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Into the South

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Celeste, Southern Vocenae


The lights of the city lit up the night sky and the rolling Kosscow Sea. The largest city in Vocenae, and the unofficial capital of the nation. A city where the hustle and bustle never seems to end, and where corporate powers fight for the largest piece of the pie. It's also where most of the Imperial Council members go to collect their pay.


"You know, I'm being pressured by the War Party now that the Adjutant is dead. Without his backing, the Pacifist Bloc and all the other parties are going to crumble to nothing. We've already heard reports that Korrino is pushing for a declaration of war against the new Accran government"


"Councilman, you worry too much"


"I have damn good reason to worry! He'll turn this nation upside down and we'll end up being crushed by one of the other superpowers! You know how close we came to an Incident after Hadenar ran the Tagmatine blockade?! Too close! We'll end up dead if we don't do something"


"You'd be suprised just how deep my pockets are, not to mention the other corporations who like to play politics"


"That still doesn't mean Korrino and his cronies won't try something. He isn't on anyone's payroll but his own. If he wasn't so goddamn dangerous, I'd call him a honest man..."


"Councilman, I believe you originally called me to discuss implementing one of your Adjutant's old ideas, something about a refugee island or something along those lines"


"Right...of course. Back when we joined the CIS, he proposed that the CIS purchase and maintain an island for refugees and the like. It never got off the ground, but the Council never lost interest in it. We want to establish a naval base in Southern Europa, but with regional tensions the way they are, we couldn't do it without a more 'civilian' reason"


"And thats where I come in, correct?"


"Right. We want a naval base down there to monitor and defend our interests in the area, and we'd like a corporation, namely yours, to establish a port there. It gives us more of a reason to put base there, native Vocian civilians far away from home need protection, etc..."


"Pretty close to Orioni territory, might stir the pot a little if a northern company starts planting roots near their territory. They might think our humble little nation would be trying to muscle them on their trade empire. Not to mention what the rest of the region will say once you announce it. Risky business, Councilman, risky business."


"So, do we have a deal then?"


"It's a simple case of pushing the matter through the Board, but if this should fall through, well, you can face your demon in the Council chambers alone. Now, if you'll excuse me Councilman, the hour is late"


The Councilman took that as his note to leave, and headed for the elevator. Things just kept escalating now, ever since the Adjutant was killed. There was no figure to rally around, no leader who wasn't some puppet on a string.


To hell in a handbasket, but hopefully this plan could keep Korrino satisfied, and keep a coup from rearing its ugly head.


Only time would tell.



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