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Vote for the majority party in The Confederation Senate  

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  1. 1. Vote for the majority party in The Confederation Senate

    • Traditionalist Party
    • Progressive Party
    • United Council of Action (current holder of executive branch)
    • Democratic Socialists
    • Radical Liberal Allaince
    • Corporate Bloc
    • Anarchists

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Please stay tuned for this public, radio announcement.


Following our Presidential elections, it is time to elect the members of the lower house. Polling stations are have been opened and will remain so for the next week.


OOC: I like the idea, and am rather unwilling to compose the numbers myself, I will let you all repressent my populace and vote for the certain parties.

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TO: Traditionalist Party Headquarters, Aristocratic Confederation

FROM: Jeffery Newell, Nationalist Party of Marsitrania Chairman

RE: Upcoming Elections



Esteemed senior members of the Traditionalist party,

Your nation deserves to be represented by those who know and treasure the values of history. In the past lies the strength for the future. To this end we are prepared to extend to you the resources of our party's information gathering apparatus, public endorsements from our political candidates, and limited amounts of monetary aid. At the present time we can ill afford the luxury of generosity as we are embroiled in a fierce domestic race against humanist mongrels who regularly spit upon our own enshrined traditions.


It is in our interest and our nation's interest to ensure that as many stalwart, passionate defenders of justice and civilization have control of their own nations as possible throughout Europa. Because you are a not-too-distant neighbor, and the timing is excellent, we extend the hand of friendship and wish you the best possible success in your coming battle.


Strength, Prosperity, Triumph.



Chairman & Board of Representatives, Marsitranian Nationalist Party

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To: Jeffery Newell, Nationalist Party of Marsitrania Chairman

From: Tryphon Athanasios, Traditionalist Party Member


"It is a soothing comfort to know that our Confederation is not alone in the desire to preserve the past and rely on proven truths and facts. These 'modern' socialists have forgotten the successes of capitalism, and the upheld values of our grandfathers. They overlook the greatness of our system, claiming it a fluke, and denying it's success in other parts of the world.


The Great City of Miiros is a great example of what our ways can accomplish. We wish our esteemed allies, and all who support this way of life the best in their ventures. May you overcome the hardships these infectious socialists offer."


--Acta Pro Valori--


OOC: I'm rather curious as to who voted for the Corporate Bloc


Edit: And the Anarchists?!?!?! Someone is trying to screw us over....

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