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About your government

What form of government rules your nation?  

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  1. 1. What form of government rules your nation?

    • Presidential Republic (only president, ex. USA)
    • Parliamentary Republic (president and prime minister, ex. France)
    • Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy (weak monarch)
    • Consitutional Monarchy (equal monarch and parliament)
    • Absolute Monarchy (strong monarch)
    • Theocracy (religious hierarchy)
    • One-party and no-party state (non-democratic)
    • Dictatorship or military junta (military rule)
    • Oligarchy (ruled by wealth)

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Parliamentary Republic would be most accurate. Although I must say that 'The Aristocracy' does imitate an Oligarchy. Typically, only the wealthy can afford the tremendous costs of actually running for President, however voting is quite free. The President is elected directly by the people, who then appoints the Prime Minister.

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NOTE: I guess we can categorize Damak Var as Triumvirate Commonwealth/part Oligarchy. Read more if you want details.



Mine is none of the above. The Triumvirate (3 people) votes together on whether to pass a law or not (since there is 3 people there will never be a tie), they have control of the armed forces, and the Triumvirate Administration is the main governing body the nation administrating its day to day affairs. The High Court of the Judicial Branch has the power to veto laws passed by the Triumvirate. Finally an Electoral Council of 200 people decides who will be in office for both branches. They also have the power to remove members from office. Won't get more specific. Sounds weird, but oh well.


Damak Var is slowly becoming an Oligarchy as Damak Var's powerful corporations gain more influence on the government.

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Tagmatium is a bit of a quasi-dictatorship. The Holy Emperor/Empress is democratically elected, but then rules absolutely until his or her death, when a new one is elected. He/she chooses their cabinet entirely, perhaps keeping experienced ones on from the last ruler.


However, at the local level, city, county and thematic (basically, a theme is a state, although with less power) councils are elected every four years and can run their own affairs within reason.

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Consititutional Monarchy.


Monarchy-> executive cabinet ->house of representatives (lower house) -> the senate (upper house)



Parliament has the power to pass bills, but requires royal assent to make them law, thus in reality giving the monarch the power to pass or disallow what laws they wish. The Monarch may also dissolve parliament, both upper and lower houses, when they wish, or when government is in poor preferred government. Monarch is also commander in cheif of all armed forces, thus may invoke marshal law. Although since its establishment, the monarchy has -yet- to interfer into Political proceddings.


Therefore if someone unstable were to become monarch, they may dissolve parliament and call marshal law, and it would be perfectly consititutional.

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I'm a form of democracy I guess. I didn't chose one of the above, though. Here's why:


Deltannia is ruled by two houses, the Council and the Senate. They are not the same at all, and even the term 'Senate' in this case is not really what it is usually considered.


The Council is 100 elected officials serving regular terms each (haven't figured that out yet), and handling most of the legislative things. They have some executive power (This is like US Congress in a way).


The Senate is 5 elected officials serving life terms. This is highly regulated, however. Impeachment is much easier to deal with. Also, pressure to step down after certain points is much higher. The Council keeps these officials in check, making sure that they don't gain too much power. Usually, this isn't the case, though, because the 5 of them are generally checking each other. They represent a Presidential figure, but with power distributed.


This originally made more sense when my nation covers a galactic territory (from my original story). There's too much area to cover with only one person, so everything becomes more regional. Plus, like I said, the whole distribution of power thing.


Hope I didn't confuse you.

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Actually, now that I've thought about it, I can't call myself a Presidential Republic. Everything is run by the Tribal Tribunal, which is basically like a huge fricken one-body Congress, with a representative elected from each tribe under the Mongol-Swede banner. Further, there are no political parties, so to speak. Special interest groups appeal to the Tribal Tribunal for things to happen, and I've also set up a referendum option for the entire voting population (universal adult population, with a high-school-aged youth's voting count as 1/3 of a full vote, to encourage political awareness earlier) wherre 1/3 of the population can call for a referendum. Right now I'm trying to come up with a way for the population as a whole to exert control over the 'military', but this is difficult, given that my military is highly unconventional and fast-acting.

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Finnvaria is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen has the ultimate power, but chooses to focus on issues that can be best addressed by one person, such as inspiring the national morale, and working with the dolphin representatives. (She makes lots of speeches, and public appearances.) The fiddly bits of government are left to the parliament, who check in with the Queen to be sure everyone's on track, but otherwise pretty much do their own thing.



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