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The Crow heads West

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On the bridge of the MSS Crow?


The sun glistened off of the Azure Sea, making the ocean look like a field of golden light as the MSS Crow sat docked at the Azura Naval Base, finishing up their re-supply. Commodore Henry Beniire sat in his office, milling over various papers and maps, appearing to be waiting for something or someone.


?You called for me Commodore?? asked an officer who had appeared in the Commodore?s doorway. He looked to be of some minor importance on the ship, perhaps an assistant or such to a higher ranking crewman.


?Yes, we have new orders from high command back in Volantis. We?re to take a heavy combat carrier group and rendezvous with some Confederation ships at these coordinates,? said the Commodore, sounding tired and drained. He handed over one of his papers to the aide and waited for the questions to begin.


The aide stared confused at the coordinates, trying to convince himself that he was mistaken. ?These coordinates, but sir,? the Commodore cut him off early, before he could finish.


?Do not question orders from high command! Alert the crew, we have to get this show on the road,? said the Commodore angrily, he knew why they were on their way to that little rock and it was not just for a chat with the Confederation. He let loose a sigh. ?Just, get the crew prepared. We leave as soon as possible.?


?Aye aye, Commodore.? With that, the aide disappeared from the doorway to make ready for the journey west.


Sometime later?


The carrier group headed by the MSS Crow finally disappeared over the western horizon. They sailed off with a fair amount of ships, twenty eight in all. Wherever they were headed, they were not fooling around.


OOC: Oooh, where are they going! YOU?LL NEVER FIND US! *wild laughter* *cough* Sorry.

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"Admiral, we're less than ten hours away from Kelly island."


"Kelly Island? Where's that?" The Admiral asked.


"Midpoint between Orioni and Bainbridge. We're to rendezous with a Miirosi carrier group. Tarentum says that this island is to be a strategic point in the Azure sea Once there, we await freigters with contrsuction materials."


"Construction materials? We building a base there?"


"Aye, this naval point will be a joint effort between ourselves and Miiros. A restock and resupply point for our Naval units so far away from home, as well as a safe haven for our trade fleet when it swings out this far."


"Ten hours, fair enough. Wake me when it's on the horizon, don't get any closer than 12 miles."


"Aye Admiral."

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"Commodore, the island has come into sight. What are your orders?" asked one of the many aides onboard the Crow.


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The Commodore looked up from his big map of Europa and thought for a moment. He had orders from high command to take command of this island should it prove to be deserted. "Surround that rock and send a scouting expedition to land. The place looks like nothing but a sandy beach and some jungle, but I want to confirm there's nothing else present before we begin setting up shop. Alert me when the Confederation vessels arrive."


The Commodre paused and thought for a moment. "You know, we don't really need all these ships either. Alert high command for me and ask if these ships are needed elsewhere."


"Aye Commodore!"

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"Sir, the islands are about twnety minutes from sight." Remarked one of the navigators.


"Goodie." Replied the Admiral. He didn't see the need for this island. He had assumed Tarentum Command wanted this rock for political purposes rather than anything militarily important. "Ready a wing of twelve aircraft and make a fly-by of the island. Set them up wtih recon equipment, I want to know if there are inhabitants."


"Aye aye!"


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At mach 1 the jets made their fly-by of the island. Each snapping pictures of the tiny rock in the great big sea. The infared beams shot upto the satellite, then back down to the carrier group.


"Sir, SAT-relay. Pictures incoming from the fighter's pass."


"Good, bring up the images on ED as soon as they arrive. Hopefully this place is vacant."


"Yessir. Images are being uploaded. Word from the group; they say a Miirosi carrier group has already arrived. They need new orders."


"Tell them to return, their job is done. And try to make contact with the Miirosi group." The Admiral turned to another of the officers in the Brig, "Assemble a landing team, a small one. Ready them to inspect the island further."


"Aye aye, right away sir."

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The Commodore sat on the bridge, looking out at Kelly Island. It seemed so insignifigant sitting out in the middle of the ocean, hundreds and hundreds of miles away from any major land formation, but it was because of this that the Miirosi Trader's Guild had petitioned the Senate to colonize this rock full of sand and jungle. It could one day be quite the lucrative resupply point for all ships travelling east to west and vice versa. Why the M.T.G. wanted to build the thing with the Aristocratic Confederation was beyond the Commodore, however. Miiros ruled the seas of the Orient alongside the other grand naval powers of the EOS, to let the Confederation on board seemed pointless. Orders were orders though and Miiros and the Confederation were allies, so they must be trustworthy.


"Commodore Frey," said one of the bridge officers, snapping Frey from his brooding. "We have sight of the Aristocratic Confederation's fleet. They appear to be preparing a scouting party and have already surveyed the island by air. Shall I make contact, Commodore?"


"Aye, hail their flagship and give them the following message," said Fray commandingly. "Confederation Fleet, this is Commodore William Frey of the MSS Crow. I am in command of this carrier group. I am told you have already done a fly-by of the island and if you find any signs of inhabitants, I'd like to be made aware. Inhabitants on this island would change our mission orders. We are sending recon. parties onto the island to have a better look, perhaps we could each scout a side and definitely confirm this island is unused before 'setting up shop,' so to speak."

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"Commodore Frey,


Admiral Vincci Stokov, Confederation Naval Assignment. This rock is covered in trees, which soured our snap-shots. Little useful information came from them, however, we have noticed a trail system. My guess is this place was once a colony, long since abandonded. There are signs of life, none of which is intelligent."




user posted image


The Utility Helicopters hovered above a clear path of the island as the scouting team departed down the ziplines. No rush on this operation, the Seamen were taking their time. One minute, twenty-two seconds and all twenty were on the ground. The lines rectracted into the aircraft, then lifted into the air and headed back toward the carrier group.


"We're in four teams of five. We've got orders. Use your OCN's to navigate across this rock, we all meet up at Charlie. You're looking for signs of civlization. People, buildings, anything not-natural."


"Aye Sir!"


"Do NOT engage. You can expect to see Miirosi scouters out here as well. Do not fire on them, don't even raise your weapon. If you do find any other men out here, avoid them. Got it? Good. Head out."


"Aye Sir!"

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MSNBC News Flash!


A convoy of shipping vessels of the MMRTA flag was interrupted today by a military expedition underway by Miirosian and Aristocratic Confederation naval forces in the western sector of Europa, as it was enroute to a port in the Tribelands. No violence or serious impedement has been reported thus far, however, a substantial delay was caused by the sudden and unannouced occupation of these once free shipping channels. More details to come, stay tuned to MSNBC.

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The scout parties had landed without event and now proceeded to break up to do a sweep of the island. In total, there were ten groups of three. Frey wanted to get this over with quickly, so he could give the construction crews the green light and get most of his group back to the base on Azura.


"Man, this bites," complained one of the scouts as they explored an overgrown trail, hacking at the dense brush as they moved along. "Why the hell are we here anyway? We didn't get much of a heads up on this one, did we?"


"Quiet, Larry," said a stern-faced, but pretty woman. She apparently had command of this group. "Our job is to scout this rock, not to analyze the whims of the Senate and the Trader's Guild."


"Yeah, well I bet there's money to be had here if I know anything about the way deVries runs the show," said the third member of the group, a lanky young man. "Why doesn't she clean up the slums instead of scouting islands in the middle of the damned ocean?"


"She can't make any money cleaning up the slums. She probably wants to build a resort here," laughed Larry. "Those Libertarians are all the same, they'll leave you free to be sh*t outta luck."


"Enough you two! Geeze, can we just do the job for once?" shouted the woman, getting agitated. "Bad enough with the humidity without you two spouting trash."


"Sorry, Liz," said Larry.


"Yeah, sorry."



Back on the Crow....


"Any word from the scout teams yet?" asked the Commodore.


"So far so good, Sir. Nothing out there but a bunch of sand and trees."


'Good, keep me updated."


OOC: Sorry, this post is kind of crap. Not sure where to go from here, do you want to just wrap up the scouting and start the construction and then we do a press release or something?

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The last team arrived at point charlie. From start to finish the scouting mission lasted all of three hours. The humidity made the trip uncomfortable, and the discomfort made the trip seem longer than it really took.


"Report!" Demanded the commander.


"We didn't see anything but the damned trees and rock."


"Same for us."


"We came across a few buildings. They were old, down-trodden. No one has been there in several decades. No people."


"Good." Replied the commander. "So, no one lives on this side of the island." He nodded in approval. "Signal the group, get our craft out here. I want off this f*ckin' rock."


"Aye aye."


OOC- Yeah, I will begin shipping the things needed for clearing all the trees off and to begin shaping the rock to a more agreeable shape.

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"Sir, the teams are all reporting back. This island has not had people on it for quite some time. The teams report finding the remains of buildings around a number of coves, however, they appear to have been empty for fifty years at least," reported one of the bridge officers.


"Probably the remains of a smuggling ring or somesuch, they've been hunted to extinction by the Oriental navies thoughout the years and their owners are probably long dead. Very well, I shall give the Trader's Guild to green light and we can get back to Azura. Notify the MSS Kerrigan to stay behind with an AA and AS destroyer to keep the construction teams safe."


"Aye, Sir. Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll all be vacationing here," laughed the officer.


"Right, let's just move out shall we? Set course for Azura," said the Commodore, who had no sense of humor.



Onboard the battleship Kerrigan.


"Damn it, why do we have to stay?" cursed Captain Reins mentally. "Yvette! Notify the Confederation group that we'll be staying behind to oversee construction while the rest of the fleet departs."


"Aye, captain."



Meanwhile, in the Azuran city of Dawn, Miirosi Trader's Guild Regional Offices


"Madame, we have just received a fax from the Crow out at Kelly Island. We have the green light to send out the crew," said a man in a suit and tie who was busily sorting information at his desk.


"Wonderful, send the freighters and barges at once! We'll have that port built in no time at all maybe even a resort if the place gets busy enough."


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President Radomir stood facing the large, multi-paned window of his office. Admiring the architecture of the Executive district. His feet together, hands folded behind his back, just like he would have been were he still in the military.


A knock came at the door. "Sir?"


He didn't respond. Only a few months in office, he wanted a vacation. This job never ends, he reminded himself. The aid opened the door half-way. "Sir? Word from Kelly Island. Admiral Stokov says the island is uninhabited and requests the necessary materials and men be sent ASAP."


"What does he request?"


"He says that the island is nothing more than a solid rock covered in harsh vegitation. He has issued a paper giving estimates about what is needed." She stepped forward to hand it to him.


"It's fine. I trust the man. Send him what he asks for. Just make sure that someone gives us a second opinion sometime soon, just in case."


"Yes sir..."


The aide left the room, closing the door behind her. The President remained by the window, admiring what a great nation had been built by his grandfather's generation.

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