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Sex Scandal in Italgrian Government

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OOC: Ok guys. I am planning a three thread RP. The third one will be reveiled soon. I was thinking at this as a response to people asking to have less bombing fest RPs although I am not sure how I can get other nations involved except Suverina. You can still get involved in the Earthquake thread. My idea was to create this three threads and that this threads are linked to each other meaning that if something happens in one thread mostly always it will have an effect on the other threads.


INN Newsflash


Sex Scandal! Italgrian President Massimo Mercurio caught by Paparazzo having sexual intercourse with Miss Suverina!


As our sources just informed us a couple of minutes ago the President of Italgria Massimo Mercurio has ben caught in his rented Hummer, having sexual intercourse with Miss Suverina (Alexandra Patsayeva) on the Hummer's backseat.


The President has 3 children (Massimiliano, Laura and Louisiana) and is married to Jessica Mercurio.


user posted imageuser posted image


Alexandra Patsayeva (see attached picture) is 24 years old and comes from the province city of Drucve. Her parents died when she was 10 years old during a car crash. Since then she has been living in an orphanage. At 16 she finished school to start a modelling and filming career. Her career is based on winning the Miss Suverina 2006 elections in May, winning the Golden Men for her film The Fast and the Beauty and a publication in the Playbunnies. Currently she is modelling for Sara Secret.


The Government house did not want to comment about this situation and has thrown out our camera team out off the Governmental HQ.


Just now we received a message that Jessica Mercurio the wife of the President is giving an interview:


"Ladies and Gentlemen and Reporters, as you all know my man is supposed to have had sexual intercourse with Miss Suverina Alexandra Patsayeva tonight, right after the coronation of Queen Eva I. I herebly do not want to believe neither think that my man would be so unloyal to have committed something like this. Our family will be off to Tierra del Vasto until my man does not come back"


Meanwhile our reporters have already been in town to capture the first reactions of the people living in Bellaira:


"If this is true that men must be kicked out of power."


A women which just escaped from the hell of San Agostino:


"I cant believe what he thinks he can allow himself to do! The only thing he did to help San Agostino was to give the Merit Medal to the Tamurinian pilots which truly are heros but the president seems not to care for the population!"


We hope to get a statement from the government soon and will come back as soon as possible with more news about this topic.


You can download the cesnroed sexual intercourse video done by the paparazzo at our website at www.inn.itg


This was INN Newsflash always there when the hot things happen!

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Veste Reţea presents interview with Alexandra Patsayeva, more known as miss Suverina.


- Did you have sexual intercourse with Massimo Mercurio?

- Yes I did.

- So you admit it?

- Yes, he is one of the best lovers I've had.

- How did you meet?

- I also was on the queens party, it was lovely! And yhea, he came up to me and started saying alot of nice things and I like fell for him right there. He said I was the prettiest sight he had ever seen, not very long time after that I was under him on the back of his car.

- Do you think that this will boost your carrier?

- I don't know. You think so?

- It have happened before.

- How cool!


That was all for today.

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FCMN International News!


...rnation of Suverina's new queen.


Meanwhile, scandal rocks the government of Italgria, the nation which was recently devastaded by a catastrophic earthquake! Freelance sources say, that whilst his people suffered in the burning ruins of San Agostino, President Massimo Mercurio had sex with Miss Suverina Alexandra Patsayeva in the backseat of a Humvee. This information was later confirmed in an interview with Miss Suverina herself. Reactions in Italgria seem to be very poor, but let's see how the average Miirosi views the situation.


From the crowded sky-streets of Orthen, a people has the following opinions:


"You know, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, yeah, he messed up, but is that something to hang a man over? I mean, his wife has every right to kick his ass, but his people shouldn't be worrying about it. At least they know their president had high standards. *laughs*" says Brianne Moores, 38.


"I think it's awful! The people of San Agostino are burning and their [italgria's] president is off partying with supermodels?! Maybe Executor deVries should recall our aide, if that's what Italgria's main man is doing to help his own nation..." says John Frosh, 43.


"I frankly don't think this is anyone's business, but the President's and his family's. Who are we to judge?" says Maria Worrin, 30.


"Miss Suverina?! She's hot! I'd hit that," says Tony Sinco, 22.


And there you have it, the opinions of but a few humble Miirosi. More news, after the break!

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INN Newsflash


Sex scandal escalates!


Just a few moments ago we have received information from souces close to the presidential family that Jessica Mercurio with her three sons have left the presidential house with a full load of luggage. We are still hoping to get a statement from the government and a statement from Jessica Mercurio about her leaving the presidential house with her three sons.


We will be back as soon as we have more information about the happenings


Our censored video is still available at www.inn.itg


This was INN Newsflash always there when the hot things happen!

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Aflred Dagmar was watching the FCMN International News in Emperor Imbel's Grand Suite, the latest story came up.


"Louis! Donovin! Come check this out."


"It better be important, I remind you we just had a coup and there are many things to take care of." Donovin Charrington replied.


"We've been working all day, its time for a break."


Louis and Donovin came and sat down next to Alfred. He poured Scotch into three glasses and passed them around. The Triumvirate got comfortable in the sofa and watched the news.


"Mercurio, that's my boy!" Alfred said. Donovin gave him a displeased look.


"I bet it's all just a hoax to make him look bad, Mercurio is a fine man." Donovin said tersely.


"I don't see what the big deal is, even if he did do it. Had a few encounters myself that might piss off the missus. Well, then again, that was back during Imbel's time where I controlled all the media." Louis said. Afred and Donovin chuckled.


"You want to be more careful these days mate, since the media are independent enterprises. Including the fact that we granted the people free speech and all." Donovin replied.


"Sex Scandal or hoax, I don't think any less of Mercurio. That Miss Suverina is quite a looker, we would not have it in us to pass her up." Alfred said as the Triumvirate picked up their glasses of Scotch and downed them synchronically. Without another word, they all stood up and went back to work.


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"That figures. Italgrian media couldn't get anymore ratings out of milking the earthquake, now they've got a few drama queens running around Europa" noted a citizen of the Union, as he and a couple of friends sat in a diner in downtown Scandinaviopolis.


"Ya know, it's kinda suspicious if you ask me. Wasn't they havin' trouble with some kinda rebellion in the city that got hit er somethin'?"


"Yup. Nothing like a little sex scandal to fan the flames of distrust already whipping about their nation, I bet."


"Think something might be up?"


"I wouldn't doubt it...so who's paying for the green teas?"


(Other two gentlemen point at each other, followed by silly grins)

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INN Newsflash


Round two begins!


After being kicked out of his own house and having to sleep in his office, the president of Italgria is now fearing that is wife Jessica Mercurio will bring him infron of court. Due to the fact that he has not signed a contract with Jessica it is possible that the president may lose everything he posseses.


The court of Italgria is known as a harsh one, threatening everybody the same. A good example for this was the inprisonment of Charles Dakerfield (International Soccer Player) which had sex with an underage girl which he supposedly didnt know anything about. The government did not give him the star bonus and he was declared guilty and put in jail for five years.


The scandal still expands as Miss Italgria 2005, Miss Italgria January 2006 and the presidents secretary have told us that Mercurio has had an affair with them for more than one month.


Interview with Miss Italgria 2005:


- How did you meet Massimo?

- He gave me the price after winning the Miss Italgria elections and whispered in my ears that he *censored* right away.

- How did you react?

- Well he is a really cute man, I could not resist him. We went up to his suite and had a wonderful night together.

- How long did you have an affair with him?

- For six months if I do remember right, until that *censored* of a Miss Italgria January 2006 appeared and he said he couldn't be with me anymore.

- Did you know he was married?

- Yes I did but in fact I dindt care.

- One last question, how was it with him?

- Aww, he is a God!


Interview with Miss Italgria January 2006:


- How did you meet Massimo?

- In a bar at the P7 I saw him and thought he was a good looking experienced man which one could have fun with.

- Did you knew he was the president?

- No, not at that time. I am not really interested in politics aslong as I get my millions.

- Well what happened afterwards?

- We went into his strech limousine and had the wildest *censored* ever.

- How long were you together with him?

- Two, maybre three months.

- One last question, how was it with him?

- He didn't dissapoint my expectations. In fact he overhelmed them.


Interview with Massimo Mercurios Secretary:


- How did it happen that you came together?

- Well he had asked me to stay in the office until night and all those people went in and out, out of his room. It was about 10PM when he asked me to come into his office and there is where the magic happened.

- What happened afterwards?

- The first week he didnt talk to me anymore like if I was a complete stranger to him but after one more week we started doing it everywhere-

- How long did it last?

- Three months.

- One last question, how was it with him?

- He was not that good of a lover but god he can do amazing things with his tongue.


There you got it Ladies and Gentleman. Our beloved president Massimo Mercurio had sex with atleas four different women during his career as president of Italgria. Thanks to the interviews of this three girls we have found out that Massimo Mercurio has been unloyal to his wife for one year. He has married Jessica Mercurio 6 years ago.


Our censored video is still available at www.inn.itg


This was INN Newsflash always there when the hot things happen!

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CURTAS -- afilliated to the A Hora De Emakera


The sex scandal involving the Italgrian President, Massimo Mercurio, and the Miss Suverina, Alexandra Patsayeva, runs the risk of ending up in the severe court of Italgria, which recently sentenced the soccer player Charles Darkerfield to five years in prison due to the fact that he had sexual intercourse with an underage girl.


According to several women, mostly former Misses Italgria, Mercurio is known for having numerous affairs and for having a foot-long penis. We sent some correspondents to the streets of various cities to see what does our citizens have to say about such news.


Carthaginense teacher M?nica Bittencourt, 44, says that "This kind of thing isn't right coming from anyone. It doesn't matters if he's the pope, a drug addict, or the president. People should have more moral standards."


Luso-Emakeran immigrant, Manuel Coimbra, 31, affirms that "This kind of math proves that Massimo's boss. He exchanged his 40-years old wive for two 20-year old ladies!"


From a sattellite of the Pa?o city, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 27, believes that "The Italgrians should learn that it's better to vote in politicians than sexual perverts."


In a short interview while leaving a pub in the outskirts of the city of Jardim Santana, in Pasargadae state, President Dictator Richard Haller said in his usual tone: "There's no point in demonizing our friend President Mercurio. He's a president and not a celebrity, if he wants to have sex with models or jump with homossexual dwarves in his king-size bed, I truly don't care and neither of you should."


This was Curtas-- your newsbreak from the Hora Of Emakera.

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INN Newsflash


Mercurio up to court!


Today the first days of trial happened with Mercurios absence. He didnt appear infront of court which may have given him negative points infront of the jury.


If he doesnt appear tomorrow he may face an instant decission by the jury which may give his wife all possesions and leave Mercurio with nothing.

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INN Newsflash


President found drunken and sleeping in a dark street corner


Just a few seconds ago we received the message that the President Mercurio has been found drunken in a dark street corner. Specialists suspect the ongoing divorce with his wife behind is new drinking problem.

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