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What's your ideology?

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Anarchism 100%

Socialist 33%

Republican 25%

Communism 17%

Democrat 17%

Nazi 0%

Fascism 0%

Green 0%


I don't like this test. First of all there is no 'capitalist' percentage even though a lot of the questions concern capitalism and I sure as hell didn't vote in the slightest bit socialist let alone communist!


It confuses laissez-faire capitalism for anarchism and is outdated in the sense that it uses obsolete ideologies like socialism/communism, nazism and fascism but completely ignores capitalism.

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Republican 92%

Fascism 58%

Anarchism 42%

Democrat 33%

Socialist 25%

Communism 17%

Nazi 0%

Green 0%


I also don't like the test. "Are you racist?" seems a little bit biased to me, and there aren't enough questions to really get a complete canvas of your views. How about the Political Compass? This one is a little bit more balanced I think.


Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: 4.13

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 3.49


Between Hitler and Thatcher. Heh.

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Economic Left/Right: 10.00

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.90


It's a better test but sometimes the wording of the questions is a little off.


"A significant advantage of a one-party state is that it avoids all the arguments that delay progress in a democratic political system."


It may well be an advantage but the question doesn't actually ask you if you agree with one party states or not.


"If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations."


Surely "... humanity through statist means rather than trans-national corporations" would sound unbiased for those who believe the latter?

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Democrat 83%

Green 83%

Socialist 75%

Communism 58%

Anarchism 58%

Fascism 33%

Nazi 0%

Republican 0%

If you vote for all middle options, you get this tie-braker. When choosing any of these, you get the following result.


1. Are you more conservative than most? > Republican

2. Are you more liberal than most? > Democrat

3. Do you believe violence is an appropriate way to gain power? > Facism

4. Do you believe in totalitarianism? > Nazi

5. Are you an environmentalist? > Green

6. Do you like the thought of total freedom? > Anarchism

7. Do you believe in a classless society? > Communism

8. Should the people control the government? > Socialist


Rather simple quiz if you ask me. mellow.gif

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