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I understand that a while back, there was a player here known as "THE CHOSEN NATIONS" now this individual has moved to the European Affairs forum, as well as the European Affairs 1943 Forum.....and is a TERRIBLE RPer.


I mean bad bad bad, God modding and such, terrible.


Was he always like this and if you were a forum admin, would you ever trust this person with MOD powers?

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No one god modded to beat TCN at all. He just dug himself into to big of a whole. In the end, his entire nation was blokaged by almost every nation in Europa, and he was about to be invaded. Even when he god modded, his situation was so bad, that other nations had no need to god mod.

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Ladies and gentlemen,


Solara is Xheng. Xheng is attempting to dig up dirt on TCN because TCN has gained Mod powers in a region and Xheng wants to see him stripped of those powers.


Please note the following:


TCN has, as far as I can tell, yet to do anything in the region, to warrant his powers being stripped.


Xheng was banned for this region for the same reasons that TCN was banned from this region. The final straw, however, was Xheng admitting on another board he was deliberately trying to sabotage a Europa rp. He did so by ignoring rp rules and trolling.

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I however have changed. I've learned how to better RP and how to take a more responsible approach to my situation, and guess what? For that I was awarded a Business mod position. TCN however has not yet proven himself capable of doing any kind of modding because already he has started to delete posts that he doesn't agree with.


I see Akiiryu has changed little since we last met, but I will let my reputation speak for itself, I wasn't much better than TCN before but I got better and people in my present forums know that and they see it which is why I'm there. I'm not here because 3 forums is too much to deal with. Your skepticism is always going to be known Akiiryu but guess what? I'm here on research and not to spam. Which is why I'm keeping this issue to this thread only.

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