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Aristocratic Elections

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Elections for the Confederate executive branch are coming up this winter. Supreme Commander Augustus was seen as a favorite, but announced today that he will not run for re-election.


The Traditionalist Party has nominated Theodoric Stali as their primary canididate. His stated objectives for his administration vary little from the previous years. He claims he simply wants to maintain the status quo, secure interests around the world and promote a peaceful way of life around the world.


The Progressive League has named Valens DuGaulle as the leftist primary candidate. He claims that medicine needs to become more socialized, as well as suggesting thast the welfare system needs an overhaul and a large scale-down of the armed forces.


Finally, the United Council of Action has proclaimed Radomir Aemilianus as the UCA candidate. He states that his goals are to revive the dying Aristocracy and build and Empire for the people. He points out the recent recession and claims that the downward slope of the economy, if left unchecked, will result in a bankrupt state, and the eventual downfall of our nation. He pledges to prevent our future domestic problems and bring prosperity to our nation.


We'll have more later tonight, thank you for tuning in.

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Early polls show that this election year will be a close call between the Traditionalist party and the UCA. The Progressivist sopprt base bottomed out yesterday when DuGaulle delcared his desire to change the Aristocracy into a socialist brother-state to Suverina. He said that socialist state are in their prime as the world marches into the 21st age, and the he has no intention of letting us 'fall behind'.


Dugaulles ratings dropped from 41% to a stunningly low 7% in a matter of hours after his statements. Polling stations are still reporting their numbers, but current ratings show a 42% support for the UCA, and a 58% for the Traitionalist party.


Voting stations will open next week. For now, thank you for tuning in to CTC.



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Final voting ended yesterday at midnight, these are the totals:


Valens DuGaulle ~ 2%


Theodoric Stali ~ 43%


Radomir Aemilianus ~ 55%


The United Council of Action has won the election, soon Radomir Aemilianus will appoint a Prime Minister and give his inagural address.


That is all for this news flash, we will have more about the elections tonight at 5.

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"On each national day of inauguration, the people have renewed their sense of dedication to the Confederacy.


In Brutus's day the task of the people was to create and weld together a nation.


In Augustus I's day the task of the people was to preserve that Nation from disruption from within.


In this day the task of the people is to save that Nation and its institutions from disruption from without.


To us there has come a time, in the midst of swift happenings, to pause for a moment and take stock--to recall what our place in history has been, and to rediscover what we are and what we may be. If we do not, we risk the real peril of isolation, the real peril of inaction.


Lives of nations are determined not by the count of years, but by the lifetime of the human spirit. The life of a man is three-score years and ten: a little more, a little less. The life of a nation is the fullness of the measure of its will to live.


There are men who doubt this. There are men who believe that democracy, as a form of Government and a frame of life, is limited or measured by a kind of mystical and artificial fate that, for some unexplained reason, tyranny and slavery have become the surging wave of the future--and that freedom is an ebbing tide.


But we Confederates know that this is not true.


Fifty years ago, when the life of this Republic seemed frozen by a fatalistic terror, we proved that this is not true. We were in the midst of shock--but we acted. We acted quickly, boldly, decisively.


These later years have been living years--fruitful years for the people of this democracy. For they have brought to us greater security and, I hope, a better understanding that life's ideals are to be measured in other than material things.


Most vital to our present and to our future is this experience of a Capitalism which successfully survived crisis at home; put away many evil things; built new structures on enduring lines; and, through it all, maintained the fact of its Capitalism.


For action has been taken within the three-way framework of the Constitution of the Aristocracy. The coordinate branches of the Government continue freely to function. The Bill of Rights remains inviolate. The freedom of elections is wholly maintained. Prophets of the downfall of Confederation Capitalism have seen their dire predictions come to naught.


No, Capitalism is not dying.


We know it because we have seen it revive--and grow.


We know it cannot die--because it is built on the unhampered initiative of individual men and women joined together in a common enterprise--an enterprise undertaken and carried through by the free expression of a free majority.


We know it because Capitalism alone, of all forms of economy, enlists the full force of men's enlightened will.


We know it because Capitalism and Democracy alone have constructed an unlimited civilization capable of infinite progress in the improvement of human life.


We know it because, if we look below the surface, we sense it still spreading on every continent--for it is the most humane, the most advanced, and in the end the most unconquerable of all forms of human society.


A nation, like a person, has a body--a body that must be fed and clothed and housed, invigorated and rested, in a manner that measures up to the standards of our time.


A nation, like a person, has a mind--a mind that must be kept informed and alert, that must know itself, that understands the hopes and the needs of its neighbors--all the other nations that live within the narrowing circle of the world.


And a nation, like a person, has something deeper, something more permanent, something larger than the sum of all its parts. It is that something which matters most to its future--which calls forth the most sacred guarding of its present.


It is a thing for which we find it difficult--even impossible--to hit upon a single, simple word.


And yet we all understand what it is--the spirit--the faith of The Aristocracy. It is the product of centuries. It was born in the multitudes of those who came from many lands--some of high degree, but mostly plain people, who sought here, early and late, to find freedom more freely.


In the Occident its impact has been irresistible. The Confederacy has been the region in all tongues, to all peoples, not because this continent was a new-found land, but because all those who came here believed they could create upon this continent a new life--a life that should be new in freedom.


Those who first came here to carry out the longings of their spirit, and the millions who followed, and the stock that sprang from them--all have moved forward constantly and consistently toward an ideal which in itself has gained stature and clarity with each generation.


The hopes of the Republic cannot forever tolerate either undeserved poverty or self-serving wealth.


We know that we still have far to go; that we must more greatly build the security and the opportunity and the knowledge of every citizen, in the measure justified by the resources and the capacity of the land.


But it is not enough to achieve these purposes alone. It is not enough to clothe and feed the body of this Nation, to instruct to inform its mind. For there is also the spirit. And of the three, the greatest is the spirit.


Without the body and the mind, as all men know, the Nation could not live.


But if the spirit of ourselves were killed, even though the Nation's body and mind, constricted in an alien world, lived on, the Confederation we know would have perished.


That spirit--that faith--speaks to us in our daily lives in ways often unnoticed, because they seem so obvious. It speaks to us here in the Capital of the Nation. It speaks to us through the processes of governing in the sovereignties of 11 great States. It speaks to us in our counties, in our cities, in our towns, and in our villages. It speaks to us from the other nations of the hemisphere, and from those across the seas--the enslaved, as well as the free. Sometimes we fail to hear or heed these voices of freedom because to us the privilege of our freedom is such an old, old story.


The destiny of our children was proclaimed in words of prophecy spoken by our first Supreme Commander in his first inaugural in 1796--words almost directed, it would seem, to this year of 2006: "The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered ... deeply, ... finally, staked on the experiment intrusted to the hands of the Confederate people."


If you and I, if we in this later day, lose that sacred fire--if we let it be smothered with doubt and fear--then we shall reject the destiny which Brutus strove so valiantly and so triumphantly to establish. The preservation of the spirit and faith of the Nation does, and will, furnish the highest justification for every sacrifice that we may make in the cause of national defense.


In the face of great perils never before encountered, our strong purpose is to protect and to perpetuate the integrity of our Democracy.


For this we muster the spirit of our grandfathers, and the faith of our children.


We do not retreat. We are not content to stand still. As Confederates, we go forward, in the service of our country, by the will of God."


-Radomir Aemilianus, Day of Inauguration, Tarentum Great Hall.


President Radomir after his address

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To: The Aristocratic Confederation

From: The Free City


We here would like like to formally congratulate the Confederation's new president, Radomir Aemilianus, on his victory in a free and fair election. We would also like to praise the Confederation on being a bastion of liberty and democracy in the west. We hope only the best for the new president and his people.

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To: The Free City

From: Radomir Aemilianus


"I want to extand my deepest thanks to the Free City. Elections are, and should be a sancrosanct human right in all nations. It is a dark time we live in, coping with the nightmares of terrorism and the conspiring wiles of the totalitarian socialisms to our north and other places. Nations like ourselves must ban together to defend the values and traditions we have stood for. We are the children from the cradle of light, and will endure as brothers!"

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To: the Aristocratic Confederation

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Election results


Neighbours and sharers of the Occidental Subcontinent,


We congratulate the new President on his election to that office. May he prove to be more of a shrewd judge of who to take as friends and who to take as enemies.


However, we do warn that, if the new President does prove to be as poor a decision-maker as his predecessor, retribution will be swift. The Greater Holy Empire has not stood for over a thousand years to be treated as the poor cousins of a nation of shopkeepers and bean-counters. Tagmatium remembers those who have stuck against it, and will revenge itself against those who have moved against the true heirs of Rome in the region.


Tagmatium also finds the sudden lose of support of the only candidate who truly supports the common man surprising, but would hate to suggest anything such thing as foul play and vote buying by major corporations, who definitely couldn?t be said to be the true rulers of the Confederacy.


The Imperial Government and People of Tagmatium hope that during his presidency, Radomir Aemilianus may see the error of his nation?s misery and rapacious ways, and move in a direction that really does benefit the people of his nation, rather than big businesses that are ever-greedy for money, regardless of what they already have.


May God bless the presidency of Radomir Aemilianus, lest he fall from the path of righteousness,


Barnabus Highgrove


Underminister for Foreign Affairs

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+ Encrypted Message +

To: President Radomir Aemilianus, Aristocratic Confederation

From: Executor Andrea deVries, The Free City of Miiros


It has become very apparent to me that our two nations, despite being literally a world apart, share much common ground. Socialists would have us oppress freedom inadvertently by granting the government too much power. Time and time again, the world has seen power corrupt the greatest of people. It is no wonder that so many of Europa's socialist nations have totalitarian roots. Too many socialists seek to destroy the order of capitalism, the very order that promotes and grows liberty, by force. Too many socialists would have the responsible and hard workers robbed of wealth they deserve to care for the lazy, who complain of their station in life but do nothing to improve it.


I know I would hate to see anything unfortunate happen to a free society such as the Confederation and wonder if there is any sort of agreement our two nations could come to. We share many beliefs, so perhaps it would be wise to aid each other against any dangers these socialist terror mongers might pose. We should speak of what we can do to shield our free people from such danger.


Looking forward to building a friendship,

Andrea deVries, Executor of Miiros

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To: Executor Andrea deVries

From: President Radomir Aemilianus

+Naxos Encryption+


"The socialist infliction Tagmatium, Suverina and thier allies offer and intend to impose upon on free nations concerns us grealty. We are, indeed, a world apart, and this Confederation is a lone island of sanctuary in a sea of socialist oppression. No doubt in my mind that these socialist evils intend to invade this nation and rob us of all our accomplishments, claiming they are bringing the equality and perfection. Their intent is to inflict themselves on all, I cannot allow this to happen to these great people.


Providing a safe, free nation for peoples all peoples in the Occident is a daunting and difficult task, I see it as one that must be done. Treaties and relations with nations beyond our borders seems to be one of our limited options. Nations of like mind and spirit, as we are, must ban together.


I say yes, let us grow together and aid eachother in warding off the stain of socialism from our tapestries."


--President Radomir Aemilianus



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