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Ancient grudge

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British Island of St. Helena


the day was clear and the clouds were not in the distance. The Sun was at the top of the sky, shining in the capital of St.Helena, Jamestown, named after His Majesty King James II of Great Britain. The people were doing there normal routing of shopping and selling. calling and hanging.


As the day continued, five unkown men came down from the main airport of the island. They were wearing black, something only seen when something important was about to happen in the island. All the men when into the hotel two blocks from the airport.


"You got it Mate"

"Yes, we got all of it"

"alright, lets do it"


They all came down onces again, and left the hotel. They walked through the streets and made everyone uneasy. As they got closer to the Palace of the Governor, they separated from eachother.


The main man when to the front of the house and started to see it. Five minutes passed and a guard came


"Sir, you are not allow here"

"Oh, I am just a tourist, just wanted to see it closer"


He move back, and called the rest




two of the men had cut off the security cameras and put fake ones on while the main one was talking to the Guard. They know when inside the garden.


the other two were in the car, working with the fake camera and the others inside the palace.


"This is 4, 2, this is 4"

"this is 2, what 4"

"guard ahead"

"saw it 4"


#2 took out his pistol and was ready to shoot. But #3 stopped him


"This will alert them we are here"



they when around him and pass him. They continue to the Governor's window


Outside the Palace


#1 was taking pictures of the palace, while the guard watch him from the door. As #1 left to the car, his phone rag



"This is 0"

"Yes master"

"How are things"

"good, how is the city"

"good, how was your trip across the sea to the island"

"good sir"

"you know what to do"

"yes sir"



#1 put away his phone. Why did his boss called him?, why did he asked how was the trip from the continent to the island? he was there. It didnt matter, he when to the car and said


"Lets go"

"how about the others?"

"we can communicate with them right?''


"then move it!, the guard looked at me weird"


the car started, and when out of the distance of the house


Inside the Palace


the two man open the window to the office of the Governor, he was not there. They waited until he entered.


an hour past


another one past


then the door opened, and the Governor entered alone


"What has she been thinking!" he was obviously talking about his wife


"Your Highness, dont move"

"Whhoooo are you?"

"Doesnt matter, we are just here to attack the so call 'Mighty Empire of Britain' "

"You have to do something more cruel than kill me"

"Oh, we are, you are just the person that is in the way"


after saying this, he shot at the governor, making no sound, thanks to a silentor. They got out of the palace and just when they were about to flee, a guard saw them




as they jumped and run towards the car, they were been followed by 10 guards. They jumped in and left. The first mission was done, but the more horrible one was about to come.

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Jamestown, St. Helena


As news came out of the Governor's Palace that he was killed, the people of the Island started to panick. If they could enter the house of the governor, then they could enter any house. Everyone when to buy food and anything need it for their protection


St. Helena's Parliament


The Parliament got the words and were meeting inside. They were waiting for everyone to coming, as the last one came in, Lord Pitt spoke


"We are here to do something about the killing of the governor. A new governor shall be elected, but we most first make the citizens calm down. I recoment sending the Royal Guards of St. Helena into the streets and make order. Please raise hand in favor"


everyone voted infavor


"Then so be it, the guards shall be send."


He called a guard and told him to call the royals, he also told him to send a messeage to London about this.


"Now, a new governor-"


the parliament when on


Royal Guards, Jamestown, British St. Helena


Commodore North receive orders from the Helenic Parliament to send the guards to the streets. He order 2 squadron of RAF-25 Harriers to patrol the airs of the islands, 10 Royal Navy Destroyers to protect the waters, and 25 Challenger II main battle tank to patrol the ground from chaos


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London, England, Great Britain


In London, the news had arrive that the governor of St. Helena was killed, this, of course was something that nobody care, they could chose another one, but the murders were still in the nation somewhere




Prime Minister Brown was outrage of what he was seen on TV, the Helenic Parliament had order the Royal Guards to come out, this was just a killing and they were making it seen like the end. As the members of the houses came in, they started to see the tv.


PM Brown spoke


"My Lords, and Commons. As you can see, the governor of St. Helena has been killed, and its parliament has decided to send the Royal Guards out. This is outrageous due to the fact that they can elected a governor in two days. Yes, the muderes still out there, but that doesnt make the whole Empire be on high alert. I demand full withdraw of the Royal Guards and that a new governor is appointed."


As both houses started to pick names for the new position, the PM was watching the TV, why get so scare?, that occur everytime....

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Sindar came home from work. He was just parking the car outside of his home when all of a sudden his 12 year old son came running out of the door. "Dad, dad, you've got to come see this!", yelled the boy. A little confised, Sindar followed his son inside the house. From a distance he could hear the television.


"... has decided to send the Royal Guards out. This is outrageous due to the fact that they can elected a governor in two days. Yes, the muderes still out there, but that doesnt make the whole Empire be on high alert. I demand full withdraw of the Royal Guards and that a new governor is appointed."


Oh dear, Sindar thought to himself. I think there's going to be trouble up north...

TO: Great United Kingdom

FROM: Orioni


You have our condoleances. The news about the killing of your governor has deeply shocked us. If there is any way that we can help to clear-up this situation, be sure to contact us. Once again, we deeply regret the loss of the governor of St. Helena.

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Secret Location, Scotland, Great Britain


the room was dark and the sun outside the window was the only light coming into the house. The doors were close, but he was waiting for the group to come.



The Boss of the operation to kill the governor, Jonathan Hawks was dress in black and sitting on one of the black chairs in the house. He was waiting for th "Number Team" to come and talk morea about the next mission. He had come on the same day as they did, but to Scotland, and not St. Helena. They all came from *France*, the nation that had such a ancient grudge at Britain that was willing to do anything for the Empire to fall. He and the team were born on British Ireland, and moved to France, where their hatre to Britain grew everyday. Until 3 months ago, when the Government of France had asked them to start the ancient troubles of Great Britain and the total extermination of the London Government.


He drank a sit of tea when the door rang




The group came in and sat down on the other 4 black chairs


"Please, have some tea"


They all got tea


Jonathan spoke again


"#1, your name"

"Charles sir"


"Thomas sir"


"Adams sir"

"and #4"

"William sir"


He wrote their names down


"Good job, that was an excellent job. It is time to do something more dangerous"


Charles, the leader of the group asked


"Sir, will the French assist us on this one?"

"Possibly, we will see"

"What is our next target?" asked Adams


Jonathan drank a bit of his tea, he looked at them and said, with a low voice




This, of course was the last thing you wanted to attack. The British Parliament, the mother of all parliaments in the Empire and possibly Europe, and they were going to attack it?


five minutes pass, in silence


"Yes, Parliament, impossible to think about it, but possible''

"So, we need a plan and supplies" said Charles

"We shall give it to you"

"fine, when are we meeting again?"

"IN five days, same time, same place. here"

"Yes sir"


the group got up and left the room, the next target was dangerous, but if it worked, it would help the grudget


[ooc: please see the ooc thread for information about *France*]

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St. Helena


The Parliament had voted and George Washington was made Governor of the Island. His first move was to called the Royal Guards back and to start investigating. He was working inside the parliament for security reasons. As he wrote a letter to MI6 in London, Lord Pitt came to him


"I am honor that they choose you as the new Governor sir"

"Thank you my lord. But I am still want to know why they would kill the Governor and who they are"

"Let the MI6 do the job for us"

"Aye sir"


Governor Washington got up and gave the letter to his secretary


"Take it to the mail, fast"

"Yes sir"


Lord Pitt when to Washington


"I wounder if they are planning something bigger"

"maybe sir, mayne"




Prime Minister Brown was reading the news when the letter came from the Government of Orioni I better write back


To: the Goverment of Orioni

          From: the Governor of the United Kingdom


I thank you for your condelence sir, and your government is more than welcome to come here to London and work with me on this situation. I don't know who could have done this, but I don't think they are doing something else against us.


Thank you again for your condelence and again, your government is more than welcome to come and help us;


John Brown; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


He send the messeage and started to see what were the options of for a better economy. He didnt know that the killers were planning something more deathly than a killing of a governor.

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Outside Parliament, England, Great Britain, U.K.


Charles was touring the great legislative branch of the British Government, the "mother" Parliament of Great Britain. He was taking pictures for the family back in France and had an exclusive ticket that will lt him inside the building itself. As the time for the entry came, he got everything he had, drawing of the Parliament, pictures taken by others, and more inside his backpack and when to the line. As he waited, he saw that there were guards all around the building, making it difficult to enter, but not impossible. As he entered, he saw the great hall where the Lords of the country meet, and he then saw where his majesty sits. It was a manificant place, but had to remember his job here, to get as much information out for the most dangerous operation he will ever do, attack the Parliament he was in.


He continue to take pictures and draw...

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Secret Location, Scotland, Great Britain


Jonathan sat in his living room onces again, the plans were in top of his desk. Charles had succesfully taken picture of everypart of Parliament, while the other three got the tools to carry out the mission.


The bell rang


"Come in"


The four men came in and sat down, Jonathan spoke


"Welcome, this is the last time we speak about the mission, we will talk after the mission. The Government of France has send more information about the British Parliament and of her's defend. It seens, as if anyone could do it."


He drank from his tea, then continued


"Now, the plan is to attack Parliament, we would love if we could deastroy it, but we most face the fact that it can impossible to do that. So"


He grabed the plans and showed it to them


"numbers 2, and 4 will plan the bombs in three days after the light is out. Number 3, you will takeover everything that has to do with technology. And number 1, you shall go in at the last minute that the public is allowed, and see how the security is, after this, you shall report it to number 3 and later on number 3 shall tell 2 and 4, whom will be the ones in the operation."


He had another sip from his tea


"Now, the French military has send terrorists into the nation incase we are caught. If we are, they will start a rebellion. If we succeded, they shall leave the state and celebrate in France. Now, go get ready for a day that nobody will ever thing of occuring."


the group left, and Jonathan sat there, alone, looking at a map of the United Kingdom, and her Isles.

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Outside Parliament


The day was a normal one, nothing seen strange, nothing seen dangerous. The people were allowed inside Parliament every four hours until 8 pm, then they will have to wait until the next day. As the day when, the guards saw no suspicious, they saw regular people going in and out of the building. As 8 pm came, so did the visitor's last entrance. As the waited, they saw a person talking in the phone while looking at the building, they didn't suspect anything, it was normal for people to do those kinds of things, then they hear an explosion in the northern end of the Palace, the Chamber of the Commons was on fire, and security when high within seconds, the flames continue to burn the chamber while the firefighters were in their way. Time was going fast, but the fire was being extinguished. As the fire was being fought, the Guards had inform Prime Minister Brown about the explosion and King James had also being notice. A meeting between the two leaders was for sure to occur, meanwhile, MI6 had to start to find out who did the explosion that almost destroyed the House of Commons.


Meanwhile in Scotland, Jonathan was dancing on his living room, they had succeeded and attack Parliament, even thought it was a low attack and no Commons were killed nor hurt, it was going to be loved the French Government anyways.

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ooc: might as well not continue this rp, time is hard to find



Buckingham Palace


King James I and PM Brown were seating on the King's office looking at each other


"Your Majesty, we have to do something about it, not establish martial law"

"I never said martial law"

"then what do you propose your majesty?"

"a strong, powerful executive branch. Meaning, a powerful king"

"but sir, that will be again-"

"I will ask parliament about this, I find out who did this. They will pay"

"I will try my best sir"


Prime Minister Brown left the palace towards the House of Commons, and investigate who was the responsable for the attacks.

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