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Floyd Landis

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The B-test turns out to be positive too, confirming the excessive level of testosterone the first test indicated. Floyd has been fired by his team Phonak, and is likely to face a 2-year ban. He'll loose his title, making Oscar Pereiro the new winner of the Tour de France.


All doping-affairs are a sad thing for the sport.

The Tour already started without any real favorites because of doping allegations or suspected doping use. And the winner Landis actually won the Tour in stage 17 with an incredeble "revanche" in the Alps with an 130 km solo attack, after his total breakdown the day before. Turns out he cheated, as it was after this same stage 17 he delivered his positive sample.

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That really is a sad story. After he had won, the media reported about how he had to train in secret because his parents wouldn't let him. Although I'm not into cycling that much (my dad is), I did have get some respect for what he achieved.


I can understand why the UCI waited to inform the world about what they had found. If they had released this news while the Tour de France was still going, it would have brought a lot of negative attention to the Tour as well. Let's support mr. Rogge (chairman of the IOC) in his fight against all doping in sports.

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I would rather have failed and not cheated than to have won by using altering substances.


Even though all evidence indicates that he has cheated, I still have a slight feeling that it is not 100% certain. People have hugely varying biologies and things affect people differently. Sometimes the anti-doping go too far in when they ban or overrule people who are on drugs due to asthma or other health realated problems.


However, they have rules and clearly he has violated them by chance or choice and therefore he has to give up his title and ruin America's image so soon after Lance's triumphs, which will probably re-open calls for investigations into all of his wins as well.



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I have no sympathy for athelete's who have to use performance enhancing drugs to gain critical acclaim. It sets a bad example showing that cheating can get you what you want over hard work. I mean if he would have just admitted that he was taking them rather than denying it but the second test shows up positive. They say how cheating is wrong yet they barely do anything about the performance enhancing drug users like Barry Bonds all they do is give them a slap on the wrist but I can see why. A person hits 70 home runs, it attracts more attendance for stadium, thus increasing revenue which is good for the buisness.


Landis is a cheater and he should be stripped of his Tour De France Win no but's or if's just take it away from him it's not that hard. This is also simillar to pop singers when they get caught lip syncing accept some get their grammy's taken away ex: Milli Vanilli, and some just get a couple of angry fans and a slap n a wrist and bam they come out with another fake album.

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