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Like God in France

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Time for that long-awaited vacation. dance9bh.gif Two weeks of *fingers crossed* sunshine and culture. EE.gif Here's a sneak peak of where this year's trip is heading. photo.gif


user posted image


user posted image


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See you around, 2-bye1.gif just not too soon. wink2.gif

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The vacation was great. Although it was rather clouded and rainy the first two days, we had nothing but sunshine for the remainder of the holiday. Avignon, medieval seat of the Popes, was the target location. Our little camping was just across the Pont d'Avignon, so we had a magnificent view. Weather was excellent, 25-30?c with a lot of sunshine but also some refreshing wind from time to time. We saw and visited a lot of historic sites, well, at least most of the stuff we hadn't seen before. And after a long day of walking, the nice swimmingpool was a major treat.


Ps: Pictures have been edited to my own liking, and there was also some video. I'm planning to upload some of the prettier ones to my Flickr account. Posting some here may also occur.

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