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The Wishing Well

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Wish granted! You receive it by Chronopost and you unpack the package impatiently. But the Chronopost delivery is so catastrophic that you discover that your Playstation 5 is broken into a thousand pi

Wish granted! You visit New Orleans but contract polio and die within a week. I wish I was a god

Granted. You are the god of dust bunnies and other useless trivialities.   I wish I could see the early cretaceous period.

Wish granted! A 10-ton piece of the world is hung around your neck.


I wish a better computer for Tagmatium.


(p.s. wishing for an uncorruptable granting would bring the wrath of the gods upon you)

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Wish granted! A Belgian waffle will be delivered to your house at 3 in the morning when you're still sleeping. The delivery guy will leave the message on your doorstep, but someone else eats it.


I wish I was a little bit taller.

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Wish granted! A massive shipment of American bullion was shipped to your home, only to have it sink to the bottom of the ocean in transit.


Wish I could get a really cool smiley that would constantly change to accurately reflect my present mood!

The birdy!

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Wish granted! Sorry, that was your wombat.


I wish for at least 6 hours of sleep a night...

"Some say that war happens between peace. Some say that peace is the interval between war. Some can't make up their minds. I can tell you that in this galaxy, there is only war, and peace is a never-obtainable state"


Deltannian Information Center - A work in progress, please check it out!

Fleet Admiral Connor Grey
Deltan Navy, High Council
New Delta



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I wish i could become super famous

Granted. On your trip to a little-known Middle-Eastern country, you run into some of the more fanatical citizens of said country. They blindfold you, tie you to a pole and summarily execute you. Your final moments are immortalized by a National Geographic reporter hiding in the bushes, who then writes a famous article about the hedges of civilization and the breaking of human rights - with your picture appearing on the cover.


I wish I had perfect health of body and soul.

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Granted! Your heart fails three weeks later due to lack of rest, paramedics simply can't revive the extremely exhausted heart muscle, maybe the rest will do you some good... smile.gif


I wish for a bag of DoOm!



A little bit of poison, every now and then, makes for more agreeable dreams


-Friedrich Nietzsche, typical European

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