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Unrest in Nan GorGwaith

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Army Depot - SouthWest Romanna, 10:00 pm :


Corporal Jamta noticed something amiss within the Army motorpool, just outside the city of Romanna.

A hole had been cut in the chainlink fence that surrounds the area where the local unit stores its vehicles. There also seemed to be a clicking noise coming from amid the trucks off to the right. Regarding this as highly suspicious, Corporal Jamta decided to call it in.

As he was reaching for his walkie, he was hit from behind by a pipe...


Sgt. Rawston stopped writing the daily report when he heard a loud *clang* from outside the window in his office. Irked because he had forgotten what he was writing, he made his way over to where he had his walkie sitting.

"Corporal Jamta, what in the hell are you doing?", he asked.

No response came.

Thinking something might be wrong, Rawston headed toward the door.


Right then a large explosion hit the building, knocking him to the floor!

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NNDD Swift - Naval Port of Constantinopolis, 10:15 pm :


Seaman Hearst had just gone to bed when he heard and felt a large BOOM and then alarm claxons went off.


Scrambling out of his bunk, he made his way to his station. Overhead Commander Phillips was ordering everyone to battlestations and it was no drill.


As he rounded the corner to head up to the deck, he ran into a scene from Hell. Twisted metal lay everywhere along with two bodies. A large part of the floor had been thrust up from below decks and the sound of water could be heard. Steam from a broken pipe made it hard to see anymore. As he made his way through the mess and corpsmen working on the wounded, he overheard Petty officer Childs say that a bomb or rocket had hit the side of the destroyer.


"What the hell is going on", he half mumbled to himself and the rest of the room...

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Bedroom of Marc Frachette, Capital City of Osgiliath, 10:30 pm:


The phone rang. and rang. and rang. Finally, it was picked up.


"Yeh, this is Marc. I am sorry, I was in the shower man. I was about to go out for the night. "




"Son of a. Figured something would happen with me in charge and hardly anyone knowing it. Yeh, get with General Sherman and Admiral Perry. Find out what damage there is. Oh. and get intel on the line. I am sure they know something."




Meanwhile in Nan GorGwaith Centrel Information Agency:




Intelligence officer Yusinov looked up from his report. "What is it?"


"Sir, there have been reports of a bomb going off in the motorpool in Alpha Base in Romanna. I also just got word that a ship has been attacked in Constantinopolis."


"Well, are we under attack or are these isolated incidents?"


"I do not know, sir."


"Well get moving and let Director McCarthy know what is happening!"


With a sigh, he got up and headed toward the map of Nan GorGwaith on the wall. "Those are pretty far apart. It would take a lot of planning if this is work of our usual suspects."


Just then, the phone rang. "That would be Mr. Frachette" he said. "Lord Gothmog picked a really bad time to leave the country."

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Outside Lord Gothmog's Residence, Capital City of Osgiliath, 8:00 am:


A large group of protestors have gathered. Many wield signs, others have bullhorns.


Viktor Walewski, head of security for Lord Gothmog's home, peered out the side window at the crowd.


"Did you get the entrances sealed and is everyone in place around the grounds?" he asked.


A guard standing slightly behind him nodded and replied "Yes Sir. Everything is in place. "


"Good. Do you think this has anything to do with what happened last night?"


"I think so, why else would a protest happen here, and at this time." the guard responded.


"My thoughts also. Look at those signs. Viktor pointed to a few:


""Why are you selling us out? Secrecy is dangerous!""

""Reject Globalism!""


""Look what happens when YOU lose the faith of your citizens!!""


"They seem tied in to me." Have everyone watched carefully. If you get a chance, see if you can engage in conversation with some of them. Maybe they will let something slip that we can use."


"Yes Sir!"


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Army Depot - SouthWest Romanna, 9:00 am :


Smoke is still coming from the motorpool as firefighters try to put out the last bit of burning oil. Col. Harris takes in the damage from a balcony outside the HQ. Three dead, six wounded. Two buildings totally destroyed. One helicoptor, one fuel truck, three jeeps, two supply trucks, one APC, and an old Churchill MK3 Tank gone also. The explosion appeared to have been planted inside the fuel truck, which only enhanced the blast, since it was fully loaded.


"What a freaking mess", he sighed. "I am in it deep. How do I explain such a breach of security?"


He walked back inside and picked up a secure line. "Yes, get me Gen. Sherman. Yes, he is expecting my call. I told him I would let him know the damage."




NNDD Swift - Naval Port of Constantinopolis, 9:30 am :


Commander Phillips looked over the side of the motorboat. He observed a small hole, just below the waterline. It had been blown outward, from the inside. Frowning, he turned to Admirall Perry, who had come personally down to the docks to inspect the damage.


"Yes, I concure with the findings from the inside. It appears a bomb was planted IN the ship and not on the outside like we originally thought."


Admiral Perry nodded. "You have everyone still aboard under orders not to leave?"


"Yes sir. I have already had many of the men questioned, just to determine the facts."


"Well now you need to move on to investigating. Find out who did this, assuming he is still aboard. He could have planted it and left days ago."


"Yes sir. I am on it."


Admiral Perry hated the thought that one of his boys could have sabatoged one of his ships. Hopefully, he mused, the person was a spy or terrorist from somewhere far away and on someone's orders. Last thing he needed was to overhaul the Navy on suspicion that homegrown radicals had infiltrated the Navy on his watch.

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Lord Gothmog's Office, Capital City of Osgiliath, Noon:


Marc Frachette looked up at Director McCarthy from his position behind the desk.

"Are you sure?"




Marc cringed. "If the bombs were both planted by peope on the inside, then we really have no idea how many people could be behind this."


Lewis McCarthy nodded. "True, but there are leads..."


"And they point, where?" asked Marc.


"They point at the obvious. Either the RSGM or the IU, or Both."


"They are not this coordinated and where did they get munitions?"


Lewis frowned. "Initial reports of the bomb fragments suggest they were not ours, but had come from inside the former Slavic Byzantium."


"I knew this would happen. Once their government crumbled, I knew radical elements over there would start causing troubles here. Alright, let's get moving on this. First, break up the demonstration outside Lord Gothmog's home. I don't need him to come home to a ruin. Second, call an emergancy military council. Third, have your agents get with local police and try to dig up some more evidence. Oh, and I know it is not your job, but have the military seal the border."


Lewis nodded, "Absolutely."


"Now I suppose I need to get ahold of our leader and hope he does not blame me for this."

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Outside Lord Gothmog's Residence, Capital City of Osgiliath, 13:00 pm:


As the protestors shouted their slogans and waved their signs. Security forces set up a perimeter around them in the trees.


Security guard Dav'id watched one protestor in particular. He was dressed in khaki, had no sign or horn. He stood away from the rest as if observing. "I bet he is the leader", Dav'id thought to himself. Slowly he worked his way over to near where the guy was standing. Just as he was about to tackle the guy, the man spun around and pointed a pistol with a silencer at him. Before he realized it had been fired, Dav'id found himself pitching forward with a lot of pain in his neck.


"Sh*t, he shot me!" he tried to yell. All he heard of himself was gurgling.


The incident did not go unnoticed however. Dav'id's friend Guigan had saw the whole thing from his post. He started to head toward the man, but the man took off through the trees. Shouting into his earpiece, he tried to relate to the rest of the guards what had happened.


Bad idea.


Many of the guards thought they were under attack, even though no shots had sounded. Some fired in the air to try to clear the crowd, some ran into the crowd to try to disperse them. A full on hand to hand fight ensued.


When it was over, 3 protestors were dead and so was guard Dav'id. The rest of the protestors had fled except for the dozen in custody.


Viktor Walewski, head of security, shook his head when the report came in. This was not going to go over well.

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Border with Slavic Byzantium, west of Romanna, 14:00 pm:


"Alright you guys, spread out!. I want 1 soldier per 1/4 mile. This is temporary. If anyone approaches you from there, challenge them. If they are armed, shoot them. If they come from our side. challenge them as well, but hold your fire." shouted Col. Gunnison. "Gen. Sherman will be out here to oversee how we are handling this, so don't screw it up!"


All available army soldiers in the region of Hithlum have been pulled to secure the border. There has never been a walled border and the only posts are on the main roads so it will be a difficult job.


General Sherman sat in a jeep as he was driven to the border. He wondered if this would do any good or if more drastic measures would have to be taken. There had been reports of people crossing the border before, but in recent months it has become almost an exodus. How many of these people are refugees and how many are terrorists?



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Lord Gothmog's Office, Capital City of Osgiliath, 1800 pm:


Marc Frachette downed yet another cup of coffee. This being in charge thing was starting to get to him. One more time he reflected over the events of the past 24 hrs.


- Lord Gothmog, 2 Representatives and 4 advisors went to a conference in Tamurin to discuss matters of Europa with other heads of state. It was to be in secret, but it got out to the press and now there are protests being held around the country.


-Rumors in the press have some bed event going on at the conference, but the report is only a few hours old.


- A protest outside Lord Gothmog's home went wrong and people were killed. Calls for justice are already being yelled at new rallies. The Government is being blamed, even though it had nothing to do with it.


- Two bombs went off almost at the same time across the country from each other. One blew up a motorpool in an army base and the other blew a hole in a ship in the navy yard. Both had to have been the work of terrorists, but what kind, foreign or homegrown? No leads as of yet other than some materials have come from the west..


-As a result of those findings, the border with Slavic Byzantium was sealed by the army. With no stable government in place there, many people have been comign across the border, perhaps terrorists. There have been recent reports of skirmishes and firefights along the border a few hours ago.


Marc rubbed his eyes. Also there was a communication from a nation to the south that Nan GorGwaith had little contact with, offering help with terrorism.


"Alright. I have made up my mind for the next course of action" he said to the Information director McCarthy, across the room. "I want you round up ALL known members of RSGM (Regional Self-Government Militia) and IU (Isolationists United). We will find out if they have a hand in the bombings and even if they don't I want to try to disband them permenantly."


"Next, I want all military units put on high alert. The army will increase its men at the northern border and their presence in Osgiliath, Romanna, and Constantinopolis. I want the Urban and Civil divisions of the Special forces dispatched to all cities. I want the navy to include some of our bigger ships on patrols. I want the airforce keeping an eye in the sky, especially around the borders."


"Get Air Marshall Daniels, Generals Sherman, Haldur, and Hood from the Army, General Kruger from Special forces, and Admiral Perry on conference please."


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Across Nan GorGwaith, Various Military units, 600 am:


Late last night the order from Mr Frachette requested all military to be put on alert.


Today, orders were issued to put only these units of the Nan GorGwaith military on high alert. These are the forces involved:


Special Forces


1st - 5th Urban Warfare Brigades - split up to cover Osgiliath, Romanna, and Constantinopolis.

1st Civil Security Brigade (essentially SWAT) - sent to Osgiliath

2nd Civil Security Brigade (essentially SWAT) - sent to Romanna




All units of the Hithlum Border Patrol - currently deployed on the Slavic Byzantium border

Hithlum Division of the Nan GorGwaith Infantry - sent to the border

1st and 2nd Hithlum Artillery - sent to the border

1st Hithlum Mobile Artillery - sent to the border

2nd Regiment of the Nevrest Division of the Nan GorGwaith Infantry - sent to the border




1st Fleet - based in Constantinopolis

3rd Fleet - based in Romanna

All Submarines




1st Flight Wing - based in Eglador

2nd Flight Wing - based in Eglador

3rd Flight Wing - based in Nevrest

Hithlum Air Patrol - based in Romanna

Nevrest Air Patrol - based in Constantinopolis


These units will conduct security and counter-terrorism sweeps.


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Nan GorGwaith-Slavic Byzantium Border, 8:00 am:


Sgt. Hill looked through his binoculars towards the edge of the forest. Earlier he thought he had spotted movement, but was not sure, so he grabbed something to help him get a closer look.


Sure enough, he spotted a few men darting just inside the trees. They appeared to be heading south, towards a known weak point in the border patrol. He reached for his walkie.


"Lt., I have several unknowns heading south just inside the treeline. I repeat, they are heading your way. They are not ours."


"Are they armed Sgt.?"


"Sir, I cannot get a clear enough visual. I will take my patrol and try to catch up to them before they get to you."




Sgt. Hill motioned to his men and they started down the hill they had been positioned on. The plan was to enter the woods behind the men and track them before they got too far. About halfway down, they started to receive hostile fire, forcing them to take cover wherever they could.


"Lt. I am taking small arms fire. We have not even gotten to the bottom of the hill. That means we were being observed."


"Confirmed. Stay put, I will send group F from the border patrol to try to head them off and then relieve you. Oh, and we just got reinforcements. The 5th regiment of the Hithlum Division just showed up. They said the entire division should be arriving soon."


"Sounds good, out."




Checkpoint 3, Nan GorGwaith-Slavic Byzantium Border, 8:30 am:


Corporal Heiden was smoking outside the little booth they call home as one of the few checkpoints along the border. All the main roads have one, but none of the others do.

Private Kenny was nerviously looking all over the place.


"Why don't you calm down?"


"Can't. What if we are attacked before the patrol gets here to secure this place?"


Corporal Heiden spat. "Since when have we ever been attacked? We are not at war."


As he turned to look at Private Kenny, a vehicle came flying down the road, muffled by the trees. He tossed his cig and came up beside Kenny, who was in the booth and was reaching for the phone.


"I don't think he is going to stop!", yelled Kenny.


Just as Heiden went to reply, a rpg, fired from the pickup truck now only a few hundred feet away, slammed into the booth. Both were killed instantly as the truck sped by on its way into Nan GorGwaith...

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Checkpoints 1-7 along the border with Slavic Byzantium 8:00 am - 8:15 am:


As what happend to checkpoint 3 occurred, all 6 of the other checkpoints received the same welcome. Here is the brief report given to Captain Smith:


Only checkpoints 2 and 4 were prepared. Checkpoint 2 had received the reinforcements from of one the border patrols and were able to disable the vehicle before it was able to get a rocket off. One of the men in the truck was taken alive, the rest did not make it. At checkpoint 4, the vehicle, a car this time, blew past the booth as well. The only weapons used were machine guns. The car went out of control and crashed into a nearby tree. The driver and one passenger were dead from the return fire and crash. Private Gambier sustained a wound in his shoulder, but Private Raul died. All soldiers at checkpoints 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7. were killed. The attackers used 5 trucks and 2 cars in their assaults, all within 15 minutes of each other. Weapons used were handguns, machine guns, and at least 3 rpgs. Nothing is known of the attackers yet, but they appear to be Slavic-Byzantium nationals. That is all.



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Mobile Headquarters, Outside Romanna, Noon:


Generals Hood, Haldur, and Sherman looked at a map of the border with Slavic Byzantium. What started out as a possible infiltration of agents/terrorists has become almost a steady stream across the border. The latest intellegance reports indicate that the radical groups in Nan GorGwaith have been providing information and safe havens for the terrorists. The goal apparently is to force the government to deal with the insurgents and realize the problems being caused by becoming more visable in the region, and revert back to isolationism. RSGM specifically wants Slavic Byzantium to take Hithlum or at least back an independance movement. Another possible goal is to have the government step down and be replaced by one that is not able to hold the country together...


"So they think they can do a half-assed invasion and force us to change our diplomacy?" barked Gen. Sherman.


"That is what Director McCarthy is leaning towards as their motives." responded Gen. Hood.


"Well I think we have a surprise in store for them." grinned Gen. Sherman. "Haldur, tell him what has just been approved."


"Right. After our conference with Mr. Frachette on securing the border, I spoke with Director McCarthy about retaliation. He said he had discussed it with Mr. Frachette and said that he approves of what I suggested. Here it is."


"We know that the bombs were made in SB. We assume, without much proof, that the planters were from either IU or RSGM. We have learned that they are getting financed from SB and they are aiding in the the current cross-border mess. Many of the ring-leaders of RSGM have been arrested, but there are still a few from IU out there."


Pausing, General Haldur pointed to the map. "Gen. Sherman already has units dealing with those insurgants who attacked our checkpoints. All border patrols are reenforced and the border can safely be declared closed and guarded. As of, about an hour ago,

the Hithlum Division was sent across the border, along with the 1st Hithlum Mobile Artillery. Providing cover was the 1st and 2nd Hithlum Artillery. Their goal is to secure the Slavic Byzantium border, FROM THEIR SIDE. Another goal is to intimidate their government, if you can call it that, into controling these loose cannons and hopefully they can get the country stablized."


"Amazing. What does Lord Gothmog have to say about all this?" asked Gen. Hood.


"He does not know."


"And do you think he will approve?"


General Sherman sighed. "I don't know. His leadership is hard to gauge. He is young and a newbie as a leader. We shall see. I hope we do not have to overthrow him and make Nan GorGwaith have another coup..."


"What if our strategy does not work?"


"Then I have been given clear orders to take the capital of Slavic Byzantium" growled Gen. Sherman.


Gen. Haldur nodded. Gen. Hood put his head on his head. "How do you think the rest of Europa will react? I mean, we are relatively new to their politics."


"I don't give a horse's *** in a ***** what they think. That's up to the politicians to figure all that out" Gen. Sherman growled again.


"Now let's take care of business."

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Forests along the Nan-GorGwaith-Slavic Byzantium Border. 3 pm:


Sitting roughly three miles outside of their own country was a company of the 1st Hithlum Mobile Artillery. They had rolled across the border after receiving orders to enter into Slavic Byzantium territory and a form a wall of troops to prevent more radicals, terrorists?, from crossing the border. This particular unit was not well equipped. Nan GorGwaith is not known for having a large, top of the line Army.


This particular unit counted among its ranks M18s, Churchill MK3s, and even a Tiger 2. Not long after they took up position, they were challenged.


A shell came whistling in and blew up 50 feet from the lead tank. Immediately a voice followed over a loudspeaker in broken English.


"This is Slavic Byzantium territory. You have no authorization. Return at once or we will be forced to fire!"


Captain Hurtz flipped on his communications system from his seat in his tank. "We were sent here by our commander. We were not told to fight unless we had to defend ourselves. We have no disagreement with the SB Army."


"I care not who commanded you. You are not permitted to be here. Go now", the reply came.


"I am Captain Hurtz and I am in charge of this unit. I will not leave. We are only here to prevent more insurgents from crossing into our country. I say stand down and wait for the officials in our governments to figure out what is going on."


Another shell came whistling in and just missed Captain Hurtz's tank. Then another, followed by another. The Slavic Byzantium artillery battery, posted on a hill not far away had started shelling the company.


Captain Hurtz had no choice. He would not retreat and lose honor. "All units, engage and destroy that battery!"


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Forests along the Nan-GorGwaith-Slavic Byzantium Border 5 pm:


Captain Hurtz surveyed the area. A Slavic Byzantium artillery battery had been taken out. In the process, he had lost 1 tank and had another slightly damaged. He wondered what problems he had just created by attacking a military target of anothe nation. This was no militia, no insurgent, and no terrorist group he had taken out.


"Alright, we defended ourselves. Now let us get back to our position. I have to make a report back to HQ." he told his command.



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In front of the Capital building - Osgiliath, 6pm:


The motorcade of Lord Gothmog, his ministers, and advisors approached its regular entrance to the Capital building. Tensions have been high around the country recently due to large protests, small riots, and sabatoge to military bases. Security has been extra tight.


The cars halted and bodyguards immediately leapt out and took up positions along the path to the entrance. The car door opened and Gothmog stepped out of the car.


"It is sadly too quiet here, when there should be a crowd welcoming me back", he thought as he stood there. He turned to one of his advisors and said "If I had gone to that conference less secretly, I could have come home openly." Looking both ways, he observed that there were only a handful of non-government people and civilians there behind the barricades. By now, several ministers, representatives, and advisors were passing him and heading into the building. Thinking he should get moving, he only took a few steps forward when a large explosion ripped through the people in front of him!


Knocked against his car, he slid to the ground unconcious. As in all terror incidents, people immediately act terrified. Within seconds, Lord Gothmog was picked up and taken by a bodyguard and an advisor to the Osgiliath Hospital...


OOC: Sorry it is taking me a while to write this stuff (the conference has been over for awhile), but I have been back in school and have less time to write sad.gif


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Entrance to the Capital Building, Official Press Conference, 8:00pm


Greetings Nan Gorgwaith,


I am Marc Frachette, top advisor to Lord Gothmog and named by him to stand in his place while he has been away. I apoligize for not speaking to you before now, but I was told to keep out of the public eye.


As you know, there has been over the last month, a series of incidents that have been focused at causing unrest here in our country. Lord Gothmog went secretly to a conference that was held in the nation of Tamurin. While he and his delegation were there, a terrorist group attacked the palace and many people lost their lives. Two of these were from Nan GorGwaith. Representative James Madison Rikai and Advisor Richard Embry III died abroad while trying to forge a better life for us here and with the other nations of Europa.


During the time that this was happening, there were bombs set off in an army depot in Romanna and on the Destroyer Swift in Constantinopolis. There were protests and riots, not all staged by people who are citizens. As a result, I ordered the border with Slavic Byzantium sealed, as much of the evidence for these evil incidents points to there. Yes, as has been reported, there has been fighting along the border, but there have been no illegal border crossings since the troops have been put into place.


And of course, there is this latest act of cowardice. A car bomb went off outside the capital building a few hours ago. It appears it was meant to assassinate Lord Gothmog as he returned from his trip. I have news that he is recovering in Osgiliath Hospital from cuts made by glass and shrapnel, as well as bruises. He is in good condition and will be back soon.


I have the sad news to bring to you of the casualties from this horrible act. Those who were killed are: Tina Grabel, a civilian; Gabe Smith and Lars King, bodyguards of Lord Gothmog; Roger Carmichael, Minister of Internal Affairs; and Represenative Petra Richards. We will miss them, and they will be memorialized later this week.


There were wounded as well. They are all doing well in Osgiliath Hospital. They are: Eric Thames, Eiko Kawn, and Owen Reed, civilians; David Howe and Ziggy Wells, bodyguards of Lord Gothmog; Brent Amsden and Henry Ells, Advisors to Lord Gothmog; Lester Greenspan, Minister of Trade & Commerce; Daniel Ferris, Minister of Agriculture; and Michael McGowen, Minister of Education.


These loyal citizens of Nan GorGwaith have paid for our lack of security and vigilance. I have met with the heads of the military, chief of information, and several members of the legislature. As of 10 minutes ago, our military forces have entered Slavic Byzantium with a goal to force the government to take control of these insurgants. They will take up positions outside the capital until the government reigns in these terrorists and holds elections to elect a real and true government, not just a rogue bunch of corrupt ex-military men. Please understand that this is not an invasion of Slavic Byzantium. It is an excursion to force the country to take control of itself or it will continue to destablize the region. NGN will keep you up to date as we will release news regularly.


Thank you and good night.



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Inside the Capital Building, Lord Gothmog's Office, 7 AM:


Covered in many bandages and walking with a slight limp, Lord Gothmog paced back in forth in front of his desk. After a period of silence, he turned sharply towards those gathered in the room.


"Why did you not consult me first?" he asked Marc Frachette, his top advisor.


"Because I have been running the country the entire time you have been gone, we have had crisis after crisis, I felt something had to be done quickly, AND I had backing from the military" he answered.


"Is this true?, did you back him?"


"Yes sir, we all did." answered General Sherman


Lord Gothmog frowned. "I.. I am not going to deal with you all right now. I have lost too many good people in the last few weeks and I do not want to hastily lose more. I want all military forces inside Slavic Byzantium to cease all activities except self defense. I want their positions all frozen, or at least in a network of communication and defense only. Please get in touch with anyone who claims to be in charge over there of their government. Let them know I will hold my forces accountable for any injustices they may have caused and also that I will meet with them in person, in their own country to try to resolve this."


"But sir, you are putting yourself in more danger, so soon after your injuries!" exclaimed Director McCarthy.


"Yes, but this has to be done quickly if we are to salvage anything out of this mess. Now please get moving"


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