similar roots to his own. Each shared a heritage, although Hosagovinia was more Germanic and Marsitrania was more Slavic. In the ancient past they'd been a part of the same empire, of which Marsitrania's was a spinter culture. There'd be serious problems since the Nazi regime had come to power, mostly centered around their perception of themselves as a "master race." Some had feared that the Reichland would go to war with Marsitrania in an attempt to annex its regions.


Not anymore, thought Byrne. Not with a civil war staring them in the face...


"What action would you recommend here Alan?"


Balmont shrugged. "If the Reich comes out on top, we're still stuck with an aggressive neighbor. The rebels win, and it's a total unknown. I think the Nazis would appreciate our aid in suppressing their civil conflict, but that wouldn't make us very popular abroad. And with the support the rebels are likely to be getting, I don't think it'd be good for our future relations with the country to get involved."


"What about our military capabilities?"


"Well," said Balmont, looking sheepish. "The military isn't mobilized or ready for real action. All our trucks, our tanks, our guns and helicopters... it's all thirty years old, and hardly adequate for a conventional engagement. As we understand it, the rebels are fleeing the cities to entrench in the countryside. It's looking like guerilla warfare is on the way."


"Not good," said Byrne, fearful that the fighting in Hosgovinia could spill over into Marsitrania. After a moment's pause he made his decision. "Bring the military to full alertness. Order a general mobilization later today in order to miss the morning newscasts. Then have the generals put a report on my desk the earliest possible plan of action for a full scale invasion of the Reichland's countryside."


"What?" asked Balmont, mouth hanging half-open in disbelief.


"We need to act. If we don't the fighting could destabilize our own country. We're in a fragile position here, and the Radicals are already murmuring about tyranny just because they didn't get their way on the budget reform." Byrne slammed his fist down on the desk. "God damn it Alan, I will not be bullied by the Senate! Marsitrania's interests are threatened. I'll order deployments into the Reichland's countryside with the proper supply chains. We'll advise both Reichland and the rebels that we're coming."


"What the hell are our troops going to do when they get there?"


"Stabilize the situation," replied Byrne, leaning forward on the desk. "Whoever is willing to shoot at Marsitranians will suffer. In the meantime we'll secure the Reichland's territory and halt the spread of the violence."


"What about the Senate? You need their approval before going to war."


"We're not going to war. We're engaging in a national police action to ensure our national security and stabilize the Reichland."


"I don't think that the Fuhrer of Reichland is going to appreciate the intrustion," said Balmont cautiously. "Nor will the rebels. This is their fight for freedom, not ours."


"I don't particularly care," snorted Byrne. "Too often the peacekeepers have no teeth, or nations are willing to jump behind parties with whom they are ideologically aligned. Our actions will be self-justifying. If there is any violent resistance to our occupation of Reichland's countryside, then we'll crush it with force. I'll make sure to communicate to both the rebels and government our stance, and I'll be damned if we won't follow through on it. Balmont nodded and hurried off to inform the generals of the head of state's plan.


Later that day, two messages were dispatched into Hosavoginia.


To: Furher Von Streich, Reichland

From: High Chancellor Byrne, Marsitrania


Fuhrer of Reichland, be advised:


Due to the spreading violence and discontent within your own country, and the proximity of our national borders, I am forced to take action that prevents the rebellion in Reichland from threatening Marsitrania's national security and integrity. We have seen popular revolution in our country before. I am the product of such a coup myself, and other internal dangers stare us in the face. The dismal failure thus far of Reichland's security forces to stabilize the situation has resulted in a disaster in both propaganda and reality. Two hundred dead is not a sufficient trade for a handful of rebels.


As a result, Marsitrania is going to full mobilization. Furthermore, we will at earliest opportunity begin occupying the stretches of Reichland thusly in a state of rebellion, most probably your countryside but potentially cities seized by the rebels as well. This is not an act of aggression or an act of war. However, we will stabilize the situation at any cost. We would like you to treat this as a cooperative peacekeeping mission, but if you are unable to do so then you will find yourself in a state of conflict with elements of our armed forces. Please note that this is not an attempt to stamp out the rebellion but merely to stop it from escalating into a refugee and humanitarian problem that would concern Marsitrania. If the majority of your countrymen require that you submit to a civil authority and hold open elections, we ask that you comply with those demands peacefully. Cooperate with us and help us all avoid more tragic bloodshed. Our occupation mission will probably begin within the week.


To: Liberty Fighters

From: High Chancellor Byrne, Marsitrania


Attention rebel leadership,


Your actions have caused instability which may adversely affect the state of Marsitrania. In response we are mobilizing our military and preparing to jointly occupy territories which are within your control. This is NOT a military assitance pact, or an act of aggression against you. Consider it enforced peacekeeping. Your areas will have a measure of autonomy, but any territory we occupy will be under technical military governorship, meaning that we will exercise our authority in said regions. Your war against your government is likely to cause humanitarian problems (ie refugees, deaths, etc) which our government is not prepared to deal with. Cooperate with our forces and we will ensure an end to the fighting. Fail to cooperate, and you will find yourselves on the receiving end of Marsitranian military force. Our occupation should begin within the week.

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Liberty Fighters HQ


A map lay upon the table.


user posted image


[OOC]Crappy map, I will be making a better one later. I cant get the map to post. I don't know why.[/OOC]


Ferdinand von Leuger spoke.


"Gentlemen we have three seperate zones of "control". These areas are we have our men stationed and we control the land. We control no major cities or towns, just villlages here and there. We must take this country, and take it strong. Capturing a major city would surely help our cuase.


"Our problem however, is the seperation of the zones. Anyone of them can be easily cut off and surronded. Our strognest zone is this one along the coast, just outside Berlian. This is where we are gentlemen. This zone is also the most likely to be attacked, as it is very close to the Furhrer. Our other strongest zone is the one in the South. I want to link these two zones together, and cut the country in half."


Before he could continue, there was a knock at the door and a man walked in. He walked over to Ferdinand and handed him a piece of paper. Ferdinand looked very worried as he read the message. He nodded and the aide left the room.


"Gentlemen, we need these plans fast. We have at the most seven days before a foreign military steps upon Reichland soil, neither to help us or to fight against us. Gentlemen, hurry."


Then walked out of the room, and met up with his assistant to send responding messages.


To: High Chancellor Byrne, Marsitrania

From: Liberty Fighters


We have not created the instability.? Our oppressive government is the one that has cuased the instability.? They have oppressed us for many years, and now is our time to break free.? We do not welcome your peacekeeping, and as of now we are unsure if we will try to deny it.? You do not have to deal with these issues you speak of, as they are internal.? We see your "occupation" as senseless and unnecessary.? Why do you meddle in another nations internal affairs?? At this time, we can not garuntee you will not be attacked.


Good Day.


FROM: Liberty Fighters

TO: Tarentum Command


We welcome your assistance.? These troops will most likely have to be flown in, unless you can escort them with a naval escort.? If you they must be flown, please land them in the middle zone, closet to the capital of Berlian.? If you can bring them by sea, which will allow the transport of heaver equipment, please land them at Ulm, in the same zone as described before.? Again we thank you for your assistance.



Ferdinand von Leuger


FROM: Liberty Fighters

TO: Tamurin, Ministry of Defense


It would be best to fly in the advisors and supplies.? However we have no means of acquiring these goods outside of the Reichland.? We ask that you please paradrop these supplies with zone 2, our occupation zone closet to the capital.? Also, you may fly in the advisors from the sea by helicopter to the sea-side city of Ulm.? We will re-feul these copters so they may be launched from the farthest possible range.? We hope this will work.


Thank you, and good luck.


TO: Deltannia

FROM: Liberty Fighters


Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


A small naval presence on our side would be greatly appreciated, as would an airforce that patrolled our skies.? We ask that you deploy fighter groups to just patrol the skies above our occupation zones, and repell any Reichland aircraft that attempts to enter.


Any troops that can be spared would be appreciated.?


Thank you greatly/




Message from the Furhrer to Marsitrana


Heil Furhrer!


We do not you meddling in our internal affairs.? The situation has not and will not turn into a civil war.? The Reichland military is being deployed to crush the uprising immiedatly.? Any solider from your nation that steps foot in the Riechland, will be considered an act of war.? Please keep your nose where it belongs.? This situation will not be anything you need to worry about, as we are across the bay from you.? again, please don't meddle in soveirgn nations affairs.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Liberty Fighters


As you may know, Deltannia's most impressive military venue would be its naval force. While we do not command a large air force, we will deploy several carriers along with necessary backup to provide an effective naval combat group for your cause. The carriers will be able to deploy satisfactory cover against the Reichland, but we will also be depending on smaller corvettes with anti-air capabilities to patrol the coasts. The necessary ships are being deployed as you have received this message.


Please coordinate efforts so that our combat group can be the most effective to your cause.


Deltannian Naval High Council

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Liberty Fighters


We thank you for deploying your forces. As for now, if you could just run constant patrols, we would be greatful. We shall let you know if we need and targets on the ground attacked. Thank you again.


OOC: Probaly my last spot for a day or maybe more. I don't expect to get internet until late tomorrow night, maybe Saturday. Just a heads up.

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*** ENCODED ***


TO: Liberty Fighters

FROM: Ministry of Defense, Tamurin


It is our goal to maintain unnoticed and officially neutral in this conflict as long as possible, so we cannot enter your airspace or waters with major assets like transport aircraft or freighters.


However, we can offer you this: Civilian cargo ships could transport the equipment and the advisors to zone 112 south of you. Local logistic companies could then transport everything up to your southern zone-of-control. That way you would get your equipment and we would be protected by two covering groups: The locals in zone 112 and the tamurinian arms enterprise.


Can you accept this?



Claudia Hartman

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OOC: Fifty thousand, Aristo?


That's a rather large deployment, especially when you have a couple of carrier fleets dotted about the place...

Imperial Palace Complex, Tagmatica, Tagmatium


Yet another meeting of the Imperial Government was taking place. This time, however, it was in the part of the Imperial Palace Complex that was set aside for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Eugenius Wilson.


?The Liberty Fighters, or whatever they are calling themselves, have sent a reply?, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, under whose jurisdiction came the dealings with the Reichland rebels. ?They are keen that we deploy a force of some kind. I think we can also assume that their plight has attracted a lot of attention from other Europan states, especially the meddlesome Confederates. Most of them will undoubtedly be supporting the rebels, aiming to get on the good side of any future regime that will spring up if and when the Fascists are defeated.


?At the moment, all we have offered, and sent, is a large shipment of arms and klibanion body armour. By air-drop, if my memory serves. This does commit us to action if they are intercepted or shot down,? the Minister re-settled the glasses on his nose and ran a hand through his short hair. ?It wouldn?t be disastrous if such a thing happened, but with a conflict with the Adaptons looming, it may put us in a position with many foreign regimes. My main issue is that there is a large current of support for rebels and insurrectionists in the region, one which could well threaten our own nation if any rebels surfaced. No governments are truly safe whilst this current still swirls about the region.?


There were several nods amongst the heads of the various ministries in the room, whilst those that didn?t nod shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. It was true, there was too much sentiment for insurrectionists in the region. And most other regimes wanted to help them, not so much to free the people, but to give themselves more diplomatic leverage with the new government when it came into power. Diplomacy was very much a ?great game?, with many powers attempting to gain an advantage over the others.


?So? do we risk a lot and move a combat force into the Reichland?? asked the Vice-Chancellor. ?I suspect it will take a while to mobilise any of our forces, unless they are moved from the Western Army, which could weaken any response to Confederate aggression.?


?Vice-Chancellor, I think that if the Confederacy was going to make a move on Fort Justinianus, it would have already made a move,? replied the Minister of War. ?Therefore, as a condition of moving some forces to support the Liberty Fighters, I suggest a stand-down of the Western Army, and those forces move back to their respective bases. This includes the HIAF.?


The Vice-Chancellor nodded. ?So be it. The Western Army is to stand down, whilst a force from the Eastern or Southern Armies is to be sent in support of the Liberty Fighters.?


?Actually, Ministers and the Vice-Chancellor, there is a third choice, neither of the Liberty Fighters or the Reichland,? rasped a voice from the far end of the table. It was from the Head of the Tagmatine Intelligence Network. ?Some of our agents in the area near both the Reichland and Marsitrania have seen evidence that Marsitrania is building up forces ? not to support the Liberty Fighters, or to aid the Reichland, but to ?enforce peace?. It may please the Imperial Government to get in touch with that of the Marsitranian administration.?

To: the Liberty Fighters

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Supplies


We are glad that you have received our supplies safe and sound. We will dispatch some more as soon as possible.


As for manpower, we can give no guarantees. Recently, the Aristocratic Confederation has been threatening our possessions in the west with their expansionist tendencies. There is also a war threatening with the nation of Adaptus, whose current government is oppressive, like the one which you are trying to free yourselves from.


Therefore, we will begin to mobilise a small expeditionary force, but this will not be ready before the beginning of next week.

To: the Government of Marsitrania

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Movements?


Honoured and Most Christian friends,


It has come to our attention that you are beginning to mobilise some forces along your border with the Reichland.


We presume that this has something to do with the current state of unrest in the Reichland, and that your government either wishes to support the Liberty Fighters or, more likely in our opinion, you wish to prevent any spreading of the confusion and violence which is currently wracking parts of the Reichland.


Therefore, in the interests of peace, Tagmatium would be prepared to send a force of soldiers to aid you in your enforcement of peace in the Reichland.


We await your reply.

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Byrne read the message from Tagmatium silently to himself. Then he scribbled a reply to be passed on to the couriers surrounding him in the war room.


To: Imperial Government of Tagmatium

From: High Chancellor Byrne, Marsitrania

Re: Movements


I am glad that your nation is willing to see our actions in their true light; we would welcome international assistance and a multi-national force composition. This is not an act of aggression and occupation. We wish only to stop the conflict in the Reichland from spilling over into our own region. The initial plan, to be announced to the Senate tomorrow, is to commit an initial force of 40,000 Marsitranian soldiers and many thousands of light vehicles, artillery, tanks and other supporting craft. Given the weak state of our navy, it will be a primarily Army and Air Force joint operation. Firebases will be set up ringing the zones of conflict with the object of containing the fighting to a strict quarentine. Neither the government nor the rebels must be allowed to escalate the conflict.


Our troops will begin deploying in early September. Joint operations would be welcomed. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your gracious offer.


Gabriel Byrne, High Chancellor

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To: High Chancellor Byrne of Marsitrania

From: Holy Emperor Commodus III of Tagmatium

Re: Movements


I thank you for your quick and honest reply.


The Imperial Government also realises that your nation?s actions aren?t attempts to carve up the land of the Reichland and incorporate it into your own nation, but a move to promote peace and security in both the Reichland and your own state.


Tagmatium will commit a similar number of troops, probably two divisions, both of 20,000 soldiers. Again, it will be composed of heavy and light armour, artillery, infantry and possibly aerial units and even a battle fleet from the Holy Imperial Navy, although that does depend on the current situation in Adaptus. We shall aim to have them ready for deployment by the end of August or the beginning of September, again keeping to your timescale.


Tagmatine units will of course operate jointly with forces from Marsitrania, and I ask permission that they are to be stationed in your nation before moving out to Hosagovinia. May I also suggest that, in the mean time, Tagmatine delegates, both military and political, are dispatched to you in order to discuss plans and aims.


I hope that this joint effort between our two nations will allow peace to return to Hosagovinia, and a beginning of a long, friendly and fruitful relationship between our two nations.


Commodus James,


Holy Emperor




The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

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FROM: Liberty Fighters

TO: Ministry of Defense, Tamurin



This is acceptable.  We look forward to recieveing the shipments soon.


Liberty Fighters Headquarters


"We must move now. Magi is soon to deploy, and we must take as much as we can before they do arrive. We have derieved plans to hopefully connect zone 2 and 3 by the end of the week. We should recieve some resistance, but we hope we can power through it."


Liberty Fighter Camps, Zone II


The new weapons and body armour had been distrubited. Vechiles had also been outfitted with machine guns, or other such larger weapons. Their commanders had recieved plans for them to move out. The "First Division" was called upon to lead an offensive south, to take more Reichland territory. The twenty thousand men were nervous, but eager with annicapation. Hoopefully soon, there would be a free Reichland.


The men gathered their supplies, an checked their equipment for the last time. The got into the trucks and prepared to move it. It was going to be a large convo of men that would head south. The "Second division" had also prepared to back up the first division when the expectted attack occured. The trucks soon pulled out of the camp, and were making their way south, to victory.


Soon a group of trucks came up on the first village not already controlled by the rebels. They stopped a kilometer short, and sent a recon team forward to investigate the town. They soon retruned and reported no enemy resistance. The convo moved forward and easily took the city. Many thought this war would be easy, but oh how were they wrong.


The Palace, Reichland Headquarters


"Why has there not been a military mobilisation or attack on the damn rebles?!" the Fuhrer growled.


"Sir, the army is preparing an attack soon, and our first aircraft are leaving for attacks on rebel territory now."


"Aye sir, we are preparing a large scale attack that should crush the rebels in there tracks."


"Good, this must be done quickly. We need to suppress them as soon as possible."


At that moment an aide busted into the room.


"Sirs! We have reports of rebel movement heading south from their controlled zone! They seem to be macking an attack."


"Gentlemen, this is war. I want your men to immideiatly mobilise and stop this advance in it's tracks. Get out of my face."


"Heil Fuhrer!" they chanted before leaving the room.


Southern Riechland


The rebel advance continued and by noon, they had gained over 100km of ground. They did not know however, that the next town they came upon would not be such an easy victory.


Down the highway from the rebel advance, 15,000 Riechland soildiers had been deployed to defend against the advance. Along the the same line, other Riechland army men had been deployed as well. The generals however new the importance of this town, as it was where three highways met, providing access to all of the Riechland almost. They set up in the buildings of the town, and waited for the rebels to arrive.


The rebel commanders had become cocky. Instead of sending a recon team forward to check out the next village, they decided to drive right in. What a killer mistake this would be. The first trucks came upon the city, and drove a few blocks with no signs of enemy. Out of no where explosions went off everywhere. The Reichland solider had mined the road. The effect was devasting. Almost all of the trucks that had already drove into the town had been destroyed. Reichland soliders popped out of the when and began with machine guns, assult rifles, rocket launchers, mortars and artillery on the other troops.


The trucks on the edge of the city began to feel artillery rain upon their heads.The men disembarked from the trucks and tried to form into groups during the chaos. The commanders decided to try and press the attack forward, a bad mistake. They sent the first battalion, 2,000 men strong on the intial attack. They ran forward into the fire, trying desperatly to make it to the first line of buildings. Luckily the rebels had recieved the body armour as it had saved many lifes. As soon as they made it to the edge of the town they began clearing the buldings. They had made it a block when artillery began to rain down upon them again.


The commanders outside the city where recieveing radio reports that said the men were pbogged down a block into the city. They were unsure of what course of action to take. The commanders decided to send the second of the three battalions they had, to reinforce the attack. Second Battilion was quickly deployed into the town, and revendoved with the remaining men of first battalion.


Artillery and mortars continued to fall on their heads, as well as machine guns and other small arms from buildings around them. Soon the shelling quit, and the streets fell quiet. Each side still knew the other was there, but wouldn't make a move. Soon the afternoon drifted into the evening, and the rebel commanders decided to pull out and dig in just outside the city. Once darkness hit they did just that. It was a restless night outside of that town.


Hearing of the struggle, the Second Division decided to send two battalions to reinforce the men from first division. they also decided to send the other battilions along the advancing front to reinforce it. The high commanders decided to put the advance on hold for the day, as other battilions began to run into Riechland resistance. It was going to be a long night for the rebels.

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To: Holy Emperor Commodus III

From: High Chancellor Gabriel Byrne


We are glad to see your interest in stabilizing this region and in bringing a lasting, productive peace. I will begin immediately making arrangements to station Tagmantine troops at staging bases on Marsitranian soil; please send your representatives. The operation will commence as soon as the appropriate forces have been mustered, which will likely take a week.


Together Marsitrania and Tagmatium, along with any other nations who wish to restore true peace and not merely tinker in diplomatic affairs, will stabilize the situation and restore order.

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OOC: Fifty thousand, Aristo?


That's a rather large deployment, especially when you have a couple of carrier fleets dotted about the place...

Did I not say "not all at once"... hmm.. they'd come little by little.

OOC: Just ignore I said that, Aristo. I realised I was wrong a bit later that day, but I was in no position to change that post.

To: High Chancellor Gabriel Byrne

From: Holy Emperor Commodus III

Re: Deployments


I think any idea to send representatives will only slow down the time table for our joint operations, at a time when we cannot afford to do this. I?ve decided to cancel this for the moment; your military commanders will have to give their Tagmatine counterparts in-depth briefing once they arrive in the staging bases designated for them.


My one fear is that there are many nations, or so I suspect, interested in aiding the rebels for their own ends. Do you think that there is a likelihood that our forces will be caught in the middle of fighting between the rebels, their foreign allies and the forces of the Reichland? Of course, it?s not to say that I am afraid of deploying my forces into combat, nor are the Tagmatine forces by any means inexperienced, but I am wary of creating a much larger conflict involving the forces of several other large foreign powers.

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