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Guest headofstatekairosia

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Guest headofstatekairosia

Good day all:

I am the Head of State for the Community of Kairosia and I would like to introduce myself. I have recently moved to Europa after being originally placed in the South Pacific after receiving a Telegram from the founder of the area. Feel free to endorse my nation- I have already begun to endore various nations of the region. Thank you.


L. T. Forth

Head of State


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Greetings... I am Steve D'Jaihu, the Junior Under Secretary of State responsible for Tourism, Culture, Sport and Intergovernmental Affairs for the glorious, magnificant Holy Empire of Jaihu. I am here on behalf of his Royal Jaihuiness, The Grand Pooba himself... King Jaihu the Great.


We would like to welcome the Community of Kairosia to the region of Europa. We look forward to working with you in the future.


That is all...


Long Live His Royal Jaihuiness, The Grand Pooba himself... King Jaihu the Great!!!!


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