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Bundesreplick von Hosaland

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Hello mates, this is Hosagovinia. This is my second NS nation, and it was just created the other day, so the population and everything is super tiny. As you can see my nation is German, and many of its characteristics are based of of real-life Germany. I'm thinking of starting an RP ith the overthrowing of my former rogue regime, and installing democracy. Look for it soon!


Oh and my flag will be the one of the new nation, so I might not leave it up for the RP.

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Ey, yo, what's good? Coincidentally, my nation really has nothing to do with Swedes or Mongolians, but the name has nonetheless stuck. More properly known as The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa.


Anywho, kick back here, this is a good region, has been for about two years now, as far as I can tell you.

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