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The King and I


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OOC: This a continuation from my news thread.




Winston was arriving home from his ordeal in Tamurin. He had suffered a bad leg injury, and was now on crutches. He walked into his office, greated by his secratary, and several ministers. He was acompanied by Jason, who had traveld with him to Tamurin. His Home Secratary, Philp Bariles said broke the silence as Winston walked in, and sat down. "Sir, all your requests have been put to action. Their is a camara or listening device in very home, and in every street. Civil Protection have taken over most of the militaries internal jobs, as well as the police roles, and have aprehended over 40,000 anti-adsoc criminals."


Winston looked up at him, and with a strong voice replied. "Good. And Big Brother?"


"It's in place sir. Big Brother is the fear of the population." The Home Secratary replied, with a wide grin.


"Exelent. Now we can turn our attension to schools. I want all the damn kids from the age they start school, to be brainwashed into extreamly loyal Adsoc citizens, so loyal they will turn on their perants. We'll open youth clubs, and brianwash them there, call them the spies."


"Sounds great sir. Oh and I can greatly say, that every citizen has now been issued with the blue overalls. Apart from party members ofcourse."


"Good, another job done." Just as Winston finished, his secratary poped her head in the door.


"Sir, his majesty, King Hollowfield has requested a meeting with you."


Winston scowled at the woman. "Tell that bastard to piss of, can he not see i'm in pain and in need of rest."


The woman nodded, and Winston carried on his convosation. Several minutes later, the secratary came back in. "Sir the King says it's urgant."


"Tell him i'm f*cking busy!" Winston snapped, the people in the room all scowled hard at the secratary. and again Winston carried on his talking.


About half an hour later, a large anterauge of cars pulled up outside the Prime Ministers building. A large contingant of men steped out from the cars. They made their way to the door, wherea Civil Protection guard halted them, the lead member of the group flashed a pass, the guard bowed, and let them through. The figures made their way up to Winstons office. The secratary ran out to stop them. "Excuse me but the Prime Minister has asked not to see anyone at the moment!" She firmly stated.


The lead figure the lead figure, wearing a long hooded jacket. lifted his head, and looked at the woman. "I belive I can have a word with anyone." Several of his men beghind him, readyed themselves, and prepered to draw weapons.


The secratary looked at the man. "Guards!" She shouted, and several Civil Protection men approched from behind her, all armed with assault rifles. "Get rid of these men". They just about leveled their weapons, when the five men of the hooded figure fired off their weapons, gunning the Civil Protection guards down. The main figured drew back his hood, and stared right throught the secratary. She could not belive her eyes. It was the King, she had ordered people to shoot at the King, oh she would pay.


King Charles barged past the woman, and his men, now reviled to be 13 Company soldiers, broke down Winstons door. Winston looked and his jaw droped. His ministers were all around him. "Now one dares denie a meeting with me you arogant bastard. Everyone out of the f*cking room now!" Charles roard the command at the occupants of the room, and the 13 Company guards, eascorted the ministers out of the room. Winston looked up at the King, his face now extreamly serious. "Winston, what the hell are you doing to my country?"


Winston looked up, and then stood up, aided by his crutches, he made his way to the drinks cabinet, poured and poured a drink. "Your majesty,would you care for a drink?" He asked politely.


"Oh so you have the bollocks to tell one of your secrataries to tell me to piss off over the phone, but yet tp my face, you dont have the bollocks to confront me?" Charles countered. Winston then looked at him again.


"Listen your majesty I run this country, your nothing but a figure head these days. I have as much power as you. The people are getting tired of having a King to pay for. Maybe we would be better off a republic."


"How dare you speack for the people, you hold none of their values. Your killing anyone who does not support you, your starving people with your rationing."


"And what are you going to do eh? I never see you using your powers for good."


"I dont have to, thats what your for, or have you forgotten that?"


"Listen I can run this country how I like, and if your not going to help me, then i'll get rid of you." Winston drew a pistol from his jacket. Charles was stunned. He was not a military man, he had never fired a weapon, before, or had any training. While Winston had many times before. Charles, was also unarmed. "Now Charles get the f*ck out of my country. Or I'll have you killed."


"So you think you can take on my military?"


"Ha, the Civil Protection is as good as a military now. It has tanks, it has planes, it has everything. However, it's mine, and it's twice the size of your presious FDF."


"Fine then, i'll leave." Charles face droped, he had been defeated. It was time to leave this land, and retreat to Tagmatium. "But you will regret your abouse to this nation."


"Ha, you are the only hope, once you leave, you military will fall apart. Then whats left will join Civil Protection, and a new era of Adaptus will emerge. Stronger, and more powerfull under the new Republic. We'll challange the regional leader. We'll sweap into Akiiryu, we'll devistate Tagmatium, we'll then head north and blitz all the way to Deltannia. We'll strike so far south as the Mongle-Swedes, and area 51. Then we'll push further. I'll revenge my injuries in Tamurin, and push on to Orioni, and then the Rest of Europa. This region will be mine."


"Your sick you fool!"


Winston lifted the gun again to remind the King not to raise his voice. Charles then looked and signed. "Ok Charles, get out now."


"Ok, but remeber, the people of Adaptus are not stupid. Remeber the Fatherists. Even Ramsey mannaged to rescue the nation them, with hardly any support from the military. I'll be back."


"You'll be dead before you even reach the coast."


"So be it then." Charles, with a long face then walked out of the room, ordered the 13 Company men with him, and continued out of Adaputs. Before his left Hartford hall, he sent out three messages.





To: His Imperial Majesty, Holy Emperor Commodus III of Tagmatium

From: His Royal Majesty King Charles Hollowfield of Adaptus.


Again my dear friend and ally, I write to you. As a result of my meeting with Winston. I have at gunpoint been forced out of my nation. As you read this, I am on a boat, already half way to Tagmatium. I'm sad to say, but I am exiled.


I have sent an order the Federation Defence Force. It is being chased up by the Civil Protection Winston is using as his personal army. My order was for them to evacuate as many people, as they can, and follow my vessel to Tagmatium, I hope you dont mind my friend.


I look forward to our first meeting, and again, thank you for your help.






To: General Staff Officer, FDF HQ

From: His Royal Highness, King Charles Hollowfield.


My troops, you will follow me to the end of the earth. Even though I have no military exerpirance, or training. You follow me. Your have the greatest respect for me, as I do for yourself's. I fear I have been Exiled from our nation, by Winston O'Brian Smith. I also fear he is using his Civil Protection, to round up major generals, and replace them with his Civil Protection pawns.


So, it is due to this I give you this order. Get as many civilians as possible, and evacuate them to Tagmatium, following my ship, which has already left for Tagmatium, the cordonates are attached to this letter. The remaining people, I want you to protect. As of now Adaptus is in a state of Civil War.


I shall return in due time. But for now, I must depart, and I shall return at the turn of the tide.




To: The Plutocrat Party

From: His Royal Highness King Charles Hollowfield.


My friends. Dispite your efforts, Winston and his goons have ordered me out of the country. I Would urge you out of Adaptus, and link up with the nearest miliytary unit, still loyal to me, and leave with them. If it is not possible, I want you to lead the fight in my apsence.


Oh, and to Andrew Wilson. If you still have any controle over Vickers. Use them to your advantage. Good bye.

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To: His royal majesty, King Charles Hollowfield of Adaptus

From: His Imperial Majesty, Commodus III of Tagmatium

Re: Asylum


My friend,


It saddens me to read that you have been forced from your nation by such people, but doesn?t surprise me.


I have alerted the High Seas fleet to your predicament, and the Vice-Drungarius, Stylianus Ethelred, has dispatched a small portion of his fleet, his flagship, to your aid. I don?t think that your renegade government will decide to pursue, as open warfare with an old ally may entirely shake their hold upon your people.


The High Seas fleet has also been alerted to the possibility of other vessels fleeing your nation, and so will track them down and defend them whilst guiding them to Tagmatine ports.


I have also made arrangements for a picturesque, more importantly, easily defendable, Imperial palace to be put at your disposal. It has commanding views of a valley and cannot be approached by anyone without them being seen. The fortifications of the palace are also very impressive. A company of my personal bodyguard is already there. They will protect you from any AdSoc assassins with their lives.


Yours sincerely,


Commodus James,


Holy Emperor of


The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

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To: His Imperial Majesty, Holy Emperor Commodus III of Tagmatium

From: His Royal Majesty King Charles Hollowfield of Adaptus.


We thank you greatly once again. Your service to me and my people shall not be forgotten. We will repay you in whatever way you need after this crisis. Again I thank you so much. Tagmantines truly are the Holy Sons of the Lord.




Meanwhile in Adaptus....


Winston o'Brian Smith had successfuly gotten rid of the King now the country could resive his full attension. He stood up onto a podium out side of the Adaptainum. A mass of crowds had assembled before him. In their droves, they stood, lifless. No one dare not attend the Pater Patriae's speaches, otherwise find themselfs held within the newly named "Ministry of Love". A far cry from it's alluded name sake.


"My People!" Winston began. The weary eyes drew toward his direction. as the Civil Protection surrounded the crowd. "Your freedom has finaly come. I have elimenated the King. We have no longer his figure hung over us like a reaper, ready to take away your freedoms. I have put an end to the Adapton imperialist pigs of old. You, my people are now free. Welcome to the Res Publica Federation of Adaptus." A large chear arose from the crowd. Again no one dared not to chear, for if the Civil Protection laid eyes on them, they could no longer be "free".




Winston continued his speach to the weary masses outside the Adaptainium. While on the other side of Adaptus, on the Imperian coast to the west. The Army had amassed and crowds of refugees fled to ships awaiting in the harbour. Several Ships had set sail. escoarted by several naval ships. As three Adsoc infested ships approched from the north, blocking the quickest route to Tagmatium. The Loyalist ships began to discharge a massive barrage against the Adsoc ships. Which struck them hard, as the Loyalists tried to force a hole for the other ships to exit.


On the ground, outside the port town of Westport, where the action was happening. The Civil Protection had massaed. They lined a hill to the east of the port. Armed with Tanks, and well equipt with Adsocs own bread of IWS, they began to advance on the port. The Royal Parachute Regiment who were defending the eascapees rushed to counter the advance, although out numbered they fought hard. Several Taurus and Stingray tanks had been stationed with the Paras, but again were out numbered.


The Civil Protection use the tactic of sword and shield on the Loyalists, and the Civil Protection infantry, closed down on the Paras, hemming them in against the ourskirts of the city. Then a wave of Vickers Cossack tanks swept into the infantry. The Taurus tanks of the Loyalists, fired hard, knocking out several enemy tanks. However, the over whelming infantry of the Adsoc grunts, was to much, and the Paras fell back to the ships.


Luckly, all the ships mannaged to get away. At the end of the day, twelve loyalist naval vessels mannaged to escape. As well as over twenty large civil ships full of refugees. Seven Regiments of the Loyalists mannaged to also escapse. Yet in tatteers. The opoeration of evacuations was deemed a success. over 25,000 troops mannaged to escape, and over 200,000 Adapton people mannaged to flee. However, this was just the begining of the war. A civil war had fallen upon Adaptus, and the remainin troops of the King's prepered to mount a large campaign, untill their King returned, and came to the rescue of the desperate troops.

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?So ? we?re allowing the Adapton King and refugees to flee here? Doesn?t that verge on an act of war??


Gebeon Tonaras, the shady Minister of the Interior, was led back lazily in his chair. Concern didn?t show in the way he sat or his face, but ever-so-slightly in his voice. The Holy Emperor turned around in his chair and gave him a long, hard stare.


?Well, then, Mr. Tonaras, what would you suggest?? replied the Holy Emperor after giving the Minister an uncomfortably long look. ?Leaving them all at the mercy of the Civil Protection? That would be distinctly un-Christian? No, we shall take them in. I feel that Mr. O?Brian-Smith would think twice about attacking Tagmatium. For one thing, I suspect that some of Adaptus? neighbours are carefully watching goings-on in the Federation, and lifting a hand against one nation will cause a swift and forcible change of regime.?


All pairs of eyes had turned to the mosaic on the floor of the room, which showed a political map of the region. To the south, lay the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu and Mongol-Swedia, to the north was Vocenae. Commodus stood up from his chair at the desk of the Imperial Office, and walked around the mosaic.


?Which does bring me to a uniquely Adapton condition which we have all seen cropping up time and time again. First of all there were the corrupt Fatherists, then Ramsey became a dictator, and now there are the Social-Fascist Adapton ?Socialists?.? A thought occurred to the Holy Emperor, and he turned towards the Minister of the Interior. ?By the way, whatever happened to those our own Fatherist party??


Tonaras shrugged. ?George Alacus? I do believe he had an accident a few months ago. The bus he was using to tour around the Borea whilst trying to drum up support for the Fatherists had a break fluid leak. Went straight over a cliff. A few III men ensured there were no survivors. The movement in Tagmatium had more or less died of lack of public interest a good few months before that, though.?


The Holy Emperor nodded. Fatherism was too much of a threat to the Greater Holy Empire, and threats to the Greater Holy Empire did have a habit of disappearing.


?So, to get back on subject, we are providing King Charles with a refuge against the attentions of these barbarians now in charge. I have also made preparations for him to use one of the Imperial palaces in the Cotswalan mountains, one of the more impenetrable ones. He will also have a company of Imperial Household Guards to protect him, on top of the ones he already has with him.?


?Commodus, won?t there be a chance that some of those feeling Adaptus will be AdSocmen rather than genuine refugees?? asked the Vice-Chancellor.


?Of course. But I have no idea yet how to deal with that. Apparently, there are 200,000 Adaptons fleeing here. We have no choice other than to let them in and then play it by ear.?

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Back in Adaptus....


Within hours of the King, and the refugees leaving, Civil Protection launched a massive nationwide raid across all political parties, and many other non-followers of AdSoc. Winston had declared himself the ultimate leader of Adaptus, with his party. He now slipped from the light, and left it to his party members to do his outing deeds. He had his grasp on the country, his iron fist, and no one would challenge him, they were to scared.


The Loyalists, who fended off the Civil Protection from getting to the refugees had now either been arrested, killed or has dispersed into the masses. Civil Protection was now the dominant force in Adaptus. Andrew Wilson, the head of the Plutocrat Party, and former head of Vickers had slipped away, and was now residing underground with the other Loyalists. He still had major ties with Vicker, and had told them to keep their most deadly products out of the range of AdSoc, and he had managed to get them to smuggle a few thousand rifles, and ammunition out of their main plant to the underground Loyalists.




In Losdow. A man was walking out of his apartment building. It stunk. Lack of cleaning in the past, and now with AdSoc in charge, the lack of cleaning was higher. He walked out of his building, wearing his new blue set of overalls, which made him look more of a convict then a citizen. He sauntered around the corner to see a large poster with the face of a man staring at him. He stopped and paused to look at the hideous image. The man, very lean and masculine, with a thick black moustache, watched him where ever he went. "Big Brother is watching" the caption at the bottom read. This was a bad start the man thought, and he carried on his business of the day.

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MSNBC News Flash!


Totalitarianism reigns in Adaptus. After a bloody and sweeping crackdown on political opponents, the political entity known as 'AdSoc' has achieved complete and utter control of the Adapton regime, with a severe degradation of civil liberties and a complete restructering of the politcal process in Adaptus, with little regard to the will of its citizens. The Tribal Tribunal has condemned this gross act of disgrace to the true Socialist cause in the world, and has authorized a declaration of hostilities against the nation. Millions of Freedom Fighters received the call to arms, and going with them is the elite Fighters of the Oppressed Freedom Fighter Group, the same Group that originally liberated the Union from its oppressors.

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"Mr. Mirko? Are you in here?" The aide asked as she walked through the door into the head office of the SS. Mirko was sitting at his desk overlooking next years budgets. "Yes?" He replied. She set a black folder with a red "X" spanning the folder. "Uh-oh..." Mikro said aloud. "Whose problem?"




"Dear Lord." He said as he opened the folder. He took out a picture of one of the Civil Protection Units. "Adapton grade weapons in the hands of some commie? And he's not a pleasant human being."


"It becomes more complicated. He's ousted the King from Adaptus, who has fled to Tagmatium. This Winston fellow is a bit of an aggressive leader as well, both internally and otherwise."


"Aemilianus know about this?"


"Yes he does. He's in Tarentum Command and they are waiting for you to arrive so a stratagy can be formalized."


Mirko stood and rushed out the door. Outside several cars were waiting on the curb. Some of which were police units with their lights flashing. Mirko stepped into the limousine. The escorts sped off heading for TC.

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The fighter jets screamed in low over the surface of the water, the pilots looking left and right from their cockpits. The pair of Aquila Vertical Take Off and Landing fighters were just two of the 30 such aircraft the Tagmatine fleet had put into the air to act as guards for the fleeing Adapton refugee ships. As yet, no pursuing AdSoc ships had been spotted, but the pilots would not hesitate to rake any enemy ship from end to end with missiles and cannon fire.


The rest of the detachment of the High Seas fleet had positioned itself at numerous points along the convoy of refugee ships. The Basileus battleship, HIS Constantius III and the Oracle class HIS Prognosticator made up the rear guard. The Oracle class Communications and Detection light cruiser was monitoring all know Adapton naval communications channels, as well as using long-rang radar to sweep the surrounding sea for signs of enemy vessels. Vice-Drungarius Ethelred was confident that the portion of his fleet that he was now commanding would be able to deal with any chasing AdSoc shipping, especially with his flagship?s ?Pyr Thassalion? missile system.


The admiral knew that it was going to be difficult to find enough port space on the north coast of Tagmatium for the thousands of vessels fleeing from the regime of Prime Minister O?Brian-Smith, especially the larger military ones that also fled. The port-cities such as Theis would be full to the brim with the vessels, and on top of that homes would have to be found for the 200,000 plus refugees.


It wasn?t really any of Ethelred?s business. He would have to guard the fleeing ships and boats, from the size of trawlers to ocean liners, from the attentions of the malicious and apostate regime which they fled from.

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Charles Hollowfield was on board his medium sized yacht, he had fuilled it to the brim of his helpers, close friends, and family, to try and get them our of Adaptus. He came on deck, as he could see the north coast of Tagmatium, and the large Tagmntine naval and air presance. He looked behind his vessel to see the large contingant of the Adapton naval ships. Right approching alongside his yacht was the FRS Adroptian II One of the Maximus II carriers. Several F-35's were taking off, to swich patrol with another few aircraft.


He looked further back, and saw the other ships, crammed, full of the refugees. They were tired, and sceared, he could see from here. This was a harsh riminder to him of how it alsways seemed that in Adaptus, the greedy, and power hungary always took controle. Ever since parliamanet was given equal powers to the King. He thought that, if he suvied this, it was time for change.




Back in Adaptus...


The man was at his home, in his apartment block in Losdow. It was a bare place now. Most of his luxuaries had been confenscated, and now where, his television once stood, their was a large new television. He had called it the propoganda box, due to that was the only thing that ever came out of it. He could not turn it off. It came on as if someone controled it, by a large switch, every day at 6:30 am, and whent off at 8:30pm. However, this was not the only thing it done. It also watched him. Behind it's thin glass screem, was Big Brother. The entity that now haunted Adaptus.


The previouse day, the man had witnessed a raid. A raid donw the corridor from his apartment. The Civil Protection had burst in, and massacured three people who were suspected Political Criminals. Yet, all they had done was say, openly state they did not support the new government, and now they were dead.


"01 76582, Fairfax, Philip J. Why are you not at work? It is 7:03am, your time to leave the living area is 7:00am!" Came a squacking voice from the 'propoganda box'. Philp Faifax jumped up at once, and made his way to work.

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+ Priority Encrypted Message +

To: The Plutocrat Party

From: Miirosi Defense Ministry

RE: Resistance


We're not sure if you're even able to get this message, but Miiros would like to help your cause further due to the exile of your king and the worsening situation. Money is not enough anymore, you will need weapons and supplies if you are to keep the hope of liberty alive in your nation.


Miiros is willing to smuggle in military-grade weaponry, explosives, ammunition, and medical, food, and basic survival supplies to your people who wish to resist the government. Just tell us where you want them dropped off and our people will get them there.


John Haggerty, Defense Minister

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?Sir, the Prognosticator reports some usage of naval communications channels. They?ve not reported what has been said, but they have also picked up radar signatures of several vessels. From the size, they suspect they are warships. And they?re approaching fast.?


The Vice-Drungarius took the report silently, then span to address the rest of the bridge.


?Gentlemen, we have contact. I want every ship in the convoy alerted to the enemy presence, and every Holy Naval ship is under express orders to protect the refugee ships over themselves. I would rather lose a few dozen sailors than a thousand civilians, if you forgive my callousness.?


As soon as Ethelred finished speaking, a siren rang across the bridge, alerting everyone on board to enemy contact. The bridge crew hurried about their stations, and the main deck of the Constantius III began to slide open as the missile system of the ship was brought into action.

The two Aquila fighters had also seen the enemies approaching, and flew towards them to provide intelligence on the size of the enemy force.


The shapes became clearer as the two fighters approached.


?Bridge, this is Aquila 1, the enemy force comprises of three destroyers, three corvettes and a missile cruiser, over.?


Before the bridge of the Constantius III could reply, warning lights came on in the pilot?s HUD.


?Sh*t, I?ve got a missile locked on.?


Aquila 1 began to looked back in his cockpit, to see an enemy aircraft tailing him.


?Bridge, they?ve got an aircraft carrier as ??


The missile had hit him before he could continue his reply.

?Enemy aircraft, coming in!?


The shout made everyone stop slightly in the bridge. All of the officers looked about, to see about a dozen jets coming low across the water. They all also realised that the targets of the pilots wasn?t the military escort, but the packed refugee ships themselves.


The first barrage of missiles slammed into several ships, including a packed ocean liner.


?Get me the position of that carrier,? screamed the admiral. ?I want those aircraft down!?


The second attack run of the traitor Adapton aircraft had rapidly been broken up and dissolved into dog-fights with both loyalist Adapton and Tagmatine aircraft. The AA weaponry on the Basileus had also accounted for a few, the traitor pilots thinking that the battleship had the traditional weakness of its class.


?Vice-Drungarius, we have the coordinates. Do I fire?? asked one of the gunnery officers.


?Of course! Send the treacherous scum to hell!?


From the deck of the Constantius III, a barrage of a half-dozen large missiles were launched, and sped away towards the enemy carrier, which was apparently of the source of the fighters which had thrown themselves at the refugee ships.

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As the Adsoc ships got closer, more fighters from the CPS Hoplite II had taken off. Just as they did, 3 missiles struck the deck and hull of the ship. demobalising it for now. The men on the bridge kept working to keep it going. They scurried across the deck putting out fires and getting more aircraft off the deck, untill all 18 of the ships F-35's were off the ship.


In responce, a Fulchian class missile cruiser fired an Exocet IIII missile at the Constantius III. The missile was watched by almost everyone in the ocean at the time, as if in slow motion. It came down, and struck the Constantius III's hull. As it now plowed on directly at the Tagmantine fleet.


Back with the refugee's, the ocean liner which was struck priviously was now capsised, the other civil ships darted across the water to pick up passangers who ad suvived the sinking, and were now in the water. Fleet Admiral Johnson was at the bridge of the Adroptian II, the large Maximus II carrier. His anger rose as he saw the ships go down. He ordered every aircraft off the ship, and to attack the enemy fleet. That ment 16 F 35's and 16 Vityaz aircraft would be airborn. He also ordered the three Europafighter Typhoon Mk 2's off the decks, to strick the highly digitised Adsoc fleets, with chaff and EMP.


Another person who felt the anger was up and coming Commadore Mark Huchingson. He commaned the FRS Gustus, a very fast, and very manouverable Vestian class destroyer. Without command from his admiral, he plowed the vessel out of formation, and strait into the Adsoc fleet. He had all of the Exocet launchers lock onto the Fulchian Class which had struck the Tagmantine ship, and fired a full barrage. The missiles struck at point black, and with massive effect. The ship was totaled, and began to breack in the water. He then plowed forward for the Hoplite II which had sent in the fighters aginst the refugee ships. He fired the 80mm gun at the hull continuosly as he plowed striat for the vessel. He commaned the Marine Commandos aboard his ship to arm themselfs. He fired two more exocets at the ship, which agin strick it's deck and hull. This time it would not keep on going.


The Gustus came right alongside the hull of the illustrious class vessel, and luckly the assault door to the rear of the vessel was open, and deploying smaller boats for the crewmen to escape. The marines jumped into the water, from the side of the smaller destroyer, and began to swim into the open hull doors. Aiding them, final three small assault boats had been droped into the water, picked up the marines who were still in the water, and took them to link up with the other marines who had swam in. Now the Hoplite II was being boarded. By now some of the other Adsoc vessesl were begining to flee the scene. Luck for them it was thought.

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The Constantius III now had a large hole in its side, just above the water line. The damage itself wasn?t serious enough, but it would mean that the battleship would play no further part in the defence of the convoys and would be forced to return to port, either in Theis or Petrium, the only two ports where large enough dry docks for the huge battleship existed.


Ethelred was angry about this, as his favoured flagship would now be forced to withdraw from its duties.


?Vice-Drungarius, the AdSoc vessels are beginning to withdraw,? said an officer. ?The vessel that holed us is now a blazing hulk. Do I give the order for our quicker ships to pursue??


The admiral shook his head. ?No, captain. We must concentrate on protecting the rest of the convoy.? He turned to another officer on the bridge. ?Lieutenant, do you have the casualty reports from our vessel and the others??


The lieutenant nodded and scurried off to retrieve the lists. In the meantime, the Vice-Drungarius turned to the commander of his flagship.


?Well, captain, what do you think of that engagement??


?I think we did the best we could have, Vice-Drungarius. God only knew that the AdSoc forces were going to attack the refugee ships first. I had no idea that they were such a bunch of barbarians.?


?Well, I think it does now make our position against them all the more clearer, captain,? replied Ethelred. ?It shows to the entire region that the AdSoc cannot be reached on ordinary diplomatic levels. I suspect that they can only be toppled by force, though.?


Both men sank into silence as they considered the effort that would lie ahead, if force would be the only means of toppling the godless regime of Winston O?Brian-Smith. The lieutenant returned with the casualty lists, both from the Constantius III and the other ships in the Tagmatine escort that had been attacked by the AdSoc vessels. The Constantius III had lost two fighter jets, and the pilots had been shot as they parachuted down. The Exocet missile had killed a half-dozen ratings and injured the same number again. The escort carrier had had three fighters downed, to a kill ratio of about 1:3. A few other destroyers had also lost about twenty sailors altogether.


The reason why the Tagmatine escort had lost so few crewmen was because of the AdSoc forces targeting the refugees. Several ships, including the largest and most packed one, had been sunk or crippled, and most of the Holy Imperial Navy ships now were carrying a few hundred survivors between them.


The convoy now continued with its journey, however this time they did so without fear of further attack by any renegade Adapton naval units.

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Charles Hollowfield looked back again. He was steaming. Luckily his small yacht was covered by the gargantuan Adroptian II, which had come up alongside the Royal yacht as protection. He looked back can could see bodies, of his own people in the water. Most of the larger Adapton Loyalist ships were now towing the immobile civil ships. He then noticed that the Illustrious class assault ship, which had been stormed by the marines was too being towed. It had been captured, and most of his crew had surrendered after the death of their captain. It would not belong now however, until they were on land, and Charles could see the extent of the damage properly.




Back in Adaptus....


Philip Jonathan Fairfax. A widower, and quiet man. He formally worked in as a reporter for the Evening Chronicle, a big newspaper in Losdow. Now he worked writing up propaganda in the Ministry of Truth. Formerly the Ministry of the Interior. He had no children, and lived alone his he now bare apartment.


Fairfax was now in his free time. He had finished his shifted in the Ministry of Truth, and was now visiting a friend. His friend, who happened to be a party member. Was wealthy and lived a completely different life to Fairfax. "Philip, have you heard of what?s happened to the refugees in the Ranke sea?" Fairfax's friend stood up, and walked over to his 'propaganda box', and thanks to his party member position, he turned it off.


"Of course I have, It's the only rumour going round that makes sense."


"Well, I've heard, thought party meetings, that not all the loyalists got away. The army and air force have dissolved underground it is thought, and still have the bulk of their equipment. Civil Protection are being mobilised to get rid of them."


"I see." Fairfax was intrigued by this. Deep down he was a hardened loyalist, he knew it. Under his, AdSoc loving fizard was a loyalist dieing to get out. He thought he would investigate this.

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In front of a fairly large crowd in Petrium, the second city of Tagmatium, the leader of the Tagmatine Communist Party, Richard Bowman stood on a podium and gave a speech.


?I am not here to support the actions of the Imperial Government towards the Adapton Socialist government. Indeed, on the contrary, I entirely disagree with their position to the only true Socialist regime in the region. I am also disgusted with other, purportedly Socialist, nations in Europa. They should be supporting Prime Minister O?Brian-Smith and his actions, rather than attempting to make war upon them.


?The attack on the refugees fleeing across the Sea of Kings was an act of treason, not by the Adapton Socialist government, but by so-called ?loyalists? who only wish to destabilise the Adapton government by making the entirely innocent regime the focus of bad feeling in Europa. The Imperial Government is party to these actions, especially by providing asylum to their former King who has been ejected by the Proletariat of Adaptus after years of abuse and exploitation by this capitalist class, which has finally been purged from the People?s Federation. Adaptus itself can finally, and truly, be described as a nation ruled by the people, for the people, rather than by the bourgeoisie, for the bourgeoisie at the expensive of the ordinary working man.


?Several times, the working classes of Adaptus have attempted to throw off the shackles forced upon them by the elitist government, only for an international coalition to dash their hopes. This is because they, the elitist bourgeoisie nations, monarchies and democratic talking-shops, fear the strength of the people, the true, working people, of the region. They fear that if they show in Adaptus how strong the Proletariat are, that the downtrodden masses in their own states will revolt and smash down the status quo, toppling the steeples and palaces that are monuments to the oppression of the workers.


?The Imperial Government calls itself Socialist, but this is nothing more than a sham and a barefaced lie. Were they truly such, they would not be allowing the tyrant of Adaptus a bolt-hole in Tagmatium, but to hand him back to those he has oppressed for years and allow them to take revenge for the suffering and indignities he and his cronies have inflicted upon them for so long.


?Were they truly Socialist, they would remove themselves from the Orthodox Church, that engine of oppression built upon lies, created to hypnotise the working people and distract them from the wrongs placed done to them by the governments of the region.


?The same can be said of all of the Socialist nations in the region. They are not true Socialists, but Social Fascists, intent upon supporting the Capitalist regimes in the region whilst under a pretence of liberation for the ordinary people, the true martyrs and saints, not those fabricated in the name of ?God?, an idea no true Socialist could ever believe in.


?Therefore, I call upon the oppressed Proletariat of the region, whether Tagmatine, Miirosi or Emakeran, to unite and show their support for the Adapton Socialists, who are being hounded by the status quo for daring to liberate themselves from their exploiters and obtain their manifest destiny of a Socialist paradise, where they can work for themselves and not for the capitalist classes who rape them of the fruits of their labours, in return for a pittance, starvation and illness.


?Rise, brothers, rise and show your support for our brothers in Adaptus! Disrupt the war machines ranged against Adaptus! Rise, and join the only true Socialist society in the region! Rise, and smite your enemies and make them suffer the humiliations which they have forced upon you for so long!?


The crowd was silent for a moment, and then broke out into wild applause of the speaker. They cheered him on all points that he had made, and they knew that he spoke the truth on the matter.

Towards the rear of the crowd, a pair of Internal Intelligence Inspectors, field Inspectors at that, were carefully monitoring the situation. One had been recording the speech using a directional microphone, whilst the other had been noting down prominent members of both the crowd and the speakers. Richard Bowman hadn?t been the only speaker, although he was the headline act, so to speak. There had been others as well, lesser members of the Communist Party or members of the other radical left wing organisations in the Greater Holy Empire. The Inspectors mentally racked up charges for all those involved; sedition, blasphemy, heresy?


What did surprise both members of the III were the shear size of the audience, and the vocal support of the points in the speech of Mr. Bowman. Tagmatium was a left-wing nation, and so it did have a lot of support amongst the working classes and the lower middle class, as well as the landed families. It could well be that Petrium, site of the capital of the Conservative League during the Civil War, was beginning to react to this and slip towards the more extreme end of left-wing politics.


However, they were both rudely awakened from their thoughts by the baleful gaze of a large portion of the crowd and words from the podium.


?Look at those two over there!? shouted Bowman, still at the bank of microphones. ?Agents for oppression of the working class! Like feral dogs, they are! Snapping at the heels of all good honest men, feeding on the labours of others!?


The Inspectors began to back out of the crowd, whose faces had all turned to looks of hatred and loathing. A drinks can was thrown, and then another, and soon the two Inspectors were being pelted with all sorts of missiles. Most of it bounced off the heavy body armour they wore, but some thudded into less well protected parts of their bodies.


They drew truncheons from their belts and had to fight their way clear, before running off down a side street, pursued by a fairly large mob, but which quickly petered out.

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Charles' yacht was pulling into the Tagmantine port of Dyrrachium. Charles looked back and saw the columns of smoke from the damaged ships rising into the air. It had been some experience crossing the Sea of Kings. But it was finally over. As he looked at the harbour, he could see crowds of Tagmatines gathering. He turned to General Grevus, the bloke who commanded the Royal Marines.


"Make sure those refugees get on land, and get seen to."


"Yes your majesty."


A Panther helicopter flew over their heads, and landed on the land about 70 meters to the right of the pears, and a clearing. Out stepped a group of six men. All military, most field commanders, however, these were now the new General Staff, Charles government in exile.




Construction was underway of the new government head quarters. It was to be a large tall tower. The tallest in Losdow, capable of overseeing the whole of the city and more. It would house Civil Protection HQ, as well as other departments. Known as the Core, it was to be just that.

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*Carried By MSNBC*

TO: All Nations of Europa

FROM: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

SUBJECT: The AdSoc Regime


The Union refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the AdSoc regime. Reports from our associates in the MMRTA, who were operating a convoy in the Tagmatium area during the recent naval battle there involving Tagmatium Navy vessels and Adapton ships loyal to its legitimate government, who exchanged fire with vessels whose crews were loyal to the AdSoc terrorist regime as the terrorists fired upon unarmed noncombatant vessels carrying Adapton citizens fleeing the hostile takeover by the AdSoc regime.


Recently the Tribal Tribunal considered sending in a civil rights investigation committee to ensure that the AdSoc regime was as diplomatically instated as they had claimed. However, this issue is no longer on the table, as these terrorists have already clearly demonstrated that they are not above murdering their own citizens in cold blood, as was witnessed in the Sea of Kings. Any rumors of a supposed 'frame-up' are ridiculous; Again, the MMRTA administration has already provided this Tribunal with clear evidence that fully implicates the AdSoc regime in this travesty.


The Union cannot see any other reason to delay a call to arms to end the tyrannical rule of this regime that falsely claims to have the interests of its workers in mind, and will not hesitate to see that these murderers will all see the justice they deserve.


We also want to inform the Tagmatium government that we are willing to provide additional support for the welfare of the refugees that their people have graciously welcomed into their homeland. An agreement with the Red Crescent is probable.


Footage of various military units, homeland militias, and general citizens in demonstration against the AdSoc regime.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

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To: the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Red Crescent


We thank you for your offer of additional aid and support for the influx of Adapton refugees that have recently arrived in the Greater Holy Empire.


However, at the moment, the Imperial Government believes that it can handle the large numbers, and has begun an operation to spread the number of persons in exile more evenly across the east of our nation so that local authorities can cope better with them, and there is no population pressure in any city.


If the problem does become greater than our authorities can handle, the Imperial Government requests that it can take up the offer of aid at a later date.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Philip Fairfax got Sunday, and Wednesday afternoon off from work. Those were the only times where news was not as vital it seemed for the government, so he was not needed. Today was his Sunday off. Philip strode across Losdow Centrum toward a taxi rank, on his way to his friends house again. He climbed into the passenger seat of the taxi, and said. "Jacob Avenue please." And the taxi pulled away.


Philip was used to this route; he had done it every Sunday for the past month since AdSoc had been in charge. However today was different. Usually the route went though Losdow Centrum, and down onto the river, then our to the outskirts of the inner town of Losdow, and to the better places to live. However, today they had not gone down to the river, nor were they heading in the direction of Jacob Avenue. They were heading into Losdow Centrum, and to St James' Square. They drove past the large 'Core' under construction. And down to the market area, where the Sunday market was on in centre of town, and then down a small alleyway by Losdow Central Station.


By now Philip was very suspicious. He had failed to see the backseat of the car as he stepped in, and as they drove down the dark alley. Philip looked at the driver, and then in the rear view mirror, only to see two large red glowing eyes, the eyes of Big Brother, and Civil Protection. He has fallen into a trap. The muzzle of a gun rested against the side of Philips' head, and his eyes close, he was caught. For the past several weeks he had been looking into the resistance and loyalists, and he had been caught. As the car stopped, Philip looked at the driver as he too drew a pistol from the side of his door. The he turned to the Civil Protection Unit sitting in the back, with his gun at Philips' head, and in a muffled voice, it said. "I'm not just a party member Philip." Even though the voice was muffled, through the breathing apparatus on the wearers face, Philip could tell this was his friend, Aaron Turner, the AdSoc party member who had told him so much about the catastrophes in the Sea of Kings. "You?re charged with political crime Phil, and you?re going to pay." Philip then felt the grip of the pistol come down on the rear of his neck, and then black.....


.......Several hours later Philip opened his eyes. Four large lights shone in his face, and it was all he could see. He could not move, it felt as though he was tied to a bed of some sort. The lights blinded him, and he was forced to squint. His head too was fixed to the bed, can could not move. Then he heard a man's voice. "He's waking up sir." The voice said, and then he heard footsteps heading toward him. Then Aaron Turner came into his field of view, blocking out several of the large lights.


"Welcome back Mr. Fairfax." He said with a large grin. "It seems you don?t like our gracious leaders Philip, and we can't have that. So that?s why I?m here to educate you on the party." Turner again said, now walking around the room, and popping in and out of Philips view. "For a start, there is no resistance, nor is there a great King who will come to rescue you all, their all dead. Killed long ago, during the passage across the Sea of Kings."


Philips face dropped, he had no hope but to believe Turner, he was at his mercy, and nothing in Adaptus at the moment was ever really proven as truth. Philip could see nothing but the roof, he had no idea weather it was night or day, where he was or what day it was. Turner then continued. "You see, what ever the Party says is true. You should know this, you work writing the news. Everything you write is true. The death of several high ranking military members in a car crash who were suspected of starting a resistance, the massacre of 300 political criminals last week by a mad gunman in a detention camp, and the death of King Charles Hollowfield. It's all true." Philip looked at Turner with the utmost disgust, and glared hard. "You can look at me like that all you want, what I?m telling you is true. Now lets put this to practice shall we, and begin your education."


Fairfax watched as Turner approached a control panel in the corner of the room. He could see a large dial on the side which read 2.5. The he heard Turner speak again.


"Now, Philip. If the party said the number four never existed, what is the answer to 2+2?"


Fairfax looked in a daze and said. "Four." Only to find a large jolt of electricity lash though his body, and in agony Philip let out a roar of pain. Then the pain stopped. "Now Philips, what is the answer to 2+2?"


"Four!" Again the volt shot through Fairfax, more painful than the last. As the pain stopped, Philip noticed the dial now read 3.5.


"Philip, now let?s try this one more time." The dial now read 5, Philips hart sank. This time the volt came first. Philip yelled and yelled from what seemed to be a lifetime. The Poor fool thought his time was up. "What?s the f*cking answer Phil?" The surge continued right through his body until finally.




"Good, you?re learning now." Turner stood right over Fairfax, and leaned over. "That?s probably enough for..." His speech was cut short as a gunshot raced through the room and struck the Civil Protection Guard in the head. Philip looked with shock as the head exploded; he then fainted on his bed. As he closed his eyes he heard Turner say. "This is not over Phil."


Fairfax then came around again to find himself still strapped to the bed, with bullets whizzing over his head. This time the room was full of Civil Protection, firing on a group of masked men. He saw another person get struck in the head and he fainted once again. He came around a second time to find the room now full of masked men, running to and from. Now the table he lay on was smashed off its mounting and he was lying on a slant. A grenade went off not far from his, and again he blacked out.


He came around for a third time, now being awakened by a man wearing old Adapton camouflage, from before the IWS came about, and he was armed with an SA80. The man was speaking but Fairfax could not hear anything. He looked around and saw many other men with old camouflage, and armed with a variety of weapons from MR-C1s to L1A1s.

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Minister of the Interior, Gebeon Tonaras, rubbed the bridge of his nose with his hand. The organising of the where the Adapton refugees went was in his remit, although he had tried his damnedest to avoid it. He knew that it was going to hard work, and the last few weeks had proved him right.


City councils complained about resources, as did county councils and then thematic councils. None of them wanted an influx of several thousand Adaptons, but all agreed that the exiles had to go somewhere. Just not here, please? In the end, the Minister had managed to force the cities to take them. And the bastards had whinged everyday since.


Now, other problems surfaced?


?Run that by me again, Inspector-Domestic.?


The head of the Internal Intelligence Inspectorate didn?t show any signs of irritation about having to repeat himself.


?The True Church is beginning to make noises about the large influx of what it regards as heretics, sir.?


The Minister slammed his hand onto the desk. ?I can?t stand Wheelwright. I wish his HSE would make a move, so we can clear them up, once and for all.?


The Inspector-Domestic remained impassive. ?The fact that the Communists are also making a lot of pro-AdSoc noises may begin to offend the exiles.?


Tonaras swore again.


?And Mr. Bowman really is too vocal for him to have an ?accident? like the Fatherists. People will begin to suspect something if he did a disappearing act, especially after his last speech. It?s hard for us to keep track on the Reds, as they have an odd ability of finding all of any Imperial Government agent we, or the police, plant in their Party. ?


God damn the Freedom of Political Parties Act. The Minister knew it was more trouble than it was worth, and it would be the first thing to go were Tonaras in power. ?Any one else kicking up any fuss??


The secret police man shook his head. ?Our other usual suspect, Isaac Nicetas, has welcomed the Adaptons with open arms. He?s been one of the major benefactors to them, so far. I expect he sees it as a marketing opportunity.?


Isaac Nicetas? There was some unfinished business. Tonaras and Nicetas had been behind the Tagmatine involvement in the Deltannian Civil War, aiming for the Deltannians to beat themselves to bits and allow Nicetas to build up something of a business empire in the ruins of the Glorious Dominion?s economy. It had fallen through, and now Nicetas knew too much. However, he was too much of a public figure to vanish, or commit ?suicide?.


The Minister sighed. ?At least it gives us something to amuse ourselves in the meantime.?

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Fairfax and several others rescued from the torture building in the loyalist raid, has been taken to a small camp in a forest, about 30 miles from Westerhope. The camp was covered by many trees. Apparently, someone said it was an old SAR training camp, but they had converted it into a makeshift base. There had been twelve people rescued from tourtue during the raid and they were being introduced to the leader of the camp.


They were approached by a man dressed in officer cloths, he looked at the twelve new recruits, and began his introduction. "I'm Brigadier Gardener, and this is my command centre. Welcome to the Resistance. Here your going to be trained into the best resistance fighters in Europa. Unfortunately, this guerrilla warfare we will be partaking in is far different from the warfare we were first trained in. However, we have regained some of our old weapons from before AdSoc. This unit here is the Royal 6th Airborne Assault Brigade. However, we only have about 13,000 troops scattered, from here to Newcastle, in training facilities."


The recruits were then taken into a room, below ground, and handed some mix and match issues of kit. Fairfax was given a soldier 95 DMP shirt with a pair of woodland marpat trousers. This made him just aware of the supply situation. He then was hustled into an underground barracks area, where him and the other eleven would become the first batch of D company. As he walked to his barracks he walked passed a sort of meeting room, and over heard the words. "Ready for the uprising." Then his thoughts had been confirmed, the resistance was really, and it was ready to take on the might of Civil Protection.

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Vice-Drungarius Stylianus Ethelred sat at the head of the long table, directly opposite of the Holy Emperor at the other end. He was slightly daunted by such a gathering of the most important people in Tagmatium, all here to hear him brief them on the current situation in the Kosscow Sea. There were several top Ministers, the Vice-Chancellor, a brace of generals, Domestic Copronymus, a Dux of the Holy Imperial Air Force and the Holy Emperor himself. Ethelred had met many of these people before, but the sheer force of the attention focused upon him was more disquieting than losing the Vocian fleet several months ago. He coughed and shuffled the papers in front of him, taking one out of its folder and scanning through it before beginning to speak.


?Your majesty,? he said, addressing Commodus James personally, ?the situation in the Kosscow Sea is favourable towards us. The vast majority of the Adapton fleet is loyalist, whilst what little naval assets the AdSoc have was mauled during their attack on the refugee convoy. On top of that, there is also the Royal Akiiryan Navy. I doubt that the AdSoc ships will dare venture out of port which three navies ranged against them.?


There was a nod of satisfaction around the table.


?However, I am concerned with the happenings in the south. I feel that Hosagovinia may demand more naval attention, although that is admittedly none of my concern. And, if the threats of the Mongol-Swedes are followed through, the Holy Imperial Navy will then have to keep an eye out for MMRTA shipping, as I think most of them are armed. This will detract from the High Seas Battle Fleet?s watch on AdSoc ports.?


There was a slight glower from several people around the table. The Mongol-Swedes had reacted badly to Tagmatine diplomacy and now Tagmatine citizens were being expelled, which would mean that the Holy Imperial Navy would have to be dispatched to retrieve them from the Union. Some of the people in the room didn?t like being reminded of their personal failures. The Vice-Drungarius ignored the glances and continued.


?In the event of an invasion of Adaptus, which I assume will happen soon, I don?t think just the High Seas fleet will be adequate. I think either the Borean Strait fleet or the Sea of Kings fleet will have to accompany the landing forces, even if elements of the Royal Akiiryan Navy and the remnants of the Adapton navy also take part. We will need a lot of protection for the landing craft and assault ships ferrying our soldiers to Adapton soil.?


?All of this will cost money, gentlemen. Money the Imperial Government doesn?t really have at its disposal, not until the next financial year,? said the Minister for Finance, Valentinian Tzimeces, rather triumphantly. ?Unless the Imperial Government decides to push through a tax bill, and I suspect the thematic councils will be somewhat opposed to such a thing, as will a large proportion of the press.?


The Minister of War, sitting opposite the Minister for Finance, narrowed his eyes as he looked at him. Several other Ministers sat back in their chairs, waiting for the inevitable reply from the Holy Emperor. Commodus considered Tzimeces insolent, although knew the man was usually right.


?Minister Tzimeces, once again you are right. However, your triumphal tone of voice and overall smugness I find offensive. I realise the Greater Holy Empire is spending large amounts of money, but do you propose that we allow the people of our oldest allies to languish under the yoke of such an oppressive regime??


Ethelred sunk into his seat. He didn?t really know how to deal with such political conflicts and he was more at home on the bridge of his battleship than at such a high-powered meeting. One of the generals to the Vice-Drungarius? left caught his eye and grimaced. The man was a field general and not a political soldier like the general to his left, and was obviously uncomfortable in the Byzantine politics of Tagmatium.

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It was dark and cold. No lights shone down the dark street. Only the headlights of the Civil Protection APC with was parked at the road block, and of course, the red eyes of the Civil Protection themselves. A car approached the road block, which was actually an unusual occurrence. The car stopped at the road block, and it had three occupants. Unit NE-P-0932 approached the drivers window, and in a muffled, electronic voice said. "Display your pary papers, and state your business, on this road."


"I'm just driving home, I don?t have any party papers, but here?s m...."


The mans sentence was cut short as Unit NE-P-0932 shot and killed the driver. He then turned to the passenger - a woman, and the occupant in the back seat - the couples three month old child. He racked up his rifle, and shot at both, killing both. He then turned to his supervisor and said. "They had no party papers, only party members drive such vehicles." His supervisor nodded, in agreement.


About an hour later, more headlights were seen heading toward the road block. This one did not stop, and it looked big. It was another unauthorized vehicle, and more could be seen behind it. So the Civil Protection Section at the road block called for reinforcements. As the first vehicle approached was made out to be a Stormer Reconnaissance tank. A vehicle used by the loyalists. The Civil Protection scrambled to get to defensive positions. A Stream of red tracers darted across the midnight sky, strait at the oncoming convoy. The rounds splashed into the convoys left flank, as it came up the winding road. In response, a massive volley of gunfire, and heavy weapons fire came strait at the Road Block.


The Stormer at the front of the convoy ploughed into the road block, and began letting out a massive torrent of fire on the Civil Protection position. Then, a round from an RPG smashed into the side of the Stormer, and took, it out. Then, the following vehicles, of the convoy, stopped, and disembarked, their troops, at the same time, firing on the Civil Protection position. Civil Protection was taking a hammering, after all it was only a Section, of Civil Protection troops, about 40 men, and they worked on shifts, and the nearby farm house. so only about 12 men were on the road block at one time. But fortunately, the remaining Civil Protection in the farm house managed to join up with the fight.


About 120 Loyalist troops had now joined the fight after dismounting their vehicles. Flags of the Kings Colours flew from each of the Stryker APC's which lined the convoy. Behind them, Several Stingray (Nothing on Steve Irwin) Tanks broke off from the convoy, and headed to assist the Loyalists. Just as the Loyalists made a push for the Road Block, three Tilt Rotor aircraft landed next to the farm house to the east of the convoy, and the reinforcements had arrived for the Civil Protection.


A full battle had now began. Civil Protection coming from the farm house across the open to the road block, and the loyalist from the road to the north, coming from the convoy, to the road block. The Night sky filled with tracer rounds. The Stingray light tanks, fired on the new reinforcements of Civil Protection Three shells struck the ground in front of them, and two behind. To the south, coming up the road, several Civil Protection Panzer Tiger tanks (Think German tiger tanks, but with modern equipment) came steaming up the road. A anti-tank missile came streaming from the north, and struck the first Tiger knocking it out before it got into action.


The fighting continued for several hours, until the Civil Protection ended up retreating to the farm house, and held out for an amazing five hours, after the rest of the convoy passed on, and three companies of Loyalists stayed to finish off the Civil Protection. The road which the fight was over, was the southbound road heading into Westerhope, Later that day, the remaining convoy, which stretched for a mile, arrived outside Westerhope, and the battle for Westerhope began. However, the Battle for Walkerson Farm, was the first major engagement of the Campaign, and this battle signalled the start of the Adapton Civil war. Never had Adaptus seen this much diversion since the Great Adapton War of the 18 hundreds. Later that day, a letter arrived on the King's desk in Tagmatium, it said the war had started, and Westerhope was already under siege. The King then prepared to act, and gather his personal forces in Tagmatium.

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It had been an interesting night. First the Vice-Drungarius had witnessed first hand the political machine of the Greater Holy Empire whirring away, although somewhat less frictionless than he?d imagined, then had gone into the officer?s mess of the Imperial Household Guard, as was the privilege of an admiral in the Tagmatine navy. Ethelred had met the field general who had been at the same meeting, had a view drinks and discussed the whole Adapton situation. The general was the head of the Cataphract Corps, the elite armoured unit of the Tagmatine army. His main fears matched those of the naval commander, mainly around the transportation of units to Adaptus and the attention Tagmatium was diverting else where.


?I mean, I would rather see Adaptus freed of these Social Fascists than Tagmatine blood spilt in Hosagovinia,? said the general, who was dressed in the heavy combat uniform of his unit. Tagmatium tended to use the combat uniform as the dress one as well, although slightly more stylised and obviously not used in actual fighting. ?Not that I want to see the Reichland exist any longer, I just think that our oldest allies need our full attention.?


The Vice-Drungarius nodded, and took a small sip of the brandy in his hand. The general was drinking a pint of cider, which pointed to him coming from the area around Petrium. No-one outside of that area drank the stuff.


?I?ve also heard tell that Akiiryu has offered to allow Tagmatine units to be based in their borders and attack from the south.?


That caught Stylianus? attention. ?Really??


The other man nodded. ?Apparently so. The Graptoi are becoming very concerned with the rumblings coming from the Mongol-Swedes. You?ve seen the news from the south? Civil war, apparently. Bloody teach them to stick their heads above the parapet once too often.?


?How do you know all this?? asked Ethelred. His own personal sympathies lay with the Mongol-Swedes on some fronts, as he was much more socialist than the general. The Vice-Drungarius had spent most of his early life with the Empire-in-Exile.


The Cataphract Corps commander took a swig of his cider. ?The Army High Command was briefed on it this morning. As commander of one of the four wings of the army, I get to go,? he said with a bit of a smile. ?Although this isn?t official at all yet, not until hostilities proper begin, so I?d be grateful if you didn?t spread that around too much.?


?Of course,? replied the naval officer. ?What?s said in the mess, stays in the mess.?


The General smiled and stood up. ?It was a pleasure talking to you, Stylianus, but I?ve got to get back to my unit. Have fun boating!?


He got up and walked out through the door, avoiding waiters with trays of drinks and IHHG officers coming off duty, or going on duty. Vice-Drungarius lent back in his chair and finished his brandy, considering what General Constantine Wulfstan had just said.

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