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UK alert brings global air disruption

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UK alert brings global air disruption


Air travel around the world has been disrupted by the terror alert in Britain. London's Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest in the world, has been closed to all incoming traffic - meaning a sometimes major backlog of flights at departure points. Planes are also being diverted - Frankfurt International Airport is to accept some flights meant to land at Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Schipol in Amsterdam are helping out too. Paris has reinforced security checks for passengers travelling on British airlines - but has not raised its terror threat level.


The United States which was targeted in the plot has raised its security alert on commercial flights from the UK to its highest level for the first time. Passengers on both sides of the Atlantic have been told to expect heavy delays. The knock on effect of the alert has been felt as far a field as Australia.


Plane terror plot foiled say police


Police in Britain say they have foiled a major terrorism plot to blow up aeroplanes mid-flight. It is thought the plan involved smuggling explosives onboard and that flights from the UK to the US were to be targeted. Police have now arrested 21 people. Scotland Yard Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said: "We are generally looking to the public to remain calm, patient and vigilant. But we cannot stress too highly the severity this plot represented. Put simply, this was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."


Britain's security threat has now been raised to critical - its highest level - which means an attack could be imminent. The news has caused chaos at British airports. Flights in and out of the country have been cancelled. Interior Minister, John Reid has sought to reassure a now jittery public as he said: "We are doing everything possible to disrupt any further terrorist activity. This will mean major disruption at all UK airports from today."


The police terrorism operation has lasted several months. There are unconfirmed reports the suspects are British Asians. It is thought the bomb plot involved liquid chemical devices which could have been missed during x-ray screening. All passengers leaving the UK are banned from bringing hand luggage on board. Flights from London, Manchester and Glasgow airports are said to have been on the terrorist hit list.


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Sorry for not explaining myself. This body, belongs to a victim of the war who was living a legit, honest life as an electrician on the UK, and was shot. Ok, accidents happened. But the Scotland Yard also made sure to lie. They said he was running, dressed in terrorist-like indumentary, that he doesn't surrendered. This could start a war, after all, you shot us and we didn't have our turn. I've removed the picture, but not from my heart.

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I know what the picture was of, and I know the circumstances. Also know the fear that raised in the UK at the time about the possibility of another subway attack. While not condoning the killing of an innocent person, prehaps if you (and more specifically the Brazilian Press) had taken sometime to understand the circumstances the surrounding the shooting your view point may have been vastily different.


As to starting a war...well, that is a little silly. The event was NOT a premediated attack on Brazil or Brazilians, but a reaction to a preceived terrorist threat by police officers who believed they were stopping a potential terrorist from killing more people.


The sarcastic remark "true heroes" remark was also insulting and unnecessary. The British Police (like many Police Forces around the world) put their lives on the line EVERYDAY to protect people like you and I. Think about that for a minute or two.


Oh, I am not British. Nor am I American.

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And suddenly I forgot about the subway attacks. Oops, I didn't :x

We do understand about the fear of another attack, we would as well understand that the killing of Jean-Charles was a mistake, in order to save the lives of many. But I didn't see any trenchcoat (which, as far as I know, was the official version of the Scotland Yard), and, from what I remember of the video (although I could be with a bad memory), no running. I know the circunstances, but the fact that there was lies in order to make the murder of a fellow countryman of mine sound like true justice, instead of the accident it was, made me mad. I am not suggesting that there should have been a war, but there shouldn't have been lies. This hurts in both sides, official apologies have been done and accepted. But I just wanted to point out that the british police are not those saints that Adaptus mentioned 24-7.

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Adpt never said they were "true saints". Moreover, as I have already said, your post was unnecessary and could have started a nasty flame war in which people offended by your post may have started dregging up the Carandiru Massacre or police violence in the favelas/against street kids in Rio de Janeiro in an effort to hit back at you/Brazil. We don't need that kind of nastiness here.


That said, thank you for removing your picture and explaning your point of view. I hope you now understand mine.

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Amazing how even in the midst of a foiled terrorist plot that was aimed at hijacking or blowing up as many as 10 airplanes, people are still going to be critical and fail to acknowledge that a terrorist threat even exists. Truly, amazing. And the fault of this disruption, naturally, lies with the United Kingdom law enforcement and the United States. Forget about all the lives which have just potentially been saved, your holiday trips have been inconvenienced and you have a right ot be angry!


Allow me to suggest some outside reading material that might give some perspective on the global "war on terrorism" and the events and circumstances which surround it.

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Forget about all the lives which have just potentially been saved, your holiday trips have been inconvenienced and you have a right ot be angry!

Man, I didn't even think about it... sleep.gif




Homo homini lupus, if my latin is not terribly wrong.

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Yeah its me the "big cheese" heh heh


Yeah, why don't you order up one o' those big terrorist diversions. It will make me and Tony er my friend James T. Kirk look good.


What's that? Election Year? Hogwash! This has nothing to do with that or Iraq or Afghanistan or New Orleans.


I just like things that make big bangs. and shiny planes.


Thanks Osam er Spock.


Compliments of the NY Times spy network


Phhhyyyt. tongue.gif I hate conspiracy theories.


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UK police make arrests in connection with bomb plot

Police in the UK have made more than 20 arrests in and around London, southeast England and Birmingham. The suspects are now being questioned. The government said it believes the main players have been caught. There are unconfirmed reports that some of those arrested are British Muslims. In High Wycombe, north of London, police and forensic teams have been searching several properties. The US has said the plan was suggestive of the work of al-Qaeda.


US steps up airport security in response to foiled bomb plot

The US government has tightened airline security in response to the foiled bomb plot, setting the maximum threat level for inbound flights from Britain. Last night some of the first delayed flights began to arrive at New York's JFK Airport, while departing passengers faced greater scrutiny and a long wait at security checkpoints. Some travellers said they felt reassured by the precautions - others were simply resigned. Plastic bottles capable of carrying liquid explosive were among the items strictly banned onboard.

The US government meanwhile was quick to make a link between the suspected plotters and al Qaeda. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had this warning:

"We cannot assume that the threat has been completely thwarted, or that we have fully identified and neutralised every member of this terror network," he said.

President George W. Bush said news of the foiled plot was a stark reminder of the perceived threat to US security.

"This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation," he said.

Bush's choice of words has angered Muslim groups in the US, who have accused the president of potentially inflaming anti-Muslim tensions.


Key bomb plotters in custody, say police

Police are convinced they have caught the major players in a plot to blow up airliners flying from Britain to the US. Twenty-four people are in custody, however tensions remain high, with some reports other suspects are still on the loose. At Heathrow Airport the security measures and strict baggage checks continue to cause delays. British Airways says 25 percent of long haul flights may be cancelled today. Hand luggage is banned - passengers are allowed a to carry a single clear plastic bag on board. It's thought the bombers wanted to smuggle bombs disguised as drinks onto the planes.

"Although we, by which I mean the police and security services, think we have the main players in this particular conspiracy, you can never at this stage be certain," said UK Home Secretary John Reid. "We therefore want to make sure that alongside the operational interventions we have made, that we maintain a very high level of vigilance."

Homes and businesses across England where the arrests were made are still being searched. It's reported police may have found a suicide bomber's martyrdom tape.




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I'm going to take this whole event with a large pinch of salt.


Maybe the British Government thought that the British public isn't taking the situation seriously enough, and decided to swoop on a terrorist "plot"?


As for Mr. de Menzes, it was a sh*te mistake to make. I've seen videos where the guy is blatantly not running or anything, and it doesn't help the Metropolitan Police (the London coppers) to lie so badly about the man. I also feel that the individual police shouldn't be blamed, as they're just acting on the information given to them by their superiors. If I was told that some guy was about to blow up a train and dozens of people and given a hand-gun to stop him, I probably would have done the same.

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Well, if I may take a little trip back in time to Election Season, 2004...


I distinctly remember alot of talk about 9/11 which was really irrelevant in regards to the actual issue of 'global terrorism', i.e. 'the global jihad, Al-Qaeda', etc. Alot of terrible memories were brought up and used to make people believe in the Bush Administration's objectives, foreign and domestic. Couple that with alot of mindless flag-waving issues like gay and lesbian rights (or lack thereof), protecting the flag from burning (roughly 4 incidents of public flag burning occur in the entire U.S., on average), the viability of the phrase 'In God We Trust' on the money and 'Under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance, etc, and you've got a fearful, consumerist, nationalist populace being herded like sheep into a C-130 to go off and fight in the sandbox.



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I think I might take a trip down to Parliament Square and burn the Union Flag.


I wonder what sort of trouble that will get me into. Especially since they moved that guy who had all that anti-war stuff and was there since we invaded Iraq, because it reminded the MPs too much of reality.


I suspect it will probably be a night in the cells, a court appearance at the worst.

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"9/11" is the "You're fat/like Hitler/living in your parent's basement!" of all American political discussions.


Tagmatium, gather lots of people. Make *lots* of noise. Then, burn the flag, else you'll be just a clown with a lighter burning a blue, red, and white fabric, just like almost everyone. Hell, even cut the burning if you will. Bring a nice box, friends to pass as bypassers, and speak the f*ck out. Say your piece, let people say theirs as well. It will give you less trouble, and you'll be at least doing something different and positive to the UK, instead of playing with fire... remember that people who play with fire wet their beds XD

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Why exactly do people feel like their voices aren't being heard? There has been plenty of opposition to American and British policy post-9/11. There was widespread media coverage of anti-war protests in both countries. Why must opposition voices always result to the most radical, sensationalist things possible to get their point across (ie flag burning)?


As for the 9/11 attacks themselves, they've become a huge domestic political point in the US because they were, in fact, a pretty big deal. America isn't used to terrorism, to being punched in the proverbial gut on our own soil with such terrible death tolls, etc. If 9/11 has rallied people to the flag, to me it's pretty clear and understandable why that's so. And as for arguements that 9/11 is being used as an excuse to stifle dissent against government policy, like I said nothing could be further from the truth. Public attitudes have shifted away from President Bush in recent years, not towards him. The air waves are still free, and the court of public opinion is still open for session. We can have constructive dialogue without being militant assholes about it.

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