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Refinery in Ruins

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Government officials announced today the Novezkvartovsk Refinery in Western Confederation territory has burned to the ground one week ago. It was reported that the fire was caused by a malfunction in the computer equipment. Corrupted datascript lead to several pipes bursting and a fire which spread throughout the facility, eventually burning the complex to the ground.


Mikhail Sergetov, Head of the Department of Energy says this will only cause a minor set-back in the production of commercial-critical fuels such as diesel and gasoline. He asserts that all other pertroleum refining facilities have been put to full capacity, and while they cannot completely makeup for the shortfall casued by the fire, they will be able to produce enough to meet our most basic needs.


"We have already devoted every drilling rig and EOR systems to Novezkvartovsk. It will take us about thirty months to rebuild the basic structures, and about sixty to completely restore the complex to it's fully operable status. this shortfall will only be a minor, but significant, problem. And I have recommended that our President seek to purchase petrol from foreign sources. These talks are in the makings as we speak. That is all, thank you."


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Despite the shortfall in petrol, the military has begun training exersices. Our Minister of Defense says these are strictly to maintain a state of readiness in the event of an attack. He points out that we are never off-guard, given our location in the world, and our isolation from friendly nations, we must always suspect foul-play and bad intentions from our socialist neighbors.

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