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Application for Membership

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To: Members of the Entente of Oriental States

From: Lord Gothmog VIII, Ruler of Nan GorGwaith

Pertaining to Membership to the EOS


Greetings and Salutations,


I wish to formally submit my application to join your alliance. My nation has been in isolation with the world for too long and even though we have seen progress in trade, governmental reforms, and some diplomacy, I feel that we would benefit considerably by joining and participating in Europa's affairs via an alliance.


I have read your charter and the following things I find encouraging:


-EOS is a peaceful alliance and does not seek to start conflicts,

-Development of regional defense programs, such as, but not limited to, anti-ballistics systems,

-Economic benefits, such as free trade,

-EOS will work to improve its own humanitarion issues first, before involving itself with similar issues elsewhere,

-EOS members will work to establish a wildlife preserve in area 155.


If you approve Nan GorGwaith's application, I will see to it that we meet your guidelines and are a contributing member to the further success of your Entente.


With the utmost respect,

Lord Gothmog VIII

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Current voting status:

+ Tamurin

+ Orioni

+ Bainbridge Islands

+ Kant

+ Miiros

+ Emakera

? Italgria


With five votes in favour and one still unknown, I believe the majority has spoken. Therefore I would like to welcome you to the EOS alliance. We hope our cooperation will always be positive and fruitful.


Could please post your military 'points' here please? Thank you.

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To: Members of the Entente of Oriental States

From: Mr. Marc Frachette, acting for Lord Gothmog VIII, Ruler of Nan GorGwaith




Thank you for accepting Nan GorGwaith as a member of EOS. As you are aware, Lord Gothmog is currently attending the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europa. As some of your delegations are there as well, I am sure he will find out soon enough. I thank you again, in behalf of the nation. We also look forward to a long an fruitful relationship.




Marc Frachette, acting Dictator

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