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What has the ONU done for peace keeping?

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Well due to the actual events in Real Life I was feeling that there could be a discussion on the topic what the ONU has done for peace keeping?


Barely nothing in my oppinion. Firstly it has the nation with the most wars fought in the modern world in its permanent head seating (Is it called like this? Well i mean the 5 permantent top UN Nations). Then it has China which threaths its people like **** and pays minimum wages on mostly all works.


But back to my question:


What did they managed to do in the conflict Israel vs Hisbola? Nothing.


In the Iran problem which is surely not only producing uranium to just give energy to its population? Nothing they are still discussing about sentences that will be given Iran in what? 10 years?


I mean the UN has not been able to help much in peacekeeping. The only thing they can do is implement rules to nations which everyone has to follow.


Israel vs Pakistan? (Those two nations which are fighting themselves all the time) Did they manage to help anywhere? Nope


I am seriously questioning what is the need of the UN if they are not able to promote peace. And if they have countries like America that under the Bush administration are always fighting some war how are they supposed to promote peace?

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If you only look at the "hot topics", then you're right - the UN is powerless.


But it's not the role of the UN to use "power" to solve conflicts. The UN establishes a neutral environment where people and nations can talk about their issues when they want to talk. The conflicts you mentioned are conflicts in which one or more sides of a conflict don't have any interest in talking.


Several positive UN missions include post-war Bosnia since 1995/1996. Although the pre-war- and during-war-mission of the UN there was a catastrophe, the post-war-mission was a success, because it effectively ended the war and helped rebuild the nation in peace.

Other positive UN missions from the recent past are those in Macedonia (during and after the Kosovo War), East Timor (during the time of independence) and several observation missions in Africa.


I suggest you read a little about the UN missions here and the general purpose of the UN here.


Again: The purpose of the UN is not to end a conflict by force. It is to establish a neutral partner for the time the conflict ends. Other responsibilities are the establishment of international organizations like UNICEF etc. and to help during humanitarian crisises.


Plus: We don't know how many conflicts didn't erupt because of the UN. For the first time in human history we have an organization that includes nearly every nation on this planet. People from all countries meet there to talk and discuss planetary issues. How much did this affect people's judgements about other nations and cultures? How much did this bring people from different countries and continents together? I don't say that the UN is perfect, but we should really think a couple of times about those facts before we disband such an organization.

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