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Greetings from Burgardon

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Hey, welcome. Yeah, you should have a killer time here. I been around for awhile, if that tells you anything, is that this region is pretty rockin.


But this region only got that way because a few individuals were willing to make sacrifices..well, not major ones, really, but, yeah. It took alot of hard work, not only to build this region up, but to defend it from other folks who wanted to take over and run things how they wanted, without consent to the nations who inhabit Europa.


That's why I am offering for you to join the Europan Army. In the Europan Army you'll learn all about the concept of 'region defending' and how you can make a difference in keeping this great region hip and cool.


If you're interested, go to the Recruiting Office at the Europan Ministry of Defense.


If not, that's cool, too, there's no stigma here. Welcome to Europa. 'United in Diversity'.

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