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Military doctrines

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Well, mine only came around about 50-some years ago rp-time, after the original Confederation of The Mongol-Swedes overthrew a colonial power and gained independence. I have maintained a very unconventional, cell-organized mixture of heavy weapons and advanced stealth training, whilist encouraging all able citizens to attend self-defense training camps in the event of an invasion, which has not happened yet to this day (HAMDU ALLAH!), partly because I took a neutral stance for most of that time whilst developing my economy, infrastructure, and improving upon my training, and partly because I have participated in many region stabilization operations throughout Europa to ensure that warmongering nations would not come to exist. Insha'llah the integrity of the Union's borders will endure.


The funding I received through the MMRTA also helped in boosting my economic power substantially, allowing me to invest in a cleaner energy policy and ridding my nation of the dependence on fossil fuels, thus giving me a greater edge in global politics, while more heavily industrialized nations that depend on large quantities of fossil fuels, as well as those nations who supply them to the world, are likely to be at odds with each other from time to time, as we have seen in the real world.


In short, my military doctrine is highly unconventional, very adaptable to a variety of conflicts (as those of you who have been here longer have seen), and limits the impact of overseas conflict on the homefront, as most of my equipment is usually scraps I've picked up from all over, here in Europa and beyond, especially back when my nation participated in many Communist/Socialist regions.

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Mainly British Tactics up untill the last few years.


Now after recruitment number in the military dwindled, the military thought to use that instead of worrying about it. We use small well trained groups, in all branchs. Small numbers alows for more money to be spent on equiptment and supplies, with less soldires to pay. It also gives you a better chance at training troops. So it's basicly like my military is one large Special Forces branch.


Same goes for my air force. Low numbers of aircraft, alows for better aircraft, and better maintanance, and training. It works same for the navy. Our navy works on small and light, but fast ships, apart from air craft carriers, which can carry up to 80 aircraft, but never do, they only carry about 8 - 10 fighter/bombers, a few tansport helicopters, and UAV's The extra aircraft spaces lets up fill them up with more nuclear fule and ammunition.


And if my regulars are over streached, incomes the terratorials, who are more in numbers, given the same training, but less over a longer period of time (in other words, trained when the governenment can be bothered to pay for the training.) Who also have second class equptiment. The same generation of weapons, but not as good.


We pride our selves on having the first fully 21st centuary military in Europa. Everything is digital!

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Orioni has worked their but off to keep the seas open and our trades free from being stopped. A fairly large amount of the government budget is spent on defense, but that's because our trade and transport ships are all equiped with at least a small canon of some sort. It's not going to do a lot of damage to a military ship, but it should be enough to scare a few lonely pirates into not attacking an Orioni vessel.


So well, most of my military budget goes to the navy. The army gets another part, since they are sent all around the nation for various reasons. Our airforce is the little brother of the bunch, and it's mainly used for transportation anyway.

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Either a suffisticated anti-air system, like a national network of patriot missiles. Or form anti-aircraft squardens within your army. Which will be basicly, small fighter squadrens.

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My terrain favors defense and an unconventional fight immensly!


user posted image


user posted image



General architecture styles throughout the Union...

user posted image


user posted image


Generally speaking, most of the Union is very restrictive terrain, whether it be terraces or just little 'islands' scattered about. Conventional ground forces have little hope.


And air campaigns do little against an unconventional army that does not organize into massive, highly visible bases (for the most part, anyway). We have coastlines, but, eh, naval bombardment is also largely ineffective against unconventional warfare.


So, in a defensive situation, I don't mass up and hunker down.


Offensively, key targets are assaulted commando-style, heavy focus is placed on reconnaissance. Harassing fire is the preferred means of disrupting the battle tempo for an enemy force. Once an enemy is disoriented, swarm with a mixture of heavier weapons used unconventionally, i.e. anti-aircraft weapons used against infantry and light armor, mortars used as a direct-fire weapon, all mounted to whatever I can gather that moves quickly. Continuous flow of intelligence on troop movement, disposition, and composition allow me to rapidly adapt the battle plan to accomodate for unforseen situations.

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Detailed Adapton Military Docterine:




The opening to any campaign will start with a shock and awe campaign. With multiple brigades moving on multiple front, yet all pushing in the general direction (North, South ,East , West) like a modern blitzkrige. Once a large front has been established, a defence will be organized, designed to draw the enemy into a stalemate situation. once a stalmate situation is reached, a massive air offensive will take place, with airborne units spearheading a ground offensive. Or, diversionary tactics will be used. Intelagance is the key to this method. Knowledge is key. Aerial and satalite suvaliance is used extansivly. Electrical warfare is used extensive also. If the enemy has not computers how can it operate.




Your dest defence is you're offence. Suprise and stealth are used to gain the upper hand. Make the enemy think there winning, lock them into a faulse sence of security, then strike hard and fast, with again, a modern blitzkrige. Pychological warfare plays a large part in this.




Small crack special forces teams, SAR, SBR, CI5 and CI6, and 13th Company(Something very secret). Intelagance is key to this, however, it is ground intel. Moles, and spys are found most effective. faulse weapon sales work well to lure groups out. Pychological and ingelagance are key here. Once there found out, seek and destroy from there on.




These docterines above are only base line docterines. The fact is tactics change on every occasion. However, major tactics used by the Federation Defence Force are phycological, electrical, warfare, shock and awe/rush (modern blitzkrieg), chemical warfare in small doses, massive intelagance, and superiour fire power/training/equiptment, and basicly, hit the enemy from the safest possible possition. Alot of our tactics are based on hit him before he hits you, and dont give him a chance to react sort of thing. Go in full force, then cool it down, and gentely draw back forces, then use pychological tactics, and finish him off.

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Damak Var has the "Castle Project" (top secret) , so go ahead and try and nuke me.



Damak Var's military is medium sized and professional, mainly a defense force. If we were to attack another nation, it would have to be overseas considering our geological position. Damak Var is not efficient in a sudden amphibious invasion strike. I would have to rely on my allies (the magnificent LT), to secure a beach for me so that I may bring in our forces safely and then begin an offensive. Damak Var lacks the punch to invade most nations on its own, but can fight well if attacked. Artillery units are set to bombard every square foot of Damak Var coastline if needed.


I am thinking about having a mercenary corporation that deals in surgical strikes and other special operations. Maybe even hire privateers if needed.

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The Emakeran armed forces aim on defense before anything else. Citizens learn combative methods since their childhood, and all citizens get a marksmanship training at age 18. Emakeran homes are expected to have at least one handgun. The military focuses more in protecting their borders, the capital, and some heavily fortified points in the nation. Communication is also essencial, not only for the army but for breaking the legs of invaders who plan on a more psychologic attack.




Emakera still believes in the blitz-krieg tactic, of first breaking defenses and communication of the enemy, and then applying psychologic tactics, like heavy disturbing noises, the spreading of panic and rumours, and unnecessary displays of power. The infantry is used more for subjugation and humanitary actions, to gain the sympathy of the people of the non-bombardeable enemy forces and for humanitary actions for the invaded people.

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Nope. All you need is well placed strikes. These days it only takes 3 aircraft to do the job of 1000 in the old ways of blitzkreig. Plus thats where elecrital warfare comes in. Rather than destroy your opponents communicacions and inetelagance and such with bombs, why not uses chaff and EMP, which can do the job far better, and over a larger area, than a single bomb.

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We use cluster artilery and air attacks. For a situation like that a 12 aircraft squadren would possibly be needed. Plus we do have naval aircraft also.


But we also use pychological warfare, let the enemy think we carnt be bothered to attack in large numbers, let him commit his numbers, then spring an ambush or suprise.

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