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Okay, all who were on the old map pick a color for your nation. I am making a political map now.


I will also make a geographic map after I have finished the political one. For that I need a small description of the main geogaphical features in your countries. I will fill the unnoccupied areas myself and if you were not in the old map just wait untill the GeoMap is ready or untill I say that I will take requests.


Post the color and descriptions in the thread I make after the initial version of the map is ready.

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I am very glad that you are making the map, I appreciate it very much. Concerning the colors I have a question: would it be possible for the members of the European Commercial Alliance to receive the same color?


Ps: Most information about my nation can be found here, except for the island Andro and Meda. I will see to it that these island will get a propper description as well. I the time arrives, I will inform you of this.

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I didn't catch the whole 'how SSSS left Europa'-saga, but I understand that at the moment everyone, except newbies like myself, knows where their place in Europa is. Orioni pointed out in a reply to my introduction that my nation was "added to the map", but I guess this has to be done all over now.


Is it possible to have a plot on the map which matches the description in my introduction? I would gladly send/post a small contour-image of the map.


Having a plot on the map would make it a heck of a lot easier to do some RP'ing!




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You?ll be able to pick a plot for your nation as soon as I make it ready. There will be around 80 empty areas so you should be able to find suitable site. And if you want to know when, check the other thread. I?ll make the map ready tomorrow and make a thread where you can post the site and details of your nation.

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