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MOD COMMENT: Just a bit of concern here. Two grand for truck with a large calibre artillery piece on the back. I could afford that mate, and I?m 15. It?s a bit too cheap. As for the XM8, that?s just ridiculous, you could never make a profit from selling such a weapon at that price. I admit, my price are quite, low, but that?s only because we know they will be purchased in large quantities, 200 euros is quite stupid if you ask me. That?s how much an AK-101 goes for on the black market, never mind in the real market.
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Last I checked, it cost $1100 to produce this M8 rifle without the addons. Unless you're going all Thomas Edison and manufacturing so many of these guns that their individual value has dropped that much your business would sink like a rock that can't swim. Two things one could do to reverse this: 1) decrease the qulity of the rifle, so that said price fits or 2) the obvious answer, increase the price of the weapon.


Mod comment: Don't push it Aristo. 'OOC' is just fine.


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Mod comment: It had nothing to do with the colours Aristo and you know it. You need to start showing a little more respect for the conventions of this board and for mods.



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OOC: This is my fault: I was going to make a notice saying that this catalog is not yet official. I'm just throwing stuff up there and was going to fine-tune it at a later date, so I apologize for the ridiculously low prices on the items so far. I wanted to work out my contracting deals with the other nations like Maristrania(sp?) and so on, so, again, this catalog is not official.

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OOC:Good, thats ok. So we should judt think of these as say, preview prices. Ohand Aristo, in RL an XM8 would not sell for 1100 dollors, i've seen second hand m-16 rifles got for around 10 grand. US dollors. Perhaspe the development of the weapons yes, but not the selling price.

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That would be greatly appreciated...and it all depends on exactly what you are buying that determines the going price of a rifle, i.e. is it automatic or not, certain other little details, and all that jazz.


And the M16/M4 series rifles are garbage, in terms of field durability. I have never had a more foul weapon in my life, the rate of carbon buildup is ridiculous! The only problem with the XM-8 is the plastic polymer handguard tends to melt at somewhat high rates of fire, so that kinda killed the design, since it was intended to be a lightweight weapon, and, so far, they really have not been able to develop a lightweight and durable material for the handguard.

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10 Grand? For a second-rate M16? All respect, but that purchase was a rip-off. I've pruchased an M4 for $300. Granted this M4 is a little old, it's still a good weapon.

Consider that it's the UK.


Guns are incredibly hard to get your hands on, especially legal ones.


This is mainly due to two rather sad incidents we had about a decade ago, the Dunblane and Hungerford Massacres. In the first, a disturbed man walked into a room of pre-schoolers, and killed a dozen of them and their teacher before killing himself. In the second, a man walked down a high street, killing people indiscriminately, before killing himself.


I also suspect that the government realised that having weapons easily available wasn't the wisest thing when the Troubles were at their height in Northern Ireland.


Gun crime is thankfully tiny in the UK, and it may be due to the difficultly to get ones hands on guns. I wouldn't change that for the world.

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The M16 is indeed very simple to break down. The trigger mechanism itself is a little tricky, but, do it a couple times and it can be done.


Funny thing about American society: Even with the Colombine high school shootings, gun sales continue to soar exponentially, even while total crime has gone down substantially in the past few years.


Fear and consumption, fear and consumption.


'INVOKE 9/11!'

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