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Discussion on Religion and RP

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OOC: Wanted to make a comment on the whole religious deal here, being Islamic.


I have made many references on this forum, in roleplay, to Islam and such. If you look through many of the pics I have posted, you will see mosques. I have stated before that Islam is the majority religion in my nation. I have, in the past, used Islamic references in my official statements in roleplay, including declarations of retaliation and other hostile statements.


So, what I am asking is that you define what the rule is on making religious references in roleplay. As far as how this affects me goes, your determination will likely affect my remaining here, 'cause I refuse to make up some other religion when I believe in my heart and soul in the Word of Allah, as told by the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon Him).


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because I could forsee a bit of off-topicness

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What Aki and Tam were both getting at is that there is no further need on this board for any stereotyping Muslims as terrorists, which I think is fair enough. Neither of them are saying that one should make up a new religion everytime a nation is made, but that if one is going to villianise a certain religion, that it is best to make up a new off-shoot that no-one has any relation to, so that there is no chance of offending anyone in particular.

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Well, all religions have ora have had terrorists fighting for their religion. Isn't it realistic on having them? Seriously it doesn't matter if they were catholics or muslims. I thought the islamists are famous for having such a strong belief, when you do you are willing do die for your cause. It doesn't matter if it's political or religion belief's, many have sacrificed them in 'the' fight.

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What I think we need to rule against would be the reliouse stereotyping, in the negative sence. For example, saying muslims are terrorists, when realy they are not. Especialy when the issues like such are sensitive at the current time.


What I would sugest is if you wish to base a terrorist attack or somthing along those lines, to keep it safe, create your own religion. However, using Islam or Hinduism or any religoin as your national religoin is by no means wrong, as long as you follow the religion as it should be, and not what it's made out to be.

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I really don't think the events of the real world should end up censoring our RPing. All of Europa is fiction and I seriously doubt people here think all Muslims or any other religious group are terrorists.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Tag is right.


The problem with Aristos post is two fold. One, it is a stereotype - and a bad one at that. I would, to answer Suv's question, be just as down on other religious/national stereotpes as well...especially if they were more than likely to be deemed offensive. In today's day and age the reference to Muslims as terrorists IS highly offensive, I have a number of Muslim friends who face that kinda sh*t everyday. I won't brook it here. Sorry. I really dislike this kinda crap. Equally, some Muslims might find the reference to the Koran and Allah to be problematic/offensive. I am not prepared for Europa to have to deal with the ramifications of such a possibility. Goodness! Do you remember the TCN Eugenics thread? That, my friends, would be mild compared to what might happen here. Two, it is not original. Much of Aristo's post is copied directly from a book (he has told me this). RPing is about , on many levels, originality. Aristo is simply mouthing off 1980's views of Islam (which have got worse today in some fileds unfortunately). Not cool.


Inventing a new religion/ideology takes little time or effort (and you can build on it later). Miiros, you're right, Europa is fiction, so why not have fictional religions. We're all talented enough rpers to do this.

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I really don't think the events of the real world should end up censoring our RPing. All of Europa is fiction and I seriously doubt people here think all Muslims or any other religious group are terrorists.

Exactly my point (aki will know). The posts only depicted three men, not an entire nation or religion, just the three. And again, I doubt any real people out there (meaning those with authority) read this thread or even care this forum exists.

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Hmm. Tough topic. I'd say that we judge these things on a case-by-case basis. This is what Mods are for, no? There are many things people could talk about in their RPs, besides religion, that would offend people. It is impossible to ban them all, without removing the spontanaeity from the game. And it would be difficult for everyone to make up new religions that bear no resemblance to real ones... and if that's the case, people might become offended by what they perceive as an attack on their religion. As members of this forum, we have to decide on the acceptability of people's language and beliefs and comments nearly everyday... this extends to religion too. So, in short, I think people should be able to post about their own religions as they see fit, as long as it is respectful and not mean-spirited (like any other issue). If people want to RP religious wars, it should be allowed as long as things are done respectfully. If they are not, the Mods should step in. Isn't this the way it is supposed to work?


Besides, if we are forced to make up religions... how do the Americans say it?... the terrorists have won wink.gif

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I agree with a case by case basis and the idea of respect. However, in my opinion and that of the other mods, this one crossed the line. Hence we wanted it changed. It is not about terrorism here at all, it is about offensive, one dimensional portrayals of cultures/religions. Having lived through the TCN thingee, which brought down sh*t on use from other regions, I don't want our region to get a rep. That is why I approached this matter in the way I did.



Sure, people can do religious wars...part of the tension between Tag and Aki is their different religions.

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There are a number of invented religions in the NationStates universe. They appear in some of the daily issues everyone receives. This list on the main NS-forum shows all the issues in the game.

Here is what I have found about religion in NS:

  • Catholic Church
  • New Age
  • Omnimenical Church
  • Unorthodox Church
  • Bigtopian
  • Polygamists
  • Order of Violet
  • Concerned Citizens for Our God
  • Agnostic

Would it be okay to use any of these? I mean, a terrorist attack by the Order of Violet [violet] would be pretty sweet.

PS: Bigtopian lives matter.

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Discussion on Religion and RP

"So, what I am asking is that you define what the rule is on making religious references in roleplay."


It's not necesary to invent a new religion, you can use excisting ones.. your nation can be 32% catholics, 26% atheists, 19% muslim, 16% protestant, 5% jewish, 2% buddhists, or maybe your people might even believe in the almighty Zpif if they want to. Just like your inhabitants may speak English, Dutch, Portuguese, Bigtopian.. here to you can make up your own language. There is also nothing wrong if your RP is inspired by a RL event (eg Olympics), it's not the intention to erase all connection to RL, otherwise there'ld be no base to build on. Just keep in mind Europa is a fictuous realms of its own.


Religious conflicts aren't forbidden, but when you do, be careful about stereotyping. Anyhow, I don't think we need a special new rule for this. Let's not overregulate, that would take the fun away. I guess a case-by-case approach is a good idea.


In this case I suppose a more political neutral terrorist organisation could do just as well, as I don't expect that would change much to the plot, since I don't think it matters much if the terrorists are a non-religious terrorist group, Bigtopian freedom fighters or a guerilla movement.


I'm glad everything worked out fine and got straightened out. Well done everyone! 2-thumbup.gif

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I have no problem with religions in roleplay. On the contrary, they can make an RP even more "spicey".


But, and in this I agree with Aki here, I don't want to see any bashing on scapegoats who are evil because they are just evil. That kind of stereotypism formed Nazi Germany in the 30s - a religion was deemed evil because it was just evil. The result is known to us all.


Similar stereotypes are present during all times - now all muslims are evil terrorists. American soldiers are evil killers (Mongol-Swedes wrote a great comment to this), israeli soldiers are even more evil killers...russians are all evil communists or gangsters, black americans are all gangsta-rappers or in prison, germans are all nazis...


It is our duty as citizens to fight these stereotypes. That's why I won't tolerate them here as long as I'm one of the mods. Use religions, but think about the feelings and believes of others you may hurt and insult.


Use religion wisely.

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