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His Excellence Abdicates Throne!

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Foreign Affairs Minister Taren here.


I am saddened to announce that His Excellence, General Alec Sevarus, has abdicated power to his daughter after the onset of a sudden illness.


He is currently under the best care in the nation, and is stable, but is unlikely to fully recover from his condition. His disease appears to be directly related to his heart and a war wound recieved in the liberation of Sevrun many years ago.


General Sevarus is a rather old man, aged 62, and his only heir is his young daughter, Maria. She will be assuming leadership officially by the end of the month, but has already steped up to fill in for her father's duties.


General Sevarus has stated that even if he recovers, he wishes to retire to his estate, and entrusts the future of the nation to Maria.


For Greed and Glory,


Jacob Taren

Foreign Affairs Ministry

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Europa.


It is with great sorrow that I make the following announcement.


Due to a complication in treatment resulting in cardiac arrest, General Alec Sevarus is dead. Official time of death was 3:42 PM this afternoon.


Maria Sevarus has been running the affairs of state for the last few days, and while deeply saddened by her father's death, is continuing to run the Principality of Sevrun to the best of her ability.


A national week of mourning has been declared, with funeral services scheduled to be held on the final day. Delegates from all nations in the region are invited to attend, and official details will be forthcoming soon.



-Jacob Taren

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Thank you for your condolances, and I can honestly say that everyone else here at the Ministry appreciates them, as well as the rest of the Government, but moving right along...


Here are the official details on the funeral.


Ceremonies will be held next Friday in the Great Hall of the Royal Palace, located in Palen's Riverside District.


After the official ceremonies are concluded, there will be a funeral procession along the roadways to Alter Cemetary, where the rest of His Excellence's family is buried. Once there, his body will be placed in the Royal Tomb and given an open viewing for a few hours. Afterwards, the tomb will be closed until needed again.


Maria Sevarus will have her official coronation on the Sunday immediately following the funeral. Once again, delegates from the various nations are invited to attend this ceremony as well, and meet our young future queen (despite her father's age, Maria is only 23).



For Greed and Glory,

Jacob Taren

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An official comuncation has adviced that Premier Minister Gabriel Costa are going to travel to the Principality of Sevrun at Wednesday for the funeral of the General Sevarus and see the coronation of the Queen Maria. Later, the PM are going to try have a reunion with the future queen to talk about the political realtion between Argenland and Sevrun. The PM is going to be in Sevrun six days.


OOC: But I have a question, who is the head of governament even the coronation?

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The people of Orioni send your their deepest condolences. In this dark moment, the Empress Orioni hopes you find strength in a poem by one of our oldest artists:


"Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not."

- Epikouros

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from: Chairman Joaquin

to: Queen Maria Servarus


I would like to express my heart felt lamentation as to your loss. I, on behaf of my people wish to give my condolences. we have all felt what you feel or will have to at some time. there is little i can say to make it any better, and i would like to wish you a long and prosprous reign, depite our political differences. unsure.gif


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Funeral services began in the Great Hall right on schedule. Minister Taren was present to welcome the various delegates. A short speech was given about the acomplishments of His Excellence, including leading the rebellion that turned Sevrun from a backwater colony to the independent power it is today. After the speech, there was a short reception time in the hall, with the body placed at the front of the hall for viewing.


Maria was present for most of the ceremony, but mid-way through the reception process had to excuse herself from the room. Minister Taren remained for the entire ceremony, discussing things with the various delegates and finding out which people were staying the weekend for the coronation on Sunday.

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