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I've been thinking, bet no one expected that! laugh.gif Where was I? Right, I've decided that I don't want to have anything to do with the LT --alliance world war thing that seems to be across the horizon, and I'm too far situated across the continents to join the EOS, and the CIS is on the brinks of disbanning itself. I want to join an alliance of some kind, and since none of these are either my cup of tea or too far away, I see the only solution is making my own organization.


So, if I did take the inititive to work up another alliace organization, would any of the non-aligned states be willing to join up? I know there is no charter at this point, I'm merely speculating and asking around.


Is anyone interested in joining up with another treaty group?



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There is still "the Alliance", but their activity is rather low and I think the Cold War at it's height is nothing compared to your relation with Akiiryu.


Have you already thought of a name, perhaps?

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@Orioni: I've noticed The Alliance has only three members on the map one of which is inactive and the other two, well Akiiru and my nation seem to be working from different ends and I'm not sure about IJ.


As for a name... I've haven't quite got one yet. I was thinking along the lines of *something something* Treaty Organitzation. Like NATO only for Europa.


@MS: Alright, one person interested. The Tarragat thing can be worked out no problem.


Lessee if anyone else out there wants to play?

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There was a set of great members of Europa and they had all come together in nice little alliances, but unfortunatley not all nations were as beutiful and as nice as some nations. These nations were the "ghetto-nations" standing outside the great community. They had always looked up to the great nations in the region and dreamed of becoming what they were. But one day one of the ghetto nations proposed: "we should like create our own pact thing, you know. To show 'them' we can be as cool as them!" so the boys from the ghetto started their own organization called: 'The Gettho League' or commonly refered to as: 'the Ghetto-Pact' This "pact" was always looked down upon by the other nations in Europa. BUT the ghetto-pact always tried to be as good as the other nations, though they only failed with their mission.

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Yeah sure...i'll probably join as i'm new and you're not so new...i wouldn't mind joining an alliance of some sorts.

Suv, that is a correct response.


Ok, let's count. Four! Good enough. NATO started iwht that many (I think) and we kick serious military buttox these days. Anyway, now we need a charter and something to stand for. I am off tomorrow, so I won't be working on this as I will most likely sleep all day...


I'm beat, I'm going to sleep1.gif

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